[video tutorial] using UIAutomation software development

UIAutomation is the.Net 3.5 after providing the interface automation testing technology, which is used to test personnel, but UIAutomation is also the interface of automatic operation of the technology, than the direct use of keybd_event, GetWindowText and other API Win32 interface to simulate the operation is simple, so you can use UIAutomation to do software". I happen to have such a demand, such as the Peng network has an internal use of a tool (purchase...
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Let the code take you to fly: how long will it take to fly to second earth

NASA's spacecraft flew for 9 years, 4800000000 kilometers away and finally took the love of the heart of the planet Pluto gave us, to express their desire to escape from the fate of single dog.   Almost at the same time, a couple of Sanlitun used January 10 seconds for high frequency "0 cm, 10 cm, 60 cm, - 10 cm from the body circulation, epic song" UNIQLO and underwear, a library a library "to pay tribute to Pluto.   In a single dog is not from such cyclic battered against slow over the God, 9 days later, NASA the little bitch issued "we found...
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Random number is a lie, Java, C,.Net for me to testify

Almost all programming languages provide a way to generate a random number, which is called the method will generate a number, we do not know in advance what it generates. For example, the following code is written in.Net: Rand Random = newRandom (); Console.WriteLine (rand.Next ()); The results are as follows: (Next) method to return a random...
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ASP.Net video tutorial "special" Statistics total length

Although the.Net curriculum system has been the best, but I always feel that there is a lot of room for improvement, should be able to make the students learn more easily, more thorough. I draw on the curriculum system of Java, PHP, and enterprise software engineer, Chi podcast teacher exchanges to explore, after more than six months time I have developed a new "HttpHandler+ template engine" of the curriculum system, recorded the new the wisdom podcast asp.net special for video tutorial 2014 edition "(download address: http://net.itcast.cn/sub...
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Copy Unity3D? Sohu tour free open source game engine Genesis-3D

Sohu tour launched a Genesis-3D game engine, based on the MIT protocol source engine, and game developers can be free to use, free to modify the engine code, game script using C#. Support for the development of a game to deploy to the Android, Windows, IOS, etc.. Genesis-3D how to see how all the Unity3d like the cottage, in the end is what? ...
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From "the programmer turned to sell IT business Clay oven rolls" thought

A friend of mine recently in talking with me "I don't want to do the development, day slaving away to write a program, save not a few money. I want to quit!" I asked him, "what do you want to do?". He said: "what's more than the development of a strong, do a website to earn advertising fees, private life...... I really can not go to the selling biscuits to, didn't you see the game programmers switched Mai Shaobing: a monthly income of 2 million to buy a house to marry the way "the news? Did not see the "IT engineer to give up 200000 annual salary to open tea shop and sell tea" such news? NND, sell, sell tea are dry Clay oven rolls programmer promising ah!" ...
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My Win32 development, Delphi veteran comeback

This two days in the development of the company's a teaching software client, because to take into account to PHP, graphic design and other classes of students to use, in order to avoid the installation of Framework.Net, JRE (if Framework.Net, JRE package to the installation package, will make the installation of Bao Taida), so no choice to use Java,.Net development. Then next is considered using C / C + + developed, using pure Win32 development too tired, selected QT, MFC, wxWidgets like can simplify the work, MFC will not mention...
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"Open source" is what, can eat?

Talking about open source, I believe you can say the current very hot lot of open source products, MYSQL, MangoDB, Linux, Memcached, Redis, JQuery, Hadoop, android...... , even once the open source of hostile attitude towards Microsoft are beginning to embrace the open source: MVC ASP.Net in the open source JQuery as the default JS library, MVC ASP.Net open source, support Mono (can be seen as open source.Net) development, embedded systems MF.Net. To...
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Which guy says "web site to.Net"?

Last month, JavaEye co-founder Robbin.NET a blog on the system architecture to transform a little experience and lessons caused a big discussion, which refers to the to.Net,.Net to CSDN and the like to stimulate some people's nerves, some people in the comments Nakawa Guchi.Net most cattle force,.Net is not good is you Technology, some people call.Net is garbage, not big table". Some are still on the microblogging at me, ask me, "Mr. Yang,.Net is not a good, I heard that the big web sites are '.Net'...
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What all do not understand and can identify the verification code

Believe that we are developing some programs will have to identify the picture on the text (that is, the so-called OCR) needs, such as identification of the license plate, identify the image format of the commodity prices, identify the image format of the mailbox, etc., of course, the need to identify the verification code. If you want to complete the work of these OCR, you need to grasp the knowledge of image processing, image recognition, the need to use graphics, Fu Liye transform, matrix transformation, Bias decision and many other complex theory, which makes most people will be prohibitive. There Tesseract an open source project that we ordinary people can also get involved in OCR...
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[Yang Zhongke] doubts how should I choose? Choose is to give up

Today received a classmate of emails with questions due to very long (eight pages of A4 paper), so I just stick a part up. Here is the student's mail: ============================================= Hello, Mr. Yang Zhongke, I am a college student who has just graduated from college. Before and did not want to rely on programming to feed themselves, but to take it as a hobby only; the first reason is that the computer does not understand the professional course. Perhaps you will say, will not be these professional courses, their own learning ah! But I have graduated, which has so...
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Ask the heaven, Microsoft update technology really fast?

Often on the site to see some people complain: "Microsoft technology how to update so fast,.Net2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, my mama ah, with Microsoft's pace!" "Has not learned Silverlight3.0, Silverlight4.0 came out, Silverlight4.0 has not learned, 5 are out! Well, I learned a long time, I heard that Microsoft to give up Silverlight, Microsoft your sister ah!" Microsoft you can not put the technology to mature point, WebForm I just...
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[Video] Yang Zhongke teacher to the freshman students to talk about the future of computer science and learning methods

This is in October this year, I am in Guangzhou, a university to a freshman to talk about the future of computer science and learning methods part of the speech video: Http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDY3NzgwMTg4.html The following is a summary of the manuscript of the speech (manuscript only briefly, details please see the video): The students here are a computer professional students, which you have muddleheaded to choose this major, on their own initiative the professional, also is "the IT industry is sunrise industry, high wages" such rumors, flicker.
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Microsoft said, "call it! Scold! I want to grow up!"

Then the Microsoft is "strong pig! Microsoft not? " Four! Scold! I want to grow up! "Call in progress" is also a feature of Microsoft products, condemning the revelation of users is the best improvement suggestions and publicity material. Microsoft put a not fully mature products to users, this product into the Microsoft's new technology and design concept, through the condemning of user views in a version of the improvement, so out of the products, and fit the needs of users. To have a look Microsoft is how to get it once pour out a torrent of abuse: .Net1.1 released, "copy Ja...
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Microsoft is a strong pig! Microsoft not?

Windows 8 was officially released in October 26, 2012. Someone asked me "Windows 8 will not fire up", some people questioned the "Windows 8 change is too big, it will be used", it was poured cold water, Microsoft is not, don't mix with Microsoft". As a Microsoft technology users, a lot of people are always concerned about the Microsoft can not do, this problem I say from the following several aspects: A, Microsoft fell and how? You know that technology is the same. Like a driver who learned the first half of the year and finally got a driver's license, and opened for three years...
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Apologize to HTML: HtmlAgilityPack is still a good use

Last year wrote an article, "the best of the HTML class or Microsoft" (http://www.cnblogs.com/rupeng/archive/2010/06/26/1765840.html), a friend mentioned that you can use HtmlAgilityPack to HTML. At that time, just a quick test, and found that HtmlAgilityPack has a lot of InnerText in the script, style content, it is not very full...
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The picture refused to delay load, cool beautiful figure

One day I was a friend to visit a XX website...... Behind each person has several made a scapegoat "friends", OK, I admit that "friends" in fact is my own, can you get me the way? This site is Discuz X2 built, launched the Discuz pictures of the delayed loading function. Now a lot of pictures of the site to reduce the server pressure are enabled by the picture of the delayed loading machine...
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One detail of the structure's initialization

Today in the.Net training class 20110809 classroom, a student asked me such a question. Have the following structure definition: Struct MyStruct { Public void (Hello) { }...
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Phone windows mobile phone is successfully connected to a laptop

Previously I was preaching.Net training courses in the Phone Windows development course, are through the WindowsPhone 7 PC real-time screenshot tool to the students to see the Phone Windows mobile phone interface, the mobile terminal and the PC terminal program exchange data through the network, because the phone is connected to the computer via data cable and then open...
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I let the ghost guy jealous: WP7 screenshot tool (three) was crucial in

In part I the first windowsphone 7 PC end real-time screenshot tool born tackling record (2), two days before the XDA a post, cattle fiinix for my WP7 real-time screenshot tools do to optimize the WP7 Screen Recorder Based on "the dllimport project") ", to raise the screenshot 1 frame per second to 3 frames per second, the screen smooth many. The main fiinix...
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