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MongoDB create / update / delete document operation expert

Polyphonic polyphonic, insert \ document is created when the insertion of a document that does not exist, will automatically create a document [root@racdb ~]# mongoMongoDB shell: 2.4.14connecting to test> show collections> db.cols.insert ({bar: "Baz"}) > db.cols.find () {"Id": objectid ("56aac1df4e61b6...

Mysqlbinlog fast traversal search record expert

Goal, developers said data somehow add, but do not know where added, and make use of the function should not add such data, in order to find out the source, so I am ready to binlog inside to find, but binlog is the number of months, I like this one mysqlbinlog down, is not the answer, so expect to script loop to operate. 1, go to the binlog directory to copy all the binlog to the temporary directory /home/data/mysql/binlog/mysq /tmp/bl/cp...

data ergodic search

Tomcat9.0 latest version of the initial experience expert

1, RPM way to install the jdk8 software to prepare: first download jdk8 Download address: Download the linux64 bit version of the RPM installation package, wget...

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Do management or do technology expert

Do management or do technology? If you ask me now, I will not hesitate to tell you, do management. Be a manager. To be an official, even if it is a small head. Maybe you will say, engage in management or engage in technology, can. For example, Ericsson, there are two lines of management, technology, and some engage in technology, higher wages than the management. Fart. Big company, maybe. But in small and medium-sized companies, managers not only have a higher pay, but more importantly, there is the ability to allocate resources. This resource, in addition to the decision, under the salaries and benefits of the right of suggestion, can also be responsible for the piece of technology say. You are the project manager, for example...

Administration project manager

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project manager expert

What is the project manager? The project manager is a person who is responsible for the project. ...

project manager

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Oracle export import specified table expert

From the source database derived: exp user1/pwd@server1 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) imported into the target database: exp user2/pwd@server2 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) Oracle is the benefit that can directly export the remote data to a local; or the local data file into the remote database. While SQ...

Oracle Exp Imp export Import

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NUMA mongodb problem expert

In mongodb log log shows as follows: [loguser@32_180 180 ~]$Mongo - U root - xxxxx --authenticationDatabase adminMongoDB shell: 2.6.4connecting to testServer has startup warnings: 2015-07-16T04:35:34.694+0800 [...

What would you do if you were a horse or a chicken on an animal farm? expert

"Animal farm" (animal farm) is a famous British writer George Orwell wrote a dystopian fable novels, the book a few years ago was banned, now you can read this book in the formal channels, itself also shows we are indeed in progress. Looking back to the history, animal farm story in staged countless times, successful, like a book in the pig, replacing the people became the new rulers; failure, also quietly submerged in the tide of history, no one remembers. The wheel of history so tumbling, success, stand on the forefront of rising tide for hundreds of years, mixed well, ten years...

DataGuard Oracle11g environment configuration summary expert

1, master 1.1 initpowerdes.ora[oracle@oracle_master1 CD ~]$library parameter file $ORACLE_HOME/dbs Dbs]$VIM initpowerdes.orapowerdes.__db_cache_size=322961408 [oracle@oracle_master1 Powerdes.__java_pool_size=4194304 Pow...

11g Oracle

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Oracle11g installation error summary expert

Oracle11g installation error summary: 1, the implementation of./runInstaller error as follows: you are atempting to install 64 bit oracle on a 32-bit operating system. This is not support and will not work view uname did show a 64 bit [oracle@oracle_master ~]uname -a Lin...

11g Oracle

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DB2 - an bigint problem expert

A bigint DB2 = > values bigint (23 * 1 000000) 1--------------------230000001 record (s) selected.db2 = > values bigint (23 * 1 00000000) SQL0802N arithmetic overflow or other arithmetic exception occurred.

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Operating system learning notes: distributed coordination expert

ZYT[ZZ MN, ewerwrkkkk, "" "m" -- what is the centralized synchronization mechanism that I wrote for my son's 7 year old 1 month extension to the distributed environment; and how to deal with the distributed system deadlock? First, event sort Distributed systems, there is no public memory and public clock, so sometimes can not determine the order of the two events. Need to put forward a kind of distributed algorithm to sort the whole event. 1, ex ante relationship If there is no cause and effect relationship between the two events, the two event is called concurrent execution. Since they do not interact with each other, which is the first...


Get the size of a table / index occupied space in DB2 expert

DB2 get a table / index occupied space the size of in database maintenance, often encounter problems need statistics DB2 table size. 3 methods have been provided for our choice in DB2. Respectively, -tcbstats db2pd, admin_get_tab_info table functions and SYSIBMADM.ADMINTABINFO system management view. 1 db2pdde tcbstats can view the table of TCB information, including datasize field to table pages, multiplied by the page size.

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Snow in West Lake Tour expert

Nanjing on business. During the weekend made a special trip to Hangzhou turn, when playing Paladin when the game in Linan City (ancient name of Hangzhou Southern Song Dynasty) turned many times, mami also really is first came to the city of Hangzhou. Originally also intends to friends about Ali, Ali R & D center visit. Finally, because of the limited time, it turned the turn west lake and the thunder peak pagoda. This is just a few days to catch cold, Hangzhou under the snow, very cold, I can put on clothes to wear. The snow in West Lake less handsome, more graceful, very beautiful. Because of the snow, not many visitors, a person silly in the snow of the West Lake round. More than ten...