Watch out, 40 signs that you're still a rookie PHP.

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1 will not use tools such as phpDoc to properly annotate your code.

2 on the outstanding integrated development environment, such as Studio Eclipse or PDT Zend turn a blind eye

3 never used any form of version control system, such as Subclipse

4 do not use some kind of encoding and naming standards, as well as general agreement, can not be implemented in the project development cycle

5 do not use a unified approach to development

6 conversion (or not) to verify some input or SQL queries (see reference PHP function)

7 don't plan your program thoroughly before encoding.

8 do not use test driven development

The 9 is in the wrong open for encoding and test condition (see reference PHP error_reporting function)

10 turn a blind eye to the benefits of the debugger

11 don't reconstruct your code

12 do not use a similar MVC mode to the different levels of the program to open

13 do not know these concepts: KISS, DRY, MVC, OOP, REST

14 not return but directly in your function or class (echo/print) content

15 ignore the advantages of unit test or general test

16 always return to the encoding HTML, but do not return to pure data, strings, or objects

17 always on the "news" and "configuration parameters" for encoding

18 do not optimize the SQL query

19 do not use __autoload (see reference manual PHP description)

20 does not allow the intelligent error handling (see reference PEAR ErrorStack)

21 use $_GET instead of $_POST to do destructive delivery operations.

22 don't know how to use regular expressions

23 never heard of SQL injection or cross site scripting

24 does not allow easy configuration, nor does the class constructor accept arguments to pass the set/get method, or run the constant definition

25 do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of object-oriented programming (OOP).

26 do not see the size of the case and the abuse of OOP

27 since it is thought that the reusable software must be equal to / need to make your code follow OOP

28 do not use intelligent default values

29 no single configuration file

30 do not want to expose the file source code, but replaced with the.Inc suffix.Php

31 do not use database abstraction layer

32 can not keep the DRY style, that is, do not repeat themselves, if you always copy and paste some things that you design is very bad

33 does not allow a function / class / method to do only one thing, it can not be combined to use them

34. Never tried OOP skills, such as abstract classes, interfaces, polymorphism, and inheritance, access control modifiers (annotation: such as public, private, protected)

35 optimize your programming system without the existing design patterns

36 do not allow your users to have a lot of files or directories in the context of the definition of the basic directory

37 polluted the name space, such as the common string to name your library function

38 use database tables without using table prefix

39 do not use a unified template engine

40 do not focus on the PHP development framework, has been too lazy to explore; actually the development of advanced concepts and wonderful code contained one.

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