Unity3D Development Engineer

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Job responsibilities:

1, complete the Unity3D project architecture
2, responsible for the development of the project related logic.
3, 3D Unity with PHP data interaction
4, 3D JavaScript through the Unity and database link

Job requirements:

1, computer related professional;
2, familiar with 3D graphics, more than two years of Unity3D experience;
3, with C++ or C# programming basis, there is a large MMO network game development experience;
4, with iOS or Android platform development experience is preferred;
5, love games, be able to adapt to the working environment of the game company;
6, English reading ability, can read English technical documents;
7, strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, able to work under high pressure.

Description: each company's request for a position will vary because of the actual situation of the company, all responsibilities and Job Requirements College Club, on behalf of the general situation of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "error correction" put forward your views, we will adopt a reasonable opinion, thank you for your concern and support of the club!

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