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Job responsibilities:

1, design and optimize the database physical construction program;
2, the development of database backup and recovery strategies and procedures and norms;
3, in the implementation of the project, to assume the implementation of the database;
4, aiming at the problems in the operation of the database application system, put forward the solution;
5, supervise the installation and operation of UNIX, Tandem, NT and other systems on the database;
6, the spatial database analysis, design and reasonable development, to achieve effective management;
7, monitor the implementation of the database backup and recovery strategy;
8, to provide technical advisory services for application development, system knowledge, etc.;

Job requirements:

1, communication, electronic engineering, automation, computer related professional bachelor degree or above;
2. Experience in analysis, design and development of database application software;
3, proficient in the principle of relational database, proficient in SQLSERVER, familiar with MySQL;
4, skilled use of the mainstream database analysis and design tools, can independently complete the database system design, can according to the specific application design database server;
5, familiar with the NET architecture and J2EE architecture, familiar with NET ADO and NET ASP;
6, familiar with the Browser/Server mode application development, familiar with the concept of XML and OOD/OOP standard;
7, familiar with the data warehouse, OLAP and data mining;
8, good English reading ability, be able to read English test data;
9, rigorous and meticulous work, a sense of responsibility; hard work, good at thinking;
10, have the concept of time, independent, with the spirit of teamwork;

Development direction:

Database development engineers in the IT industry is very promising, but it is also very difficult, in the role of software is also very large. But pass rate is relatively low, at present on the single that the card to obtain employment is probably more difficult, and if you have not engaged in software design or programming work, a simple database work is very difficult to do. Therefore, it is recommended to start from the software designer, and then to the database development.

Salary survey:

Description: each company's request for a position will vary because of the actual situation of the company, all responsibilities and Job Requirements College Club, on behalf of the general situation of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "error correction" put forward your views, we will adopt a reasonable opinion, thank you for your concern and support of the club!

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