The CEO position is not guaranteed, taking into account the cruelty of the layoffs in the IT world in 2017

Original October 31, 2017 08:40:09

Iron barracks, soldiers running water. It is hard for a person to stick to a job at a time and be in a new world of IT. This article, regardless of the technical person's own choice, and from the strategic point of view of the company's development, interprets the large-scale downsizing trend.

In fact, there are years of downsizing, but 2017 seems to be the most turbulent year in the IT world. Here we are looking at some of the cruelest layoffs so far this year.

A home, from last night hot VR, short video industry, experienced at the beginning of the capital after the tide receded, another batch of entrepreneurial team collapse; while in the traditional mobile phone industry, Lenovo announced the launch of a new mobile phone ZTE ZUK no longer business machine, a series of losses, hammer technology have frequently been retrenched...... As a result, small companies have developed poorly to control costs for cold winter, and large companies have chosen to lay off workers in order to adjust the strategic layout.

From abroad, although the unemployment rate remained relatively stable, but the IT industry is still a large-scale layoffs, layoffs among the most serious from the long established companies, such as Oracle, Microsoft and other giants like Etsy, or the growing old darling, these companies have embarked on the road of business transformation, hope find a space for one person in the myriads of changes in the market.


In the early summer of this year, the rumour has been very loud: Microsoft will lay off thousands of employees (mainly sales department), aiming at concentrating on the Azure cloud platform. At the beginning of July 2017, the axe finally cut down, cut about 3000 to 4000 people. Microsoft issued a statement that the reduction of jobs is mainly in the marketing department, which will cut off less than 10% employees, and 75% of them are from outside the United States. Although Microsoft is a big company, the size of the layoffs is not small.


Oracle is still a huge profit company in general. But Oracle bought Sun for $7 billion 400 million in 2010, and Oracle's server and Solaris operating system came from this. In September 2017, Oracle has laid off about 2500 employees, the company involved in the Santa Clara in California and San Diego office staff in Texas and Austen, Colorado, Burlington, India and Broomfield employees. The layoffs are obviously inappropriate. Many employees were informed of the announcement of automatic call calls. Some observers questioned whether Solaris is still a viable product.


Although the giant blue has not yet carried out the kind of large-scale cleaning that appeared in 2016, the company seems to be absolutely moving to lay off the staff. In March 2017, a series of massive layoffs were carried out, and many in the company thought it was just an excuse to expel high cost old employees. The company has confirmed that a large research center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, has been laid off, but it has not risen to IBM to disclose the specific figure. At the same time, to May, the company made a lot of people known as the "hidden layoffs" initiative: according to the "mobile plan" (Mobility Initiative), most of the staff had long been allowed telecommuting (if they want to do so), but now they were suddenly told to work in the office, or find another way out of this an ultimatum may affect up to 40% of employees.


Most of the hard drives are used for laptops, and the sales of laptops are falling, and more and more sales of laptops are now equipped with a clear flash memory. This is bad news for storage makers like Seagate, and in 2016, Seagate has laid off thousands of people and has not managed to stop the bloodshed. In January this year, Seagate laid off 155 employees in Minnesota; also announced that for the continuous optimization of operational efficiency considerations, Chinese closed the factory in Suzhou and 2000 jobs; the fiscal year ended in June, the company also laid off 600 people, including the chief executive Steven Lusike (Steve Lusco).


As the world's largest network device provider, CISCO is taking measures to transform it into a software core company. And announced in May this year, more than 1100 people were laid off. But in August last year, CISCO announced that 5500 people were laid off.


From the perspective of the ecosystem formed by electricity providers, search, social networking, video and hard and soft products, the topic has never ceased since the breakup of the capital chain. More than 20 executives, thousands of people were cut, LETV in ecological empire.


Etsy is a reputable company, but it has been in trouble lately. For a group of women based designers and craftsmen, the company was once a favorite independent market. But after IPO in 2015, it became extremely focused on the bottom line (Ying Li), which alienated many customers and new and old employees. You will think that the new version of its website will at least make money, but that's not the case. In the spring of 2017 and early summer, Etsy cut 22% of the staff, which is quite large for a relatively small company.


SoundCloud services enable you to upload music and store it to the cloud, and provide browser based audio player, which is the backbone of many independent music activities. It was still burning money quickly, and in June 2017 the company suddenly cut off 40% of its employees. At that time was a mess, causing widespread panic, but the company eventually developed a plan to raise more funds, including CEO abandon.


In a series of absurd events that readers experienced at the turn of the century, Verizon bought two Internet pioneers in 2015 and 2016: YAHOO and AOL. It is planned to merge them into the content Department of Verizon (a strange name, Oath). In June 2017, the cost of all these initiatives was finally reduced. The company laid off 2100 employees, accounting for 15% of the total employees, aiming to eliminate business overlap between the two companies. The good news is, one insider said, "it seems to have been deliberate and a great effort."


Jay is a traditional desktop virtualization software company that is marching into the hot SaaS and cloud computing business, but this transformation is not necessarily smooth. In order to re focus on the subscription / management model based on cloud computing, and gradually reduce the profit is not the business, the company announced that the headquarters in Fort Lauderdale and North Carolina Rowley's office staff. "To respect the affected employees", he did not announce the specific figures, but the company will also reduce the office space in the process.


HPE should have pursued the old HP's established way: abandon the reputation but lose the PC and printer business, and focus on selling profitable high-end enterprise technology and services. But since the old HP is divided into consumer oriented Hewlett-Packard Co and HPE, it doesn't actually receive the expected effect. HPE CEO Meg Whitman cut off the company's Chinese business and consulting services, but the company has become a stout leafy shake Qian Shu. In September 2017, HPE announced another 5000 redundancies, which accounted for 10% of the total number of employees, and did not show which sectors were cut down (Whitman referred to the reduction of the "enterprise level").

In the time limit is to bubble in any industry are likely to burst, the survival of the fittest, the law of nature, and we as a member, can do is: wait and see the situation, to strive for. I don't know about this, what do you think?

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