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The fourth chapter MySQL program

catalog 4.1 MySQL Program Overview 4.2 using MySQL program 4.2.1 call MySQL program 4.2.2 connect to MySQL server 4.2.3...

Mysql call Invoke program

Hibernate primary key generation strategy interpretation

Hibernate primary key generation method to compare, requires a certain understanding in order to better serve your project to these methods, following on several common hibernate primary key generation strategies interpretation, on the one hand can be as readers of the learning materials, on the other hand can for themselves to the memorandum. Hibernate primary key generation policy There are probably several common primary key generation strategies: 1 increment: from the Hibernate agent to generate a primary key, with the database does not matter (Note: only generated...

data base Hibernate Primary key generation strategy

MariaDB clone

Oracle there is a clone to install, in fact, mysql/mariadb similar, just a few steps you can directly in the different machine directly.

MySQL clone MariaDB clone MySQL clone installation

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Mysqlbinlog fast traversal search record expert

Goal, developers said data somehow add, but do not know where added, and make use of the function should not add such data, in order to find out the source, so I am ready to binlog inside to find, but binlog is the number of months, I like this one mysqlbinlog down, is not the answer, so expect to script loop to operate. 1, go to the binlog directory to copy all the binlog to the temporary directory /home/data/mysql/binlog/mysq /tmp/bl/cp...

data ergodic search

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Hibernate development practice notes - the object in the set property updates the database issues

Before I never found the problem, and later because of my navigation database data changes, when the menu and update the data in the database again, making part of the data value is empty. At that time, I felt very strange, then carefully read the log4j print log found the updating of the action, in code database will be access to the set a of object attributes, the database update the, but the problem is how to produce it? Problem repeat Users Set = HashSet new (); Use...

Hibernate data base

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Data validation framework BVal Apache profile expert

BVal Apache (source code) is the entity data validation Bean Validation Java reference implementation. BVal Apache provides all the built-in JSR implementations of the constraint 303 specification, which are used to define, describe, and validate the values of the fields in the Bean. If the JSR specification is not clear, but do Hibernate Validator POJO notes friends know what is, why not use the mainstream Validator Hibernate it? Because a simple compression package has been 13mb (although there can be documents, source code, and others, including)...

Not in T-SQL encountered null implied trap expert

The following are two T-SQL, at first glance that are equivalent, that is not the case of SELECT orderid1, LocalCost, SupplyGoodsName, Buy...

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Connect sqlserver engine connection MariaDB

Connect engine of the many online using MariaDB connecting Oracle, except MariaDB using the connect engine connect sqlserver, a small special....

MariaDB connection sqlserver Connect MariaDB engine

MySQL execution status analysis expert

When feeling MySQL performance problems, usually take a look at the MySQL execution state, use show process list to view, for example: the state column information is very important, under the first meaning in each column, and then look under state common state meaning of each column 1, ID a logo, you have to kill a statement of use, for example, 207, a mysql> kill; 2, user display the current user, if not root, this command only display within the purview of your SQL statement 3, host displays the...

Mysql Execution status MySQL execution status

Oracle export import specified table expert

From the source database derived: exp user1/pwd@server1 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) imported into the target database: exp user2/pwd@server2 file=c:\temp\exp.dmp tables= (table1, table2) Oracle is the benefit that can directly export the remote data to a local; or the local data file into the remote database. While SQ...

Oracle Exp Imp export Import

DBCA can't recognize the already existing database

In the customer site, delete the test library is not required, the use of DBCA, the results can not be found in the database. Very strange, obviously in the start of a good bar!! Later in the operating system to find the oratab, and the document to get /etc, it is recognized, but, /etc under the document does not have the grace? When you create a database, select the database software and the database at the same time (orcl2 Sid): DBCA delete database view: Simulated out. When the database is created, the best number...

DBCA can't recognize the already existing database

[] easy to fly about statistics and inventory tracking sales volume of internal order dynamic stock expert

One need You sell the total: On annual meeting mentioned that hope to focus on selling orders quantity dynamic maintenance problems, and it communicated, we can provide the following data in OA, for your reference, to determine whether there is necessary to adjust the preparation order number. Also, please put your hope also body now the information is convenient for you to determine whether or not to adjust the preparation. Customer material number description or specification preparation total in recent two months sales the new material preparation time, inventory VMI in the number of Hefei XXX 1...

3.5 in batch mode using MySQL

In the previous section, you interactively use the MySQL input query and view the results. You can also run MySQL in batch mode. In order to do this, put the command you want to run in a file, and then tell the MYSQL to read the input from the file: MySQL MySQL -e source "batch-file shell>" if you need to...

Batch processing interactive Shell Mysql Batch

DataGuard Oracle11g environment configuration summary expert

1, master 1.1 initpowerdes.ora[oracle@oracle_master1 CD ~]$library parameter file $ORACLE_HOME/dbs Dbs]$VIM initpowerdes.orapowerdes.__db_cache_size=322961408 [oracle@oracle_master1 Powerdes.__java_pool_size=4194304 Pow...

11g Oracle

安装错误汇总Oracle11g expert

Oracle11g安装错误总结:1,执行。/ runinstaller报错如下:你是培养在32位操作系统安装64位的甲骨文,这是不支持也不工作查看uname显示确实64位 【甲骨文@ oracle_master ~ ] uname -  环节。

Oracle 11g

数据库设计之数据库tinyint字段与int字段的使用 expert

SQL Server中的tinyint:从0到255的整型数据。存储大小为1字节。SQL Server中的smallint: 存储大小为2字节。SQL Server中的int:存储大小为4字节。我看了下我们现有的系统,表数量有400张。表中的”类型”字段,不会少吧,比如订单有订单类型、取消原因类型等等10来个类型字段,(这些类型,最多有10多个值,再加也多不到哪去),其他的虽然…