Web safety study series (3)

"White hat talk Web security" notes 11-17 chapter From scratch "= Web Security Learning Series (1) Step by step = "Web safety study series (2) Reproduced please indicate the source: http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103 Eleventh chapter encryption algorithm and random number Encryption attack Cipher Attack Stream Defect of ECB mode key management proposal The twelfth chapter Web framework security Thirteenth chapter application...
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Web safety study series (2)

"White hat talk Web security" notes 6-10 chapter Reproduced please indicate the source: http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103 The sixth chapter H5 security Sandbox Typesno referrer Link Canvas Access-Control-Allow-Origin PostMessage Storage Web The seventh chapter injection attack The nature of injection attacks SQL injection example Blind Anti...
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Mrakdonw learning

Reproduced please indicate the source: http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103 what is Mrakdown Why use Mrakdown How Mrakdown typeface Delete line font size quote Code line block list disorder order link Inline link Citation link picture catalog form What is Mrakdown Markdown is an "e-mail" style of the "markup language". Why use Mrakdown Pure text, so the compatibility is very strong...
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Web safety study series (1)

White hat talk Web security, notes 1-5 chapter white hat talk Web security notes 1-5 chapter The first chapter of the world view of security Safety assessment process Asset class division Threat analysis risk analysis Confirm solution The second chapter browser security The third chapter XSS attack Reflection type XSS Storage type XSS Based XSS DOM XSS fishing XSS attack platform XSS Flash XSS defense The fourth chapter CSRF CSRF essence CSRF defense The fifth chapter click hijack ClickJacking Click...
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Charles use guide

0x01 Preface: Charles is to modify a capture tool, compared to burp, Charles has interface is simple and intuitive, easy-to-use, data request is easy to control, simple modification, data capture to suspend convenient and so on advantage! The following introduces under the powerful use of capture tools. 0x02 download and install the first tool to download and install the first need to download the Java running environment support (usually with burp people certainly have installed Java environment). Install the Java environment, you can go directly to the Baidu search and download the Charles version,...
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RxJava a variety of commonly used scenarios using the method

See [html] view plaincopyObservable.just (1, the scheduler thread switch the scene often in "background threads to fetch data and thread to show" mode,,. 4).SubscribeOn (Schedulers.io () / / specified subscribe () occurred in io thread.ObserveOn (AndroidSched...
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Android architecture notes

1 understand the characteristics of different versions, including IDE. Such as: after AsyncTask3.0 and before the difference, Android 5 of the new API, Android 6 can not be used HttpClient, AS2.0's new features, etc.. 2 master popular technology and understand its principles. Such as: RxJava (response framework), Retrofit (request frame can be combined with RxJava), MVP (development mode) hotfix (thermal repair), etc.. 3 master the testing tools (because of the ability to understand the test to see better...
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Response programming that we missed in those years.

Skip to content the original link: the introduction to reactive programming you've been missing the translator: yaoqinwei proofreader: yaoqinwei, bboyfeiyu, chaossss state: unfinished translator's note: please pay attention to several key word translation is accurate proofreading, stream, event stream, date stream, the alternate,...
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Agile development combat issues

Reproduced please indicate this article from the Cym blog (http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103), thank you for your support! Do not understand the scrum mode can view the agile development process are summarized after reading can combat, I after 2 months of combat: some of his four conference step played on some of the problems and experience: 1. The iteration planning session. Each iteration starts, called the entire development team, held the iteration planning session, all team members freely, clear iterative development tasks, to answer doubts. The actual problem can cause a person to speak freely...
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Introduction of dynamic repair technology for App thermal patch

Author: link M.A.G.I: source of http://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/magilu/20308548: know author: produced johnczchen: QQ space terminal development team originally published in QQ space terminal development team of the public official, and reproduced in any form before must contact me. Background 1. When an app after the release, suddenly found the need for emergency repair a serious bug, this time, the parties will busy battered: re packaged app, testing, to each application...
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Batch to multiple Android mobile phone installed APK script

Problem scenario: Test for the development of 4 mobile phones to install the test version of the APK, the reality of running 4 programs..., so the program said: if there is a one-time installation of multiple mobile phone APK method is good! So the script appeared (and can also be installed multiple APK): the above is 2 APK at the same time to install 2 devices, a key can be. The need to install the APK on the same directory with the script premise need to configure the ADB, MAC: to the file permissions, and then run to PC: direct right button to run the super administrator. Download address: http://download...
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Chrome artifact Vimium shortcut key learning record

Vimium use shortcuts summary J: scroll downk.: scroll UPH: scroll leftl: scroll rightgg: scroll to the top of the pageG: scroll to the bottom of the pagezH: scroll all the way to the leftzL: scroll all the...
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Glide a focus on smooth scrolling image loading and caching

Reproduced please indicate this article from the Cym blog (http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103), thank you for your support! If there is no understanding of Gide, please click on the image to load the library rotten today, choose a suitable for their own use of the picture library has become the only way for every Android developer. Now available on the market well-known picture loading library has UIL, Picasso, ImageLoader Volley, Fresco, and the protagonist of our today Glide. They can't assess each one has its own merits...
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Daily accumulation in Android development

Android performance optimization Android performance optimization of video, documentation and tools, Hu Kai - performance optimization performance Android best practice (1): reasonable memory management Android best performance practice (2): analysis of memory use Android best performance practice (3): high performance code optimization Android best performance practice (4): layout optimization techniques react native special Facebook react-nativeReact Native: configuration and the initial react nati...
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Agile development process

Agile - agile development, as a new software development model after the collapse of the myth of CMM, which has been widely attracted attention for several years, and is expected to. Agile development in other industry application is unknown, but the following summarizes the company where I work of agile development test, piece of a jigsaw can be achieved the purpose of hope. In the Manifesto for agile software development, individual and interactive than processes and tools can work software is better than exhaustive documentation Customer collaboration than contract negotiations in response to changes in more than follow the plan although right also have value, but we think the left has a greater value.
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Studio Android use skills (6)

Reproduced please indicate this article from the Cym blog (http://prog3.com/sbdm/blog/cym492224103), thank you for your support! 这是第六次我的Android Studio每日提示,我贴在 谷歌+ 你可以在这里以前的帖子 一看…
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Android Studio使用技巧(5)

转载请注明本文出自CYM的博客(HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/博客/ cym492224103),谢谢支持! 这是第五次我的Android Studio每日提示,我贴在 谷歌+ 你可以在这里以前的帖子 一看…
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Android Studio使用技巧(4)

转载请注明本文出自CYM的博客(HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/博客/ cym492224103),谢谢支持! 这是第四次我的Android Studio每日提示,我贴在 谷歌+ 你可以在以前的帖子 看看这里。 答:..
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Android Studio使用技巧(3)

转载请注明本文出自CYM的博客(HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/博客/ cym492224103),谢谢支持! 这是第三次我的Android Studio每日提示,我贴在 谷歌+ 你可以在以前的帖子 看看这里。 能力。
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Android Studio使用技巧(2)

转载请注明本文出自CYM的博客(HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/博客/ cym492224103),谢谢支持! 这是第二次我的Android Studio每日提示,我贴在 谷歌+ 你可以在以前的帖子 看看这里。 答:..
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