The annual report of Apache foundation for fiscal year 2021 was released, and global activities were the most active in China

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Founded in 1999, the Apache foundation is the largest open source foundation in the world, managing more than 227 million lines of code and providing the public with software worth about $22 billion 100% free of charge. These software are an indispensable part of almost every user's computing device. The open and friendly Apache license V2 is an open source industry standard, which has helped companies with a total value of more than billions of dollars and benefited countless users around the world.

On August 31, the Apache Software Foundation released its annual report for fiscal year 2021 (May 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021), which includes the overview of the Apache Software Foundation, the chairman's report, the treasurer's report, financial statements, fund-raising, legal affairs, infrastructure, security, data privacy, marketing, brand management, meetings Community development, diversity and inclusion, project and code, contribution, foundation members, contact information, etc. The highlights of this report can be summarized as follows:

  • In the past year, there were more than 8200 individual submitters
  • Developers have sent more than 17000 emails to the ASF security team
  • 3058 submitters changed 134517884 lines of code in 258860 submissions
  • 200 project management committees oversee 351 Apache projects, as well as dozens of subprojects and plans
  • There are 14 top projects graduating from the Apache incubator
  • 672 individual contributor license agreements and 23 enterprise contributor license agreements were signed
  • ASF's seven member infrastructure team supports all Apache projects, plans and communities on three continents, spanning about 200 machines, more than 1400 warehouses, 5-6 Pb of traffic per year, about 75 million downloads per month and 2-3 million emails per day on more than 2000 lists. The average uptime in fiscal 2021 is 99.75%

For the complete report, please refer to the official documents:

The next part of this article will focus on the interpretation of Apache project and code.

ASF manages more than 227m + lines of code in 2254 Apache repositories, spanning more than 350 projects. In the past year, ASF has provided about 2PB of source code download (excluding binary files) through Apache image, which is accessed on 35m + page every week. Each Apache project is supervised and guided by a project management committee (PMC), including community development and product release.

Apache top level project:

There are 200 PMCs managing 351 top-level projects and subprojects; Among them, 14 are newly graduated top projects, and 13 projects are retired to Apache attic.

Apache top level project overview


Incubation project:

There are 35 projects being incubated in the Apache incubator, of which 8 are new members of the incubator. In addition, 2 projects have been retired.

 Worldwide activity:

There were 4095908 visits from 228 countries, of which China was the most visited.


The five most visited projects:






Top five warehousesProject:

Hadoop site (line 149346920)

Spark website (line 82432488)

Ignite website (line 274559)

HBase site (line 26801192)

ActiveMQ website (line 17877988)


Warehouse deliveryhand overTop five items:

Camel (8488 times)

Flink (7407 times)

Airflow (7179 times)

Lucene Solr (5396 times)

Incubator nuttx (4466 times)

The five most visited projects on GitHub:

Spark (3928065 times)

Flink (1878604 times)

Kafka (1570104 times)

Arrow (1130327 times)

Beam (1024981 times)

Top five projects cloned on GitHub:

Camel (8488 times)

Flink (7407 times)

Airflow (7179 times)

Lucene Solr (5396 times)

Incubator nuttx (4466 times)


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