Old and wrong? Discrimination in science and technology industry for older programmers

Original October 26, 2017 22:42:21

The employment crisis has always existed both at home and abroad. It is due to the defects of its own technology and forced by the pressure of the enterprises. But nowadays, even the old age of letting nature take its course seems to be a mistake in the science and technology industry.

In our regular cognition, the elders are often full of intelligent and highly respected images.

But it doesn't seem like this in the technology industry.

In the Internet age, we do not need to spend too much energy to see that there are some negative news that has been discriminated against by age because of age and salary. Age discrimination has always existed in the technology industry, but we generally choose to keep from talking about and now this problem has intensified.

Especially when a senior engineer of more than 30 years old is covering up his age story through cosmetic surgery to occupy the headlines, will there be other more extreme cases to prove the seriousness of the problem? In the technology industry, it is widely believed that programmers need to be young to master the latest development technology. In addition, the technology industry of entrepreneurial culture and low wage idea very much, the old family developers is very deadly. As companies compete for young people with good treatment, they have inadvertently created the environment and culture that excludes older employees.

But how common is the problem? What is the concern of the practitioners of the practitioners? Through a survey of 1011 scientists in the United States, this paper explores the problem and explores potential solutions.

Note: the survey report is based on more than 1000 current American technicians, and their average working hours in the technology industry are 15 years and 9 months. The survey feedback and the result collection were collected in September 2017.

Millennial (1984-2000 years born) technicians constitute the main force in the science and technology industry

In our subconscious, the typical technician should be young, energetic, and full of hunger and thirst. But are they as young as the table tennis players in jeans and sports shoes?

In fact, 29% of the respondents said that the average age of their employees was between the ages of 31 and 35. Almost all of the millennial generation (born 82 years later, adult Americans in 2000 or so). Another 17% of respondents said the average age of the company was between 20 and 30.

In contrast, 27% of respondents said that the average age of employees was between 36 and 40 years old. The young generation of X generation (from 1960s to the end of 70s) is the main member of the company. The remaining 26% indicates that the average age of the company is over 40 years old, which is mainly composed of the X generation and the baby boom generation (after World War II and the 1946-1965 year old Americans).

In general, nearly half of the employees (46%) are Millennials. However, 23% of the respondents believed that the population was over the standard in their workplace. In contrast, 1/5 (18%) of respondents believed that the baby boomer (1946-1965) generation was underrepresented in their company.

There are too few people in the baby boomer generation? The attitude of many people seems to be "no problem".

According to the Bureau of labor statistics, by 2019, 25% of the technicians should be over 55 years old. Obviously, these figures do not reflect the age change of the population.

43% of employees worry about losing their jobs because of their age

Many developers can easily lead to anxiety after witnessing the imbalance of age.

Our survey of technicians found that nearly half of the respondents (43%) were worried about losing their jobs because of their age. Even more disturbing, nearly 1/5 (18%) said they were "always worried".

More than 1/3 of the respondents (36%) said they had at least one experience that was treated by their colleagues and superiors at least once.

However, most of the respondents (78%) still think that older employees (above 40 years old) have high quality, and over 83% of respondents said they had good experience, and they had many things worth learning.

There is a serious contradiction here: older employees are more concerned about keeping their jobs, while most of the colleagues in technology companies think they should still make a lot of contributions.

The development direction of the older programmers

Comparison of each generation technology in the kinds of work, we can see some differences, some relatively young developers are more likely to engage in the following work, many Java developers, full stack engineers, Python developers, iOS developers and data scientists need to be fighting line open position.

In contrast, older developers are more likely to engage in relatively relaxed management positions, such as project managers, IT project managers, and language engineers.

Discrimination against employees is not only wrong but also counterproductive, because when we exclude age, we lose real high-tech talents, and the impact may be deeper than we think.

85% of developers think their bosses should be concerned about diversity, but age is still a problem.

Of course, age differences are more widespread.

Although many technology companies are actively pursuing diversification plans, there seems to be a frequent occurrence of the problem of technological diversity and inclusiveness. For example,Shortly before the Google James Damore staff published "Google s" Ideological Echo Chamber ", said the physiological decisions of women and men can not be the technology industry success; and as of January this year, the U.S. Labor Department accused Oracle America's than in similar positions for women and minorities to pay white male employees pay.

On the other hand, there are good news. More than 4/5 (85%) of the technicians surveyed believe that their companies are more concerned about attracting and retaining diverse employees. Half (50%) of respondents said their company was very concerned about the diversity of their employees. Another positive point is that more than half (55%) of respondents said that the diversity of employees has been improved since they started working for the company.

Only 40% of the respondents believed that the industry had a long way to go when they wanted to "diversify".

How enterprises improve the discrimination of older programmers

Although technology companies currently attach great importance to cultural, religious and gender based initiatives, the next step is to take serious measures to reduce age discrimination. But how do you do it?

  • One way is to incorporate age related words and practices into existing initiatives. Human resources and recruiters should pay attention to diction when releasing posts, and delete terms such as "graduates" and "limited locals". This helps to encourage older applicants to apply for these positions.

  • The attention of employees of all ages is not limited to the recruitment stage: the company should also formulate and implement cultural initiatives and benefits, not only to cater to the millennial generation, but also to employees in other times. For example, young employees may want more fun, but older employees may want more time to be with their family.

Like a problem solving technical diversity, changes don't happen overnight. But considering the value and experience of the old employees, there is no choice but the change is imperative.

Self reflection of older programmers

Based on the above, enterprises should be able to improve in terms of recruitment and corporate culture. But for individuals, why should they be introspection? Is "age phobia" imaginary or true? The netizen said:

The fear of work is conjecture, the fear of life is true. The company can be very rational in economics. If you are 35 years old and 25 years old, you will be no better than 25 years old. But when you are 25 years old and single, you will be able to work overtime at night. You will be willing to take the salary at the age of 25, and there is no reason to fire you. What really changed is your own life, and your job is just not changing.

Many people, from 25 to 35 years old, do not necessarily say that physical work ability is declining, but they want to work harder and harder, but they also gain more and more. Why does it look like this? Because everyone wants to get married and have children, the money and time of the family will increase, so they want to spend less time and increase their money.

The same work has been 10 years, some people have accumulated 10 years of work experience, some people have accumulated 1 years of work experience and repeat for 10 years. When there is no technical strength, what does the company require the company to treat the same?

If you are on the edge of being discriminated, you are welcome to leave a message below and share your real idea of the unfair treatment of the older programmers.

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