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Geek headlines, everyone is editor:Http://, share & dry cargo!

We assembled a geek headlines contributor group, set up the group, in fact, the purpose is clear, is to members of the communities in which we love to share the mining. We can discuss a technical discussion, geek headlines, community discussion.

We believe that each person will have their own unique discovery. Every one of us will find that we can share them and help others find something more valuable. One of our active contributors said to me:

Google can help me learn to know what geeks headlines can let me learn don't know..

This kind of thinking has a very good perspective. Search Google, because you know what to look for, Google will be able to see the content you want to find; if you do not know or do not know, you can not find. Geeks headlines is developers themselves share normally found in the content, classification, can very well help us broaden our horizons.

This is the reason why we recruit contributors, so that more people to share their findings.

If you want to join, you need to have:

  • Geeks headlines experience: in Geek headlines share content, or read a lot in Geek headlines, comments; if you see this message from other places, just for the sake of curiosity to join, please understanding in contact before geek what was the headline and try to share a few good content.
  • Be willing to share, be good at discovering and exploring new things, I hope to put this thing down long-term do; our group does not set the assessment tasks, welfare and surprise, but if you become a zombie powder, will be removed.
  • Technical direction of their love, and reading a wide range of content to share to everyone's needs.

If you are interested, welcome to contact me: wangdj#PROG3.COM (# replacement for @), please attach a personal simple instructions, technical direction, CSDN ID and contact, such as QQ.

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