C/C++ job book 21 key notes (often written test interview points)

1 char c ='\72'; \72 represent in a character, 72 is an octal number, representing the ASCII character code":". 2 a 10*a++ in the first multiplication and then increase (written in often like out of this type of operator priority is likely to be confused with the output problem). 3 the role of const and static Too common problems, the following gives a more detailed reference answer: Static keyword: 1) the role of function in vivo static variable range of function...
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The framework highlights collection of Java interview questions

Java collection framework (for example, the basic data structure) contains the most common Java common interview questions. A good understanding of the collection framework can help you understand and make use of some of the advanced features of Java. Here are some of the questions that are useful to interview Java core technology. Q: what are the most common data structures in which to apply them? A. most people will miss the tree and graph the two data structures. Trees and graphs are useful data structures. If you mention them in your answer, the interviewer may have a further assessment of you. ...
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Sogou An investigation report on the survey report on the internship employment of college students: a study of two common problems and Enterprise Technology & Management

For students reacted strongly to the representative and for 8 kinds of problems, CSDN University Club invited bat technology management persons, Internet enterprises CEO, founder and human resources management who people of all the problems one by one to answer, and I hope to graduate and confusion in students' reading and to provide reference to help and guide the benefit. ...
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Sogou An investigation report on the employment of college students: Statistics and analysis of survey data

In August 2014, CSDN University Club launched for college students in the internship employment demand survey "activities, received a total of hundreds of College Students' feedback, a collection of contemporary college students in the practice exists in the employment mentality problem and employment expectations. This paper is the first part of the report, the students' employment mentality, fear, and the enterprise's expectations and other data to quantify the analysis. ...
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Python study notes (1)

Definition and configuration Python is an easy to learn and easy to use language. For him the code clear and easy to understand can help students to not entangled in a complex code syntax, enjoy programming to bring the fun is a object-oriented language, and its scalability and portability are very good. You can select the code from a module, or you can read the properties from the other module. Numerous predecessors have been developed to a rich and colorful expansion library, regardless of what kind of application you want to develop, you may find a similar code module, and even plug and play". On any platform...
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Recommend some tools to improve work efficiency for programmers

The programmer recommends some tools to improve work efficiency. Two thousand and fourteen 10-28 Recommend some tools to improve work efficiency for programmers IT Lake programming sentiment onlookers 5 times 2795 comments edit date: 2014-10-28 font: small and medium Some efficient software can give me an efficient work efficiency. Here are some of the tools to recommend to everyone. Welcome supplement One, Xftp Xshell Free software Xshell and Xftp are both NetS...
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Interesting humorous programmer

[name] folk known as program ape, siege lion, late lecturer (zombie), formal occasion only said for the programmer; ancient name is not detailed, no historical data show that in ancient times this species [ingredients] water, blood, fat carbohydrate. Note that most of the nicotine components may contain, but do not affect the use of [character] the shape of the product is different, the middle part of the waist may be slightly enlarged; Indications "customer demand change of obsessive-compulsive disorder", especially for mentally retarded customers and idiot leadership effect is best, but the latter may have some side effects and complications [usage] arbitrary taking...
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5 segment SQL can test your knowledge of the performance optimization of SQL how much

Database is very powerful, it can achieve the performance of ultra - expected performance. But a lot of people are very easy to write can not play the most efficient algorithm SQL query statement, which is also easy to produce the performance results can not be expected. The following UncleToo for everyone to sorted out 5 SQL, we usually write the SQL, but slightly after some optimization, or change the kind of writing, perhaps his execution efficiency will be higher than several times, you can also control their usual writing to see whether they still continue to learn. This paper describes the SQL is based on the ORACLE database. ...
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PHP:6 method to obtain the extension of the file

PHP:6 method to obtain the extension of the file 1, string search and interception method 2, string search and interception of the method two 3, array partition method 4, using the method of pathinfo direct analysis 5, using the second parameters of pathinfo 6, using the finfo_file function...
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Watch out, 40 signs that you're still a rookie PHP.

1 will not use tools such as phpDoc to properly annotate your code. 2 on the outstanding integrated development environment, such as Studio Eclipse or PDT Zend turn a blind eye 3 never used any form of version control system, such as Subclipse 4 do not use some kind of encoding and naming standards, as well as general agreement, can not be implemented in the project development cycle 5 do not use a unified approach to development 6 conversion (or not) to verify some input or SQL queries (see reference PH...
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4 DEDE development in a very useful function

DEDE is a lot of PHP enthusiasts to use more of a set of open source website program, as long as we are on the basis of a simple two development can be turned into the web site we want to program. In this chapter PHP tutorial, UncleToo to recommend 4 DEDE development in the use of a number of functions. 1, set the article page on the next title word In order to avoid the title of the article too much, affect the appearance, we can control it. Open include/arc.archives.class.php file Check...
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Programmer interview skills

Interview is actually a very interesting thing. In the interview, we like The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, only to get the favor of the interviewer. But to be honest, there's nothing to do with programming skills. This is a pain in the hearts of many programmers: you said, so strong in my ability of programming, Zha don't hire me, instead of putting the cart before the horse to see these stuff? A lot of people think the recruitment process should be changed, but I personally, I think the stage should not have much change, so we can only adapt to the recruitment model. So now I will introduce my years, programmers interview book, hope in your next...
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IOS interview to pay attention to the problem

Many beginners, self-study friends asked me, there is no basis for how to learn the front-end development, from which to learn, learn what, and so on. Here to give you a picture, which summed up the various stages of the development of each stage should be mastered what skills. ...
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5 classic front end interview questions

Note * related reading how to interview front end Engineer: Github is very important JavaScript developers in the IT sector has been a great demand. If you are well versed in the language of God, you will have a lot of opportunities to change jobs. But before a company hires you, you have to go through an interview and prove your skills. In this article, I will show you 5 questions about the front end, to test the candidate's JavaScript skills and their ability to solve problems. There will be very interesting! Problem 1:Scope scope of action ...
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The reason for the exception of Kettle connection Mysql database

Error information: Connecting to database [111] Error: org.pentaho.di.core.exception.KettleDatabaseException: Occured while trying to Error connect to the database While loading class Exception Org.gjt.mm.m...
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8 SQL statement commonly used optimization techniques

To improve the execution efficiency of the SQL statement, the most common way is to create an index, and try to avoid full table scans. MySQL tutorial in this chapter, UncleToo to you to sort out some of the common SQL optimization techniques to avoid full table scan. A simple optimization, you may be able to improve the efficiency of your SQL several times, or even tens of times. 1, avoid using null is or not null is in the where clause to judge the field. Such as: ID from table select...
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Don't be an impetuous programmer

1 don't see others reply the first sentence said: give a code! You should think about why. When you want to come out and refer to other people's tips, you will know the difference between yourself and others. 2. Beginners please don't read too many books that will be fraught with the, first find the system of science, a lot of people use for a long time is only part of the function familiar, system is not enough. 3 to see help, do not because it is difficult and he is a beginner so do not see; help is always the best reference manual, although the help of the text is sometimes difficult to understand, always feel that is not intuitive. 4 not...
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7 skills of Software Engineer Interview

This is me as an interviewer about how to win in the technology interview experience. Most of the interviews today follow a certain pattern. If you can understand the interviewer's questions and answer in his way, then any interview will not be a problem. If you think that learning these skills don't matter, that I have nothing to say, but if you are already in place, then this article will help you play to all potential. If you think you are skilled, the only reason for the failure of the interview is to prepare for it. You may know everything, but you still need to read books, articles and other papers...
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What are the equipment to improve the physical and mental health and work efficiency of the programmer?

For a long time, it has been a long time to learn and explore ways to improve the efficiency of work and physical and mental health. Tell me about my personal experience! Acceleration (the usefulness of a computer is inversely proportional to the number of software installed in it). Change the SSD to the computer, you no longer need to wait for a minute to open the Photoshop, just 3 seconds! Add a memory to the computer, open the virtual machine and then do not have to wait for the chrysanthemum IDE what has never been on the Remove to Plugin out of it Open Chrome on chrome:/...
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Every programmer should know the top 10 encoding principles

Looking back on my career, I have been self alone, and also some of the special talented people worked together, had solved a number of very serious technical problems, have seen some of the illustrious technology companies. Recently, I and my team occasionally talk about my experiences, the results of the talk is that we should know some of the principles of encoding. This is not a rule, and it's not a guide. They are just some of the principles that I need to pay attention to when I write and run the code. 1 paranoid This is almost natural for me. I almost became a programmer by self-study. I from...
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