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Job responsibilities:

1, mainly responsible for the design and development of IOS application;
2, based on the company's product design, according to the needs, the implementation of the IOS version of the application;
3, independently complete the IOS software development, test found in the problem;
4, on the IOS platform development technology research, according to the development experiences in the process of product recommendations.
5, at least developed a IOS product.
6, familiar with software engineering, design patterns and UML have a certain understanding;
7, familiar with the mobile advertising platform SDK access process.
8, skilled operation app submitted Apple review process, understand the product key words, can according to user feedback and continual product optimization.
9, the software products have a strong sense of responsibility.

Job requirements:

1, familiar with the iOS architecture and principles, and have 2 years of work experience;
2, familiar with the Cocoa Touch framework, skilled use of Object-C programming language, XCode, Interface, Builder and other development tools;
3, familiar with the development of iPhone/iPad technology, including UI, multi thread, Socket network communication, etc.;
4, familiar with SDK iPhone;
5, familiar with the iOS interface development specifications and AppStore shelves procedures and rules;
6, AppStore online work is preferred.

Description: each company's request for a position will vary because of the actual situation of the company, all responsibilities and Job Requirements College Club, on behalf of the general situation of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "error correction" put forward your views, we will adopt a reasonable opinion, thank you for your concern and support of the club!

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