CSDN expert selection, the development of micro channel learning route big attraction!

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Since its establishment in 1999, CSDN has accumulated a wealth of professional and technical content of IT. Now, we have invited hundreds of experts in various fields, in-depth excavation of quality resources in the CSDN station, according to the high order learning path, and gradually create a covering hot technology field of learning route, and combined with the CSDN product family (video academy, technical Q & A, exchange community, etc.), for the vast number of developers and IT practitioners to provide the most convenient and professional online learning platform.

CSDN launched the development of technology products collection, according to the technical field, divided into different learning routes. Covers the entry, advanced and actual three stages, to help developers learn special technology system, quickly upgrade the development level.

Up to now, has been on the lineRust development technology learning routeas well asMicro channel development learning route.


With a large number of active users, micro channel has become an important marketing platform for businesses. Businesses to provide customized services for a large number of users of the urgent need to attract a large number of developers / developers into the micro channel public platform development. To learn and master the development of micro channel public platform, has become another important choice for the developer of gold.


In the CSDN station, with a large number of micro channel development related resources, including technology blog, problem discussion, tool resources, etc.. CSDN invited a number of micro channel development experts to take the essence of these resources, according to the micro channel development of the learning route to show the station quality resources, from basic to advanced development, to help you develop a comprehensive grasp of micro channel.

Here, we first introduced the basis for the introduction of micro channel development.

       The learning route guest editors


Micro channel development related video tutorials, popular technology articles, official documents, blog column and other information pleaseMicro channel development learning routeLearn from!

Next we want to launch"Java learning route"The"Web Java core development framework Spring", please look forward to!


Welcome everyone to learn more valuable advice or suggestions, such as the adoption will also have a beautiful gift ~

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