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[database] [Sqlite]--> using the Java program, CMD command line to backup and restore the Sqlite database expert

1, through the command line using the. Dump to backup SQL file command statement: C:/sqlite/sqlite3 tim.db. Dump >test.sql.dump? Table?... dump the database in an SQL text format if table specified, only dump tables match...

[database] [Sqlite]--> embedded database transaction understanding and examples of operation expert

SQLite (Transaction) affairs affairs (Transaction) is a unit of work on database. Transaction (Transaction) is a logical sequence of work units or sequences, can be manually by the user to complete the operation, can also be completed by a database program automatically. Transaction (Transaction) is an extension of one or more changes to a database. For example, if you are creating a record or update a record or deleting a record from a table, you are executing a transaction on that table. It is important to control the transaction...

[database] [Sqlite]--> data migration backup - from low version 3.6.2 to high version 3.8.6 expert

Data migration a, use. Dump command help command prompt. Dump? Table?... dump the database in an SQL text format if table specified, only dump tables matching like pattern TABLE. understanding...

[database] The installation process of [Sqlite] in Windows, Linux and Sqlite / Mac OS X. expert

A: on Windows install SQLite 1, download please visit the SQLite download page http://www.sqlite.org/download.html, Download precompiled binary files from windows district. Need to download sqlite-shell-win32-*.zip and sqlite-dll-win32-*.zip compress a file. You can download it here and sqlit sqlite-dll-win32-x86-3080600.zip...

[database] [Sqlite]-->Java using JDBC connection Sqlite database for a variety of data operations in the detailed process expert

Objective: SQLite is a relational database management system with ACID, it is contained in a relatively small C library. It is a public domain project established by D.RichardHipp. Common not client server paradigm, SQLite engine is not a program to communicate with the independent process, but connected to the program became a major portion of it. So the main communication protocol is the direct API call in the programming language. This has a positive effect on total consumption, delay time, and overall simplicity. The entire database (definition, table, index...

[database] [Sqlite]--> embedded database installation, construction, building table and update the table structure and data import and export, and so on to record the detailed process expert

Introduction: SQLite is SQL 92 standard for a large subset of the embedded database is realized. The combining database engine and an interface in a library, can will all data is stored in a single file and famous. I think featured SQLite certain extent living in MySQL and PostgreSQL. Nevertheless, in the performance of the above, the SQLite often fast 2-3 times (even more). This interest in the height adjustment of the internal architecture because it is removed from the server to client and the client to server communication. And impressed...

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