PHP Development Engineer (junior, intermediate, advanced)

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Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for product promotion and maintenance;
2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of new products and new business;
3, able to learn new technologies and actively introduced to the existing work

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related major, 3 + years experience in Web development;
2, proficient in Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML, familiar with the HTTP protocol and W3C related Internet standards;
3, proficient in PHP development language, familiar with object-oriented software design methods;
4, be able to skillfully use the standard SQL language, proficient in at least one relational database system (MySQL);
5, familiar with the Unix/Linux operating system, familiar with Shell script programming and common management commands are preferred;
6, have a good C/C++ language foundation; the LAMP+C architecture of the Web application development have good cognition; have large LAMP architecture Web project experience is preferred (10 million);
7, with a strong sense of desire to seek knowledge, can solve technical problems independently; strong sense of responsibility, a strong sense of teamwork.

Description: each company's request for a position will vary because of the actual situation of the company, all responsibilities and Job Requirements College Club, on behalf of the general situation of the position, if there is a deviation, please direct replies "error correction" put forward your views, we will adopt a reasonable opinion, thank you for your concern and support of the club!

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