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Common problems in CSDN College


1 what is the CSDN school plan?

A: CSDN college program refers to the lecturer by the individual has been released in the CSDN college 3 courses to pack, and in all the courses on the basis of preferential sales, in order to promote the learning of the user's purchase rate.

2 how to buy CSDN college lecturer packages?

Answer: visit the CSDN Institute - enter the package details page - select the package you want to buy - > purchase payment

Purchase entry:Http://, choose the packages you want to buy.

(1) visit the CSDN Institute, click on the menu button to set up the details of the package to see the current release of all the packages;

(2) the reference package details, select the packages you want to buy, enter the package purchase process.

3 packages to buy what are the current payment?

Answer: (1) the CSDN, only support account payment packages;

(2)Temporarily not supported by a credit card to buy.

FourHow to check the package information I purchased?

Answer: buy packages of you through Alipay after successful payment, there will be a successful payment page [], to inform you of the package has been successfully purchased.

You can also click on my course, to see your full order, to know your specific purchase status.

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