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[mobile development] L2CAP data sending and receiving expert

ACL link in Bluetooth is very important, some important applications such as A2DP, based on the application of BNEP, RFCOMM and so on are to establish the ACL link, send / receive ACL packets. Together with everyone to analyze the ACL packet transmission / reception process, and related to the important command/event. ACL packet send The following figure (click the big picture) is a variety of application layer using API:L2CA_DataWrite L2CAP to send data flow process, this A...

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HFP Profile Android connection procedure expert

Packages/apps/Settings/src/com/android/settings/bluetooth/ OnClicked void () { BondState int = mCachedDevice.getBondState (); If (

[Internet] GKI Bluedroid framework expert

1 Overview GKI to library (Lib Static) in the form of BlueDroid to provide the use of This layer is an adaptation layer, suitable for OS related processes, memory management, can also be used for message transfer between threads Mainly through the variable gki_cb to achieve the unified management of the process Struct typedef { GKI_mutex pthread_mutex_t; Pthread_t...

Bluetooth start Discovery analyse Android expert

One. A series of start_discovery calls For device search on the 1 interface" In./device/softwinner/common/packages/TvdSettings/src/com/android/settings/bluetooth/ When you click "devices searching" or when you open it, you will scan the bluetooth...

[mobile development] Recovery Ui Android analysis expert

Android Recovery and Android essence is two independent rootfs, just the rootfs recovery is the Android rootfs service is therefore interpreted as part of the Android system. Recovery as a simple rootfs, provides a very limited number of features, which only contains a few simple library, UI display is used directly in the form of brush framebuffer, as Android Framew...

[programming language] Research on sorting algorithm expert

Small order Sort of very important and a very common operation, a bubble sort, selection sort, insert sort, Hill sort, quick sort, heap sort and so on many kinds of methods. Here we introduce the first three sorting algorithms and the implementation of the code, and the rest of the algorithm will be in the follow-up course "data structure" high school learning to. Algorithm is just an idea, in fact, it is now dependent on the data structure, so here to extract some typical algorithms and data structures, including the sort and list / stack / queue structure of the operation. ...

[mobile development] EMMC driver expert

Block device is one of the most complex Linux devices, but as stubborn to know its Geek, we always turn the code over and over, to get a thorough understanding of the truth. Of course, quickly learning new things, is the most important, personally feel: kernel MMC / SD card driver architecture is the point to study the EMMC driver. Only by understanding the it in order to truly understand the block device driver. At the same time, in order to truly understand a Linux block device driver. ...

Linux drive EMMC MMC block set

[Internet] Introduction of several P2P streaming media open source projects expert

P2P streaming media open source project introduction 1 PeerCast Founded in 2002, the first open source P2P streaming project. PeerCast nodes in the tree structure, each channel is a tree, the source is the root of the root node, the parent node only to provide data to the child. The farther away from the root node, the greater the transmission delay, so the depth of the tree should be as short as possible, but the limited uplink bandwidth of the node is limited. 2 Tribler The project started in 2008, both to achieve BT download, but also play video on demand and straight...

P2P Open source project video algorithm network

[mobile development] Android upgrade script updater-script function introduction expert

This is the function of Android system to run updater-scripts. Function is the Edify language, when the call to the end of these functions, will return the data to the script. Of course, you can also use the return value of these functions to confirm the success or not, for example: Ifelse (mount ("yaffs2", "MTD", "system", "/system") (ui_print = = "system", "Successfully Mounted!")...

[mobile development] WiFi USB debugging notes expert

In this paper, taking the 8192CU WiFi Realtek module as an example, this paper introduces the usb...

[mobile development] Wireless network card driver based on USB bus expert

Wireless network card based on USB: hardware and software components, the driver design. ...

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