Microsoft low profile release web version of visual studio code Preview

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The browser based editor will open the file on GitHub, azure repository or local device.

Wang Xiaoman

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Microsoft low-key released the web oriented visual studio code, which is a code editor running completely in the browser.
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Microsoft announced the public preview version of visual studio code for the web in a deleted (presumably released early) article. But it is expected to return soon because the technology looks the same as the web-based editor already launched by Microsoft's GitHub.

The difference is that the GitHub version works only in the GitHub repository, where it is opened by clicking. In contrast, Microsoft said: "anyone can Use vs Code for the web for free to quickly open and browse the source code hosted on GitHub and local computer (azure repos resource library will be supported later) and make minor changes. "

The desktop version of vs code is also free and more powerful. What is the meaning of vs Code on the web? The answer is mainly convenience.

When working on different devices, the zero installation solution is very convenient and avoids the download edit upload cycle (even if the download to the browser is still stored behind the scenes).

  • GitHub's co pilot may take you into dangerous waters 40% of the time - learning
  • Microsoft's 64 bit VBA has been vulnerable for eight years, which has triggered complaints about its neglect
  • Windows 11 will be launched on October 5 while Microsoft hypes the new hardware
  • Docker desktop is no longer free for large companies: new "business" subscriptions are here

Because vs code is built using web technology, these web variants are relatively easy to implement. Erich gamma, an outstanding engineer at Microsoft, described how vs Code originated from a failed network editor project called visual studio online or "Monaco" earlier this year. Remote development is now more complex. Environments such as GitHub codespaces and gitpod provide browser based remote code editing and debugging.

In the latest statement, Microsoft said that "vs Code for the web can be 'upgraded' to the GitHub codespaces instance", which is applicable to situations requiring a complete remote environment, including building, debugging, making full use of extensions and accessing terminals.

Judging from a similar GitHub preview, the in browser experience is also effective for those situations that are not needed, although it occasionally appears misleading information about features that do not work in this configuration.

Reference link: previews_ free_ visual_ studio/

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