Sogou An investigation report on the employment of college students: Statistics and analysis of survey data

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Abstract: in August 2014, CSDN launched the university club for college students "employment demand research" activities. Cut-off 10.31, end, received a total of hundreds of College Students' feedback, a collection of contemporary college students in the practice exists in the employment mentality problem and employment expectations. So the club finishing analysis all the research data, a representative and the problems for the students reacted strongly to invite industry experts and management person to answer one by one, I hope to graduate and confusion in students' reading and to provide reference to help and guide the benefit.This article is the original CSDN university club, all of the original view of the collection. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the CSDN university club, or contact studentclub@PROG3.COM.

[University Student Internship Employment Research Report] contains two parts, the first part of this post.

Part I: survey data statistics and analysis

The second part: common problems and Enterprise Technology & Management

Part I: survey data statistics and analysis

1 the identity and professional distribution of the respondents

- among the participants, 88% were enrolled in the study. Among them, 62% are undergraduates, 15% are graduate students, and 11% are graduates who are facing job hunting;

- from the point of view of respondents to a survey of professional distribution, computer and other related majors accounted for 89% of matching the target population of the survey;


2 the employment situation in the eyes of the students

In all respondents, 4% of people lack the understanding of the employment situation, 31% of respondents believe that the employment situation is very grim. 51% of surveyed are confident that we will be able to find a job, but salary is not ideal; and 14% of the population think have higher education graduate students are more likely to find work.


3 post salary and salary expectation of a job

62% - student internship positions for a monthly salary of 2000-3000 yuan, only 5% of the students received more than 5000 yuan monthly income of internship. Overall, the internship salary level is generally low, accounting for less than 4000 yuan monthly salary survey of all applicants 87%.

- value reflect the investigators first job salary expectations presents the distribution of type of a flight of stairs of large span, from 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan more than ranged. Which 3000-5000 yuan / month and 5000-10000 yuan monthly salary income is the subject of the subject population expectations.


The internship salary expectation first monthly salary

Based on investigation of graduate and undergraduate students data analysis showed that 54 percent of graduate expected monthly salary of 10000 yuan above, and compared with the desired values in the undergraduate students accounted for only 17%. Reflects the high degree of employment with a more optimistic attitude, and confidence to get a higher salary. The data statistics and the employment situation survey feedback "14% of the population that has higher education graduate students are more likely to find work" view coincide.

4 employment mentality, worried about the issue and the appeal of the company's concerns

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