[product guide] through the community base camp release activities

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Community base camp productsHttp:// provide the technical community with display and event publishing.

In the community base camp release activities need to complete the following steps:

In the home of the community base camp.Http:// "apply for community display", as shown below:


In the application to join the community club "under, fill in the name, mobile phone, email address, company, job title, city, community and other contact (micro blog, micro channel), classification technology, network address, community presentations, etc. information, click" submit ", as shown in the diagram below.


Waiting for the CSDN staff to review. Audit results will be sent to your mailbox.


Received through the audit mail, once again open the home base camp home, you will see the application of community information, click to view my community"


In the community page, click "apply for new activities", submit applications for activities. Application to send mail to CSDN staff


CSDN staff to assist in publishing activities, activities released sample:CSDN community online training. Activities will automatically appear in the following places:

CSDN staff according to the importance of community and activities, special or influence, recommended activities to other parts of the website CSDN, including PROG3 home page, blog, download, forum, flow information page, in order to improve the active page visits.

After the event registration deadline, CSDN staff to send the event registration information to the applicant.

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