Android Development Engineer

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Job responsibilities:

1 responsible for the development of mobile application client based on Android mobile phone /Pad;
2 responsible for module design, encoding, testing work according to the product requirements;
3 responsible for the technical research on the Android platform, to ensure the quality of development;
4 product quality control, defect tracking, reconstruction and continuous improvement of product technology;
5 to participate in the development and maintenance of the company's own products;
6 to improve the ease of use of the software to enhance the user experience;
7 other jobs assigned by the Department.

Job requirements:

1 experience with Android mainstream mobile phone model, with complex function development experience; at least independent or as the project manager to complete project development;
2 proficiency in SDK Android related technology development and application, at least familiar with C, JAVA language;
3 master TCP/IP network transmission protocol and related development technology;
4 has a strong client system architecture design, in general, cross platform and reuse of a deep understanding;
5 has the ability to integrate cross team and cross company resource reuse and collaboration, has the leading complex project ability, familiar with project management process and tools;
6 have strong learning ability, can in a short time to acquire new knowledge, strong research and practical ability, can help to enhance the ability of professional team;
7 Market Android on-line application is preferred;

Note: each company requirements for the same job will because the company's actual situation is different, all jobrequirements university club, generally only on behalf of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "correcting" your comments, we will adopt every reasonable opinion thank you for the club, attention and support!

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