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The use of humorous programmers manual

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[name] folk known as program ape, siege lion, late lecturer (zombie), formal occasion only said for the programmer; ancient name is not detailed, no historical data show that in ancient times this species

[ingredients] water, blood, fat, carbohydrates. Note that most likely contain nicotine, but not affect the use.

The shape of the product is different, and the middle part of the waist can be slightly enlarged;

[functional indications] the customer needs to change, especially for intellectual disabilities and idiot leading effect best, but the latter may have some side effects and complications

[usage] without taking any taboos. Overtime when taking effect is more obvious.

[note] try to use alone, do not share with friends, otherwise it is likely to be stolen by your friends. If the use of time is too long, please carefully observe whether there is no adverse reaction, if the amount is too large may cause a sudden deterioration and failure of the product.

[Specification] specifications. Don't care

[storage] hi indoor preservation, such as home computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices, please put this product on these devices. Note: This product is not afraid of radiation. Strong tip: if the home disruption network, this product may be a brief failure.

[packing] is usually relatively simple. Note: rough shape does not affect the effectiveness of.

The product can be stored for a long period of time, but the performance may change over time, if it is kept for more than 40 years. Note: This product is kept for a long time in foreign countries, the domestic is not achieved.

[approval number] this product in the WiFi environment can be used without any qualification certificate

[production enterprises] this product is not a place to generate, the main professional manufacturers to cultivate, to produce their own natural, workshop manufacturing, midway through the other items of variation. Note: after repeated trials, there is no association between the quality of the output and the quality of the product itself.

[special tips

One, unmarried women take the effect of this product is obvious, can keep strong effect for at least one year. Not necessarily behind.

Two, do not use in the absence of WiFi environment, otherwise it will be mostly ineffective

Three, this product has.Net model and Java model. Note: do not take or compare which one is better, otherwise there will be no responsible for any consequences

Four, the use of this product is not concerned about whether to need to cooperate with the overtime wages and other products to take

Five, this product may have a small amount of products are glued together, most of which are single. Note: please use the effect best before they stick together.

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