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Dear CSDN users:

How do you do

CSDN blog channel development has received the support of the majority of technology enthusiasts, every week there are tens of thousands of pieces of technology blog, in order to allow the majority of users: blog can get the reviews of technical cattle, CSDN blog channel launched special "Bole" function!

Welcome everyone to @ bole and review article, found the problem please timely feedback to us so that we on the bole were gradually enriched and perfected. The article reviews bole, the editor will review the content according to the bole will be strongly recommended in the blog channel and CSDN home!

The rules and methods of use of the bole:

[introduction] Bole

Bole is CSDN blog channel actively respond to blog comments, and good quality the user found, become the bole technical cattle will have permission to comment on and recommend blog, will also assume the review article, active community responsibility and, of course, a more generous community integration and honor in waiting for you!

[standard] for Bole

  • Application level V3 above blog
  • Application for the amount of 5W blog
  • Application technology original article 20 above
    Submit application
    Submit applicationAnd through the operation of the audit, Bole after the application is submitted, the administrator will complete the review within 2 working days.

[use] Bole

The default editor BLOG @ bole, figure:
The default editor BLOG @ Bole

Markdown blog editor @ bole, fig.:
Markdown editor BLOG @ Bole

Bole background reviews, as shown in fig.:
Bole comments

Bole to comment page article, as shown in fig.:
Bole to page review article

[Bortala] privilege

  • Receive the article to send the function, more quick review article
  • After the successful application of the system presented 50C currency
  • Comments on 1 posts, 2 C coins, 5 blog points
  • The completion of the 20 review monthly, get additional rewards and show excellent Bole

[Responsibilities] Bole

  • Receive and review the system distribution Bo Wen
  • 2 consecutive months without comment on the blog, will receive a reminder of the system
  • Post for 3 consecutive months without comment, will be canceled qualification Bole will be more stringent, apply again.

    Thank you again for people's attention and support to CSDN blog channel, look forward to you to become outstanding bole and look forward to your article to obtain more recommended. We will continue to strive to improve the blog channel, to provide more and better service!
    Welcome to send mail to webmaster (at) PROG3.COM feedback

CSDN blog product development team

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