Linux Software Development Engineer

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Job responsibilities:

1, participate in the system's demand analysis and demand analysis, set up a detailed design, write technical documentation;
2, build system development environment, complete the system framework and core code;
3, to assist in the completion of the project test, system delivery work, to provide support for the implementation of the project;
4, participate in program discussions and technical research, responsible for the program update, update;

Job requirements:

1. Computer related major.
2, familiar with the Linux operating system, familiar with Shell programming, familiar with the Linux environment, the installation and configuration of a variety of applications (such as: configuration database, mail services, FTP services, etc.).
3, familiar with the Java language, useful Java development of the Web program experience, in the Linux environment to build Java development and debugging environment and build Web service experience.
4, familiar with the network knowledge and network protocols (such as: VLAN, RING, SMTP, SNMP, TELNET, POP3, etc.).
5, through the CCNA, HCNE and other network related qualification certification is preferred.

Description: each company's request for a position will vary because of the actual situation of the company, all responsibilities and Job Requirements College Club, on behalf of the general situation of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "error correction" put forward your views, we will adopt a reasonable opinion, thank you for your concern and support of the club!

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