Announcement: CSDN blog channel home page of the latest rules change

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Dear CSDN users:

How do you do

In order to present to the user more quality content, blog home page, the latest article rules changed to:

1, blog expert's original or translation articles

2, Bole recommended articles

3, the column in the newly added articles

Has now canceled the release of the article to the front page of the function.

Please try to publish a blog @ bole, bole and get recommended home display comments.

Home articles are helpful for users of the original and translation articles, blog operators will also be monitoring the home page, but also to welcome everyone's supervision and reporting.

All users, such as the CSDN blog channel has any comments, suggestions, please send mail to webmaster (at) PROG3.COM feedback. Thank you for the support of CSDN blog!

CSDN blog product research and development team

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