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Abstract: in August 2014, CSDN University Club launched the "Internship employment needs research" activities for college students. As of the end of 10.31 days, a total of hundreds of college students received feedback, the collection of contemporary college students in the practice of employment in the general mentality of the problem and employment expectations. So the club finishing analysis all the research data, a representative and the problems for the students reacted strongly to invite industry experts and management person to answer one by one, I hope to graduate and confusion in students' reading and to provide reference to help and guide the benefit.This article is the original CSDN university club, all of the original view of the collection. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source of the CSDN university club, or contact studentclub@PROG3.COM.

[University Student Internship Employment Research Report] contains two parts, the second part of this post.

Part I: survey data statistics and analysis

The second part: common problems and Enterprise Technology & Management

The second part: common problems and Enterprise Technology & Management

Reflect the eight categories of problem student centred, CSDN University Club invited IT industry senior technology officer (CTO), "bat" technical director, CEO and director of human resources to, respectively, on behalf of the from different regions and the size of the company needs, are expounded their views, for school students to explore the exchange.

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  School curriculum VS industry new technology   The choice of working city region   Professional counterparts of internship positions   How to do without work experience  

  Whether there is a high degree of superiority   Graduate institutions VS personal capacity   The choice of weak skills   Fresh graduate salary


Question 1: the Internet industry has developed rapidly, students generally believe that the university curriculum content obsolete. Do you need to learn the latest cutting-edge technology industry? Do the required courses in the school still need deep learning? How to combine these two kinds of knowledge learning?

BAT technology manager:It can be sure that the latest cutting-edge technology in the self - learning industry, whether in school or in the job is essential. Although the rapid development of the industry, but the development of basic theory and basic principle of the computer, and there is no qualitative change, so professional compulsory subjects is still main ways for students to master the basic, is the foundation of the subsequent rapid learning and thinking training, can not be ignored. In class, pay attention to theoretical study, in the spare time to find their own interest in the direction of the industry and the industry's leading technology applications, each other.

Senior CTO:School is fundamental, is the foundation, is the future work necessary, a lot of cutting-edge technology is established on this basis, though not to learn new technology, but we can from the Internet on these new technologies, as a school to learn an effective supplement.

Enterprise CEO1:University courses on basic knowledge. This is because any subject need solid basic knowledge as the foundation, in order to ensure in other languages and technologies by analogy. It is recommended that a thorough understanding of the university curriculum is the first, and then the new technology.

Enterprise CEO2:Some courses in university curriculum will exist some disconnection. But a part of the work is still very important value. It is necessary for students to learn new technologies in their spare time. Required courses such as data structure, database, compiler theory, such as the need for deep learning, rather than in order to cope with the examination. In addition to the textbooks can also find some of the Internet information and books to increase the depth of understanding. Common learning products such as online school, Netease cloud classroom, khanacademy on curriculum is of great value.

Enterprise founder:exist side by side and play a part together not a single one can be omitted Basic professional courses are very important, but to understand the study, rather than simply to the memory.

HR supervisor:Need to learn cutting-edge technology industry, while the school required courses to be synchronized deep learning. Practice is the combination of these two types of learning methods.


Question 2: at present, the development of the Internet best area concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, computer and other related professional graduates, in the choice of location, first tier cities and the second and third tier cities in the selection criteria and the standard is what??

Senior CTO:From a development point of view, should be selected for their own industries in the area of development, the first line of the city's technical line is better than the two or three line of the city.

Enterprise CEO1:The choice of employment area actually includes the employment company, as well as the urban environment. Each person's value orientation is different, the importance of these two points are not the same as the judge. Usually graduates can enter Ali Jingdong or perfect Internet companies like for the future career have considerable help and suggestions according to their ability and future planning properly choose and prepare for an ideal employment company recruitment requirements for.

Enterprise CEO2:This problem can be deeply shallow, deep can be extended to the choice of life. Choosing a first tier city means pressure: from competition, life, etc.. But on the other hand is the self promotion speed, ability, knowledge and so on. Just graduated from the two or three line of the city in the beginning of the work of the city are the same, the follow-up is the study of the strength of the contest. Choose a line or second line depends on the amount of their own heart.

Enterprise founder:This is mainly to see their own choice. What do you value. Second tier cities are developing rapidly, there are a lot of opportunities.


Question 3: choose the internship opportunities, is to choose the professional counterparts, or whether the nature of the professional counterparts, to the first to enter the industry to accumulate experience for the purpose of it?

BAT technology manager:In addition to the professional, more important and personal interest, this is the power to support the long-term development of individuals. If there is a chance, or a professional counterparts priority, so as to play the director. It is recommended not to be able to find a job as a goal, this is more likely to take a detour, even if the accumulated some experience, the next time for the industry or job change, those accumulation will be greatly reduced.

Enterprise CEO1:The first choice of course is a professional counterparts, and seek to be able to try the other work in the industry in the industry in the practice of the nature of the opportunity.

Enterprise CEO2:Of course, is the choice of professional counterparts. Or a little bit of other aspects of their training is also considered in the column.

Enterprise founder:Interest is the most important.

HR supervisor:Nine85/211 students need professional counterparts, the rest of the school students to enter the enterprise after.


Problem 4: most of the conditions for enterprises to recruit and hire out of work experience. If the traditional form of learning in school for four years, there is no work experience, it is not difficult to find a job?

BAT technology manager:If there is no experience, then it is not every course can be excellent? Also in school for four years, still have a lot of students have some work experience, these experiences come from laboratory projects, internship programs, graduation design topics, etc.. At present there are a variety of open source community, programming contest activities, these are also the way to accumulate experience. Therefore, the accumulation of work experience is not given by others, but to find their own. Not only to cherish every opportunity to practice, but also to continue to sum up the pros and cons, the pursuit of excellence. Need not be too entangled in 'work experience', but more attention to the cumulative effect of a variety of practical experience.

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