Sogou Space and flying]2015.12.16 day skylight opens the door of time and space opens

Today is the best time to travel through time......... Is also the best time to fly...... Ad 2015.12.16 space-time door open...
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Sogou [Java language]JAVA system to support the development of the ability of the hardware platform is insufficient

While at the application level, the applicability of the JAVA language is higher than the C language, but in many core systems, the market share of the C language is still much more than the JAVA language While we open source project after entering and master the low-end application platform in the field of development, must think of a way to enter the field of high-end, especially those of the original has been special Hardware system and C language and assembly language system dominated the field of information technology.............   So JAVAER....... The road ahead of us...
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Sogou Bridge between ARM chip and X86 chip

Said Godson 3 system with the translation of X86 instruction set interpretation system, Godson 3 can run Windows system, but Godson 3 not x86 instruction set architecture If we have a simulator (virtual machine) can be in x86 system running on the arm system of operating system and application software, the good ah..   So the technical strength of the company, development ARM-X86 instruction translation system for is a project with excellent market prospects.... ...
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Sogou M & A, M & A, M & A

We do IT and information technology companies, when you want to become bigger and stronger, often encountered technical bottlenecks, this time we often pass Recruiting some have the technical expertise, senior technical staff to break through the technical bottleneck, if invite applications for a job is not to, we will take to have this technology Employee acquisition or merger way to get these professional technologies or patents Some multinational giants, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Google often do......... Us? ...
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Sogou [DIY] market opportunities for the assembly of notebook computers can not be missed

We may play the assembly of desktop computers has been bored, now onto a higher level of development, we went directly to the chip level assembly, instead of board level assembly, Intel and other working in DIY market, to meet the needs of 20 years' experience in DIY players that we have?? launched some custom chips and bare board, let us develop their own dedicated computer platform... And DIY, we'll just have to take the Dodo soldering station and some electronic instrument...         Is not satisfied with the board level DIY computer love...
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Sogou [JWFD application] some of the principles of open source router

JAVAEYE these days is estimated to be attacked, we fought CSDN...........   Everyone if interested in studying open source hardware, can consider to use JWFD arc automatic running controller algorithm to achieve a core algorithm based on PC open-source router. The specific design I also study, but can be said is that using the database design of the arc algorithm and JWFD we can not spend any money own constructed a router system...   To say...
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Sogou JWFDv0.96.4 Open Source Workflow test version

Some time ago in CSDN found a bug, cause I in the background release of the article cannot be displayed on the home page, so temporarily moved to JAVAEYE... Estimated CSDN have already fixed the bug, so in order to dear users and slightly broadened their product visibility, I come back...   At the end of last year when, I on the top of the JAVAEYE to release the latest version of the JWFDv0.96.4 the, but modify the work is not yet complete, illustrate the development of documentation and no synchronization issued, this paragraph of time engaged in solar energy engineering and other hardware.
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Sogou Some thoughts on the evolution path of gene civilization

First of all: these pictures and conjecture has not been rigorously proved that the application of these techniques to cell biology evolution will lead to what kind of results, it is not clear, so please be careful, the age is too small, please do not learn the biological technology and knowledge Cell life universe evolution path and macro cosmic signal a relationship, if outsiders to interfere with the evolution of a cell population life. Then it will affect the evolution of the entire ecological environment, from the planetary ecosystem can not evolve, and then will be eliminated by the laws of nature        ...
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Sogou Thinking about the design of electromagnetic stealth system

The electromagnetic field itself is also a kind of photon field, the relationship between the visible light frequency and the electromagnetic field is not very clear, but if the use of a completely random electromagnetic wave frequency generator to generate a visible light signal of the system, is it feasible? Our visual system for a constantly changing light frequency signal is produced by fatigue, our eyes will be on the ever-changing optical frequency signal of turning a blind eye, perhaps this is stealth optical principle of it. I conceived a electromagnetic stealth system principle is this: with a (fast) random digital signal generator.
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Sogou The idea of complex topology process cryptographic system

A discussion on the principle of the design of cryptographic systems using complex topological networks Everyone know a has the path of 10W nodes of the complex network topology is very complex, even cannot be computed, so whether can you think so? The world's most secure password system is the biological neural network? Each node in the with calculation module and the data of the complicated flow chart, the automatic data processing process is nonlinear and is from outside cannot completely break, you're worse then does not have complete control over the idea of an adult, right?   ...
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Sogou JWFD development plan - the combined 0.96.4 version and the 0.97 version

This is the beginning of the development of the version, the main function is to achieve automatic data processing, was named after the 0.97 version, but did not finish, but also a few small features, but the main code has been completed       This now in development of v0.96.4 version, mainly is matrix data structure, and change the icon and UI, is now ready to take the two version merging, re released as 0.96.4 expectations, please,.,.,. V0.97 version. The automatic data processing inside the outside...
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Sogou Some thoughts on the construction technology of automatic flow chart

If we draw a flow chart with 30 nodes by hand, the layout and topology connection is enough to make us feel a headache, not to say that the complexity of the flow chart is changed at run time.. But if you want to achieve large-scale flow chart design (node number >100), certainly need a computer aided design tool, and believe that the research and development of this tool has been carried out in some research institutions and large companies. As to why we should do these things, my personal reason is just fun... Of course, there are other ideas.. For example, you want to try to develop an open source tool for automatic construction of neural networks.. Ha-ha Pull away...
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Sogou JWFD open source project Official Website Preview

Through this open source software selection, I think a good open source project, or must have a own official website, so...... Made a website, feel more beautiful     Top...... ...
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Sogou Thank you for your support, publish a JWFDv0.96.3 development kit

Please use this file to cover the original JWFD development kit inside the same name files, and then delete the JWFD directory below the FLOWTREE.OBJ file and then restart JWFD.... This patch fixed flowchart Designer - tree type list several bug, because the flow chart to submit multiple users, so in uncommitted flow chart, which will not delete has been submitted to the flow chart, then cancel the abnormal (submitted) this annotation, because this annotation will lead to show flow chart of By comsci 2013.6.2...
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Sogou Thinking of using matrix state table instead of relational database in workflow platform

Workflow systems need relational database support, to use a workflow system, start workflow engine, you need to use the database to run the process of workflow and the status of the record process, it can be said that the workflow engine and database relationship is very close, no database support, workflow can not run, but if we think about, if the workflow system operation must rely on relational database, the workflow application scope will be limited, for example, in some embedded platform, disk and memory is relatively small, operating system...
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Sogou The latest JWFD (2013.6.13)

A few days after the Dragon Boat Festival, although eating dumplings, but do not write code heart itch.. So still open the machine, update my JWFD..... This several days in the modification of the startup interface, a new increase in the start of the interface of the introduction of the document and update the list, as follows First of all, please forgive my carelessness, because before I release JWFD file, not to do rigorous testing, lead to many mistakes, thanks to the support of friends, my first time modified these errors and the patch and document released in garden blog I download inside. Also this morning pick up...
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Sogou Build SDK Open Source Workflow JWFD Development Kit - recommendations from friends (6.17 update)

A few days ago and a friend to discuss the issue of JWFD, he made a very good proposal for the process to operate this level of function should strengthen the package, and provide a convenient user interface to call, the proposed one immediately aroused my sympathy, because I have done this simple design, such as the SQL operating procedures for the process of writing documentation, but it is still far from enough ah, for friends to provide a complete set of JWFD in addition to JWFD addition to add new features...
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Sogou Do it yourself DIY a user defined workflow (source package)

The components and modules in this compressed package are the basic design modules of a custom workflow (including one of the many ways to implement a DIY workflow). Custom workflow designer oriented code package are third party development familiar friend flex and JS can be used these modules customize a oriented end-user Designer When the realization of the process designer, you need the designer generated to parse the XML file to the database, the process need to reference JWFD Open Source Workflow document that, while JW.
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Sogou Thinking on the process of realizing the automatic operation of Workflow

We use the workflow designer friend must have such experience, process designer design flow chart if you use XML to store, is a similar hierarchical structure of the data model directly to the data model is not very convenient (but I also see a lot of directly in the XML structure of the background engine processing workflow system, so I said the method is not necessarily the best), so I do not directly in the process of XML stored procedures map data into a simple list structure and stored in the database, the XML...
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Sogou Use JWFD open source workflow engine ARC to achieve a simple automatic data processing some of the exploration

Using JWFD open source workflow engine ARC to achieve a simple automatic data processing some of the exploration Note: ARC is the JWFD open source workflow engine with JAVA language implementation of a process automatic operation control algorithm (the algorithm is a transformation of the shape of the breadth first traversal algorithm, after several modifications, as early as the classic graph breadth first traversal algorithm in the structure is very far, in the jwfdv0.94 version can be found in the original form of this algorithm), I am an amateur workflow enthusiast...
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Sogou The necessity of forming strategic alliance of Chinese workflow manufacturers

Although I am a technology enthusiast, I also like to look at some international relations information, in the Cold War era, there is a non aligned movement organization, its declaration is to call those independent third world countries from Western colonial rule and any alliance, and formed a close international alliance, will be over the past decades, the use of World War II and the cold war from the western countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union, have to say, the non aligned movement is a historical error.... Small and weak countries in the law of the jungle...
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Sogou Bus mode and extension of workflow engine

We design the user to customize the workflow engine, often faced with such problems, namely: the design of the flow chart in the user, and our engine code is the system developer is first written, this situation leads to infinite complexity of the flow chart and processing function is relatively limited process engine module contradiction, this contradiction is the main contradiction of user defined workflow, how to properly solve this contradiction in the existing technical level to become our main task A few days ago in when installed a secondary server, see PCI slot, suddenly thought.. Is our custom process engine...
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