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Some efficient software can give me an efficient work efficiency. Here are some of the tools recommended for everyone. Welcome added

One, Xftp Xshell

Free software Xshell and Xftp are excellent network management, secure transmission tool NetSarang. Xshell is a free security terminal emulator, can be used as SSH, TELNET or RLOGIN terminal simulation, can from the Windows platform security Linux server, Xftp is a secure transmission client, support FTP and SFTP protocol, both support the label will be the window. If your project is deployed to Liunx, you can't do it.

Two, RP Pro Axure

The use of this product is much more, but the programmer needs to draw a picture of himself. RP Pro Axure is a product manager with the necessary interactive prototype design tool, capable of producing the product prototype, quick draw line diagram, flow chart, website structure diagram, schematic, HTML template, etc..

Three, Capture FastStone

This is one of the best screenshot tools I feel, no one. FastStone capture is a great image browsing, editing and screen capture tools, support BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, tiff, WMF, ICO and TGA, the mainstream picture format, its unique smooth and burr processing technology let the picture clearer, scaling, rotating, shearing, color adjustment function.

Four, Lingoes Lingoes

Built in the basis of English Chinese dictionary, the word online dictionary, sentence cool bilingual sentences, Interactive Encyclopedia, Google network interpretation, instant translation. Other includes a scale of one to five frequency grade vocabulary, outline of College CET vocabulary, in the exam, college entrance examination, college, undergraduate, studying vocabulary levels, the new TOEFL vocabulary, the new GRE vocabulary, the latest IELTS graduate entrance English examination syllabus vocabulary, MBA entrance exam outline, research, commonly spoken words etc. based on the commonly used words and phrases.

Five, impression notes

If you are a programmer, not a note of the software, ha ha. To have their own in the work of the problem, in a timely manner. There are a number of domestic note software is also good, here is not to say.

Six, MindManager Mindjet

MindManager Mindjet is a good guide and knowledge management software, can help you to the idea and inspiration in the form of a clear mind mapping, which is helpful for combing work planning and planning, widely used in research, organization, problem solving and decision making. Using MindManager can quickly and easily create elegant, beautiful mind map, effectively complete the capture, analysis and reuse of information, and MindManager can also integrate with Office Microsoft to achieve the import and export of information, knowledge innovation and sharing.

Seven, EditPlus

This is my personal favorite text compiler. EDITPLUS is a powerful, can replace Notepad text editor, has unlimited undo and redo, English spelling, word wrap, column number of markers, code folding and highlighting features such as, at the same time also edit multiple files, full screen browsing. And other good.

Common tools for Mac developers
The tools above are some of the good software that I use in my work. Do not like to spray. I hope you add.
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