Sogou [] login collaborative work platform security solutions

[Abstract] the company leader said that the login authentication security how to ensure that the proposed use of UKEY to verify similar online banking solutions. Solution: front page: / / load skin SetTheme var = function () { (cbTheme.getValue), { Succ...
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Sogou Program file loading failed!

In some of the client certificate can not be printed on the issue, some of the user rights issues. Because the WIN7 is a little bit more strict control of the user. There is a client error: the program file into a failure! Reload before, updated components, updated windows DAC data access components, updated with directory system are copied to the windows system32 view print services. PDF generator, printer all are normal. Will the relationship between the 9.06 and the new two-dimensional code? No matter how to try it...
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Sogou [Asp.Net]QRCode to generate two-dimensional code (Continued) - in the two-dimensional code image center plus Logo or image

System using; System.Web using; ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Codec using; ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Codec.Data using; ThoughtWorks.QRCode.Codec.Util using; System.IO using; System.Text using; System.Drawing using;...
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Sogou .net [WinForm]C# to prevent a program (WinForm) to repeat the operation of the method.

Recently more busy, the mail early warning system to suspend the no time to deal with, temporary treatment: the direct implementation of exe files! But the problem is coming: I clicked two times, the original almost at the same time the implementation of this process, I have a thread in the process of time to sleep 2 seconds a queue, open the process really two MAIL.EXE process, you want to do before the implementation of a judge to prevent repeated! / / write in the service of software, you may don't want an operating system has two copies in the operation, it may disturb your operation. At this point, you need to limit the program's copy. Below
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Sogou [RDLC] reports dynamically load images (two) based on field columns

Reference: Changes the value of the local value can be edited with the field of the report. Effect:...
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Sogou User password encryption and decryption

Often we do plug-in to the system easy to fly ERP users and passwords. View user table: Password encrypted: Fuzhou soldier provides a D7 version of the encryption and decryption functions: EnCode_New unit; Interface SysUtils Classes, uses, Dialogs; Const FNIL = '(&.&! "''%&$''&)", "$(&)%#$-$#$$'; //NIL value PS1...
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Sogou [Ext.Net] customer relationship management system

A simple cooperative work platform that is made in the factory. Based on Asp.Net+ADO.NET+SQL2008+EXT.NET...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.TreeGrid- Ext.Net unlimited tree GUCD

HTML: Source configuration ID= TreeGrid1 "<ext:TreeGrid" runat= "server" UseArrows= "true" Animate= "true" AutoHeight= "true"" AutoScroll= "true" ForceLayout="...
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Sogou Bulk export easy to fly the ERP system is currently all BOM (including the cost of the local currency unit)

Abstract: the BOM list of all finished products in the ERP system is derived from the material cost (local currency). Train of thought: 1 query approved products No. 2 writing current exchange rate function 3 written materials the latest price function Inventory unit is the component materials 4.BOM units, nuclear price single unit is to purchase price is based on the use of the system provides the conversion function 5 exhibition BOM program      6。创建临时表,循环遍…
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[置顶] 外部网1。x_ext。网。Windows的iframe用法

HTML: js:。直接法。editservice(,记录数据。visitpurpose);CS: #区修改 [直接] 公共无效editservice(int ID。..
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[置顶] 外部网1。x _德仔铁观音学习笔记整理

1。配置及简单布局 2。常用组件介绍    2.1 DropDownList结合treepanel的 (复选框)    2.2 模拟进度条    2.3 上传文件    2.4基本用法表示标签面板      2.4.1 基本用法表示标签面板     2.4.2 控制最多可以打开N个页面    2.5 执行后台程序提示等待信息,…
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[置顶] 外部网1。x_ext。网。到之存储过程分页SQL版本

1。分页存储过程 改变程序[dbo]。[ aspnetpage ] “tblname varchar(1000),--表名 “selectfieldname varchar(4000),--要显示的字段名(不要加选择) “strwhere varchar(4…
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[置顶] 外部网1。x_ext。网。网格拖动行排序,【最上】【最下】【上移】【下移】按钮排序

对于到中拖动选中行排序的实现,网上有不少ExtJS实现的例子,但是没有找到使用Ext.net实现的,正好最近有个需求要使用,干脆来写一个。 演示功能说明: 1、拖动到选中行到新位置排序。2、在拖动结束后,重新会选中前面拖动的行。3、拖动排序功能支持网格单选与多选模式、加了【最上】【最下】【上移】【下移】四个按钮排序的功能目前按钮排序只。4…
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[置顶] [易飞]物料反展

——============================================= ——作者: -创建日期: ——描述: ——============================================= 改变功能uf_parentitem(@ ITE…
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[置顶] 外部网1。x_ext。net_执行后台程序提示等待信息,运行完毕消失

今天群里有朋友问,小叶子提供如下方法。 <单击事件=“查询”之前=“ext.msg。等待(“正在提交数据,请稍候的…
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[置顶] 外部网1。x_ext net_实现百度文库的效果。

项目的预算需要个部分上传一个字的说明文件,供在线查看,通过两天的碰钉子,终于算是完成了,代码及过程贴出来,请大家指正。 上传文件并转换: 环境:网上下载了FlashPaper,用来转换文档成SWF 上传: protected void uploadclick(object sender,directeventargs E) { 字符串的第三方物流=“上传网络…
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[置顶] [遍历checkboxgroup ]

取值前台方法: 可变项目= ext.getcmp(“checkboxgroup1项目”); 对于(var i = 0;i < items.length;i++){ 如果(项目。itemat(我)。检查){ }…
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[置顶] [将]正则表达式在数据库编程中使用,其实真的不懂SQL了

一直以为单纯的查询分析数据表,基本上都今天遇到一位朋友提出OK。 邮件地址字段,去掉163、新浪、中国 感觉很简单,不就是喜欢不喜欢 不是数学[ ],charindexof 发现会导致重复项,咋办呢?想了想,我们编程的时候有时候进行正则验证,SQL有没有类似的呢? 百度吧: HTTP:/ / prog3。COM /深圳/主题/ u / 20100415 / 17 /…
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[置顶] 【 ] 1.2.0/ext js_用Ext JS增删改

外部网1.2.0/ext js_用Ext JS增删改 Article content The introduction of JS Ext.Net.Store demo with Ext additions and deletions to reference data modification record   Introduce When I use Ext.Net, always can not get rid of the initial development of application way, that is, the interaction between the front and back. When you use the way of thinking, the development of Ext.Net...
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Sogou 1.2.0_Ext.Net.TreePanel [Ext.Net] check the "tangled" method to send to the server side

1.2.0_Ext.Net.TreePanel Ext.Net check the "tangled" method to send to the server side Article content Demo TreePanel check the way to send to the server through the DirectMethods method to explain the change records   Demo TreePanel check to send to the server via DirectMethods method This article demonstrates how to send the data directly to the service after the Ext.Net page is operated by the front page script...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net. Ext.Net common control attribute set

From: Ext_ digital input box _Ext.form.NumberField: * Ext.form.NumberField unique configuration table: AllowDecimals Boolean is allowed to enter the decimal (default true) Allo...
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Sogou Dynamic binding of GridPanel [Ext.NET]

Often have a friend asked how to dynamically bind GridPanel, as has been very busy, this is simply a unified answer to the question. Used Ext.NET all know, Ext.NET in the control of GridPanel is very powerful, very good use, you can achieve a variety of functions, but compared to GridView, compared to the lack of GridPanel can not automatically bind columns and data. When using GridView, we can bind the DataTable, List, and so on to GridView and automatically generate columns to display, but GridPa...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net how to traverse GridPanel data in the background?

A: consult Http:// Http:// Main point, foreground extraction data, background parsing JSON string. Reception
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Sogou GridPanel [ExtNet] how to achieve server-side paging, sorting, query --Oracel stored procedures page

A. front end ASPX file definition . II...
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Sogou [EXTNET]GridPanel row selection event

1 hidden fields Background decomposition: Item string =.Value ("Item") e.ExtraParams.GetParameter; String[] strValue = txtValue.Text.Split ('|'); 2.JS treatment...
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Sogou [WinForm]Datagridview to achieve two-dimensional header

Class DataGridViewHelper public { DataGridViewHelper public (GridView DataGridView) { Gridview.CellPainting (gridview_ DataGridViewCellPaintingEventHandler = new...
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Sogou [EXTNET]Grid line record automatic branch

In EXTASPNET students: a memo field need to display more branch Result EXT.NET how to do it? In fact, very simple, we do not directly use JS to deal with it? So let's try it. Template='{1}'var; Fenghang function (value) { String.format return (template, "Crimson",...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel CS simulation Ext.Net to achieve the operation of the master table

HTML: test Save selected scores / attendance AtttendanceItem_Select var = function (item) { Val var...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.Calendar Ext.Net schedule management

Case listed by friends up and down around to provide! Ext.NET - Examples Calendar...
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Sogou [] how to set the Crystal Reports Crystal Reports (Crystal Reports) field wrap

The output of the crystal report as the final report in the quotation system. Because the specification is longer, the user can not see the full specifications in the preview of the report, the specification of the part will lead to overlapping phenomenon. Baidu library provides a solution: How to set up the 1 Crystal Report (Crystal Reports) field wrap Crystal reports are read from the database data, when the contents of the field relatively long very beautiful effect. Need to set it to automatically wrap to display. No impact on the appearance of the wrap this report:   OK, look at the icon, I think it's too ugly,...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel RowExpander Ext.Net application case

Above image: JS: / / expansion project SetSubprojectExpandInfomation var = function (response, result, expander, type, action, params) { Prj var = Ext.getCmp ("panDetail"); Var...
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Sogou [C#] to achieve the basic operation of the XML file (create the XML file, add, delete, change, check the XML node information)

Markup Language XML:Extensible (Extensible Markup Language) abbreviation, is used to define other languages, a meta language, its predecessor is SGML (Generalized Standard) Language Markup, standard General Markup Language). It has no tag set (set tag), there is no syntax rule (rule grammatical), but it has a syntax rule (rule syntax). Any XML document is correct for any type of application...
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Sogou [EXT.NET] installation and use

Preface The author has been plagued by the development process and the page style and user experience etc.. In order to solve these problems and improve the efficiency of system development and enhance the ability of human-computer interaction, so the Internet has been looking for solutions. Finally decided to use for development. Ext.Net: Is a set of open source (WebForm, MVC) components. Based on the development of the Ext.Js library, containing more than 100 tools, such as TextBox, Combox, Button, Too...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.DirectMethods Ext.Net

DirectMethod provides a function that can be invoked from the client side JavaScript code to the server side.NET method. Using the [DirectMethod] attribute to modify the server side of the public or static public method, will be open to the client JavaScript code server method. Note: server side methods must be public or static public. DirectMethod basis...
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Sogou [EXT.NET]GridPanel list of additions and deletions to preview

This example is just a very simple Coolite application, I believe that the novice to learn or to use to. Also give everyone with a head, write a new tutorial. GridPanel will not be introduced, developers should be more familiar with the official GridView binding data is through ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource and other binding. Here, GridPanel requires Store to bind data. First, add a Store to the page, as follows: ID ext:Store...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net. Ext.Net skin switch

JavaScript: SetTheme var = function () { (cbTheme.getValue), { Function success: (result) {
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Sogou Crystal reports Reports]Crystal run times' bobj not defined 'error

Reports Crystal run times' bobj not defined 'error When doing web project, the use of Report Crystal 2008. Installed on the server Report runtime 2008 Crystal package, running the page, but reported that bobj is (bobj undefined) is not defined. Upon examination, the server is no longer the default "c:\inetpub\wwwroot" directory, and has been changed to other directories in order to...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net_JS Ext.Net to get the page EXT.NET control

One method: 1 general controls: {ControlID}.getValue (); (No. {ControlID}.getText); Node 2.TreePanel: {TreePanelID}.getSelectionModel (access selection) (.GetSelectedNode)...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel CRUD Ext.Net

Grid.aspx Http:// > Http:// >         Function Details (V) { Var temp = 'with... '; Return...
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Sogou Properties of 1.x_Ext.Net.NumberField Ext.Net

Properties of Ext.form.NumberField Ext.form.NumberField ({ AllowDecimals: false, / be with Xu Xiaoshu DecimalPrecision: 0, / decimal precision AllowNegative: false, / / whether to allow the negative...
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Sogou SQL using [MSSQL] statement for a number of key words in the article - [leaf]

First, introduction Recently CSDN forum someone asked me such a question, said there is an article in the database, and then there are three key words, say is to access the article information, return the number of keywords. So there is this article. For your reference. Two, SQL statement @article DECLARE Varchar (4000), Varchar @keyword_One (300), Varchar @keyword_Two (300), VA @keyword_Three...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.FileUpload Ext.Net upload files

Today, when using the UploadField control to upload files, found that's official website is not very detailed. So through the Internet to find information, combined with the file upload method, and finally realize the image upload function. The following is the realization of the code, for your reference! First in the.Aspx file to insert a file upload control: Then it is the specific code to upload the.Cs file: X Just upload attachments...
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Sogou [easy to fly] main business analysis

Pictured above SQL: Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[UP_MainBusinessChart] Script Date: 04/19/2012 /****** 10:45:35 ******/ ANSI_NULLS ON SET GO QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SET GO --==========================...
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Sogou [easy to fly] main business analysis

SQL code: [ZE] USE GO Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[UP_MainBusiness] Script Date: 04/11/2012 /****** 11:01:37 ******/ ANSI_NULLS ON SET GO QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SET GO --=====================...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net with column headers and dynamically modified column headers

Merge header:...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net according to the field value to display the picture + background color

JavaScript: Img var = ''; Change var = function (value) { String.format return (Img, (value.length > 0)'/icons/Icons/attach.png':'/icons/Icons/
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net font format, color configuration

The financial statements usually have such needs: numerical thousandth, the display font color Solution: One method: Method two: javaScript treatment Template var ='{1}'; Change var...
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Sogou [MSCHART]Stacked and multi group histogram

1 usually according to the regional or product monthly display the percentage of the effect chart: Background code: Void Stacked private (DT DataTable) { This.Chart2.Width = 540; This.Chart2.Height = 350; MDT DataTable = DataTable new (); Mdt...
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Sogou Sales analysis of the financial statement

Stored procedure: [ZM] USE GO Object: StoredProcedure [dbo].[UP_SalesAnalyis] Script Date: 03/31/2012 /****** 08:27:40 ******/ ANSI_NULLS ON SET GO QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SET GO - ============================...
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Sogou [Infragistics] using third party controls to achieve the instrument table effect

In a recent analysis of the data do ERP, users see method: using UFIDA with BI tools to make the effect of instrument table: What if I want to do that? Query the Internet is very do not have the results of the information. Many have to charge and This time to think of using Infragistics third party controls themselves have a WEB2.0 based version of the control, then try it first. First reference DLL Infragistics2.WebUI.Shared.v7.3.dll Infragistics2.WebU...
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Sogou [MSCHART] histogram

Background code: Void DataBind private () { Py ProductByYear = ProductByYear new (); For (I int = 0; I < i++; RadioButtonList1.Items.Count) { If (RadioButtonList1...
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Sogou Regular monitoring of the quality of the product number

T-SQL --1. all material set up over the management INVMB UPDATE MB087='Y'SET INVMB FROM --2. set category management warehouse (raw material) --310-320 set the warehouse code 310 -- other top three INVMB UPDATE MB006='310'SET INVMB FROM LEFT ='3'(MB001,1) and (LEFT) (MB001) WHERE (),...
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Sogou [easy to fly] custom report video

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Sogou [easy to fly] read BMP error

Treatment method: From the normal computer installation directory: copy system to the exception of the computer in the corresponding directory and System32...
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Sogou Easy to fly LRP related SQL

Friends made easy to fly LRP related SQL - batch demand planning system - the use of key operations (log) Whether to use the production batch requirement plan: CASE WHEN SELECT EXISTS ( TOP SELECT 1 PROGID DSCSYS.dbo.WORKLOG WITH FROM (NOLOCK) PROGID='LRPB01'AND COMPANYID='KANGPU' WHERE 'Y'EL THEN...
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Sogou Mergers and acquisitions provider ERP merger matters

Company's recent acquisition of small suppliers to merge ERP matters. Our supplier BL hereinafter referred to as ZE Pre meeting assigned tasks do not describe. The following is the introduction of work 1 products, basic information: (1) new commodity categories: such as accounting, warehouse, goods, health management, library management (2) required fields: numbers, name, specification, unit, accounting, batch management, warehouse, inventory replenishment policy and procurement units, the minimum times, lead times the amount, working hours the base, super leader, ultra infiltration rate, lack of leading, inspection methods, product attributes such as Remarks
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net. Ext.Net comprehensive layout (case 1)

Let's go first: Code Template var ='{1}'; Change var = function (value) { String.format return (template, (value > 0),'green':'red', value,); }...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.Combox Ext.Net dynamic loading and removal of the selected items

Reception Backstage StrSql string = select ("distinct [name] as usernam string.Format...
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Sogou Unit cost exception handling

Usually for some reason: Unit cost is not accurate, or simply negative? Then how to adjust it? Unit cost is how to calculate it? The company's cost calculation method is: weighted average Maintain product number monthly statistics: F1 group information: Job Objective: the information by "the end of inventory carryover" generated, query numbers per month for each warehouse and various trading statistics belonging to the summary information system, the information is incorrect, through batch "existing inventory weight" to retry, should not be directly from the database or the operation of the adjustment. Task focus: 1 this information...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.CompositeField Ext.Net combination control

Usually, the layout of the 0.5 into 0.5, then found some time to open the window, add a button, display alone increased 0.1? Good ugly There is no way to directly. Look at the picture?: Code:...
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[置顶] NET 1.x _模糊查询分机。(仿google)

效果图:   前台代码: onrender = function(){ var = function(){ this.collapse(); };…
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[置顶] NET 1.x _根据内容判断行背景色分机。

在网上都搜索了一些资料比如前一篇文章就是extjs的做法,在ext.net里面稍作修改.确实可以渲染单元格的背景.但是哥哥是想要行… 在群里发问:tim给出了一个改良方法深圳-。 CSS .itemcolor { 背景:# ff3300色彩; } JS:增加了一个r就是行的意思啦…
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[置顶] EXT 1.x _ _修改grid行或者列的背景颜色和字体颜色网。

修改某一列的背景颜色和字体颜色 css代码 红色的X。网格后端{ 背景:#见;/修改背景颜色 颜色:000000 #;//修改字体颜色 } js代码 { 标题:“分成类型, 在dataIndex:dividetype, 渲染器:功能(V m){……
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[置顶] NET 1.x _之filters过滤数据分机。

直接上代码吧:仿照demo不解释 前台:……
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[置顶] NET 1.x _之锁定列分机。

在excel表中经常有需要锁定列的在girdpanel中如何实现呢? 一:列属性增加locked =“真” 二:增加标签…
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[置顶] NET 1.x _之导出excel分机。

在运用ext.net过程中尝试了很多导出excel的结果都失败了. 干脆就用demo中的案列吧.建立一个excel.xsl <xsl:stylesheet =“1.0”版本 xmlns =“瓮:微软Office的COM架构::表格” xmlns:XSL=”http://服务/1999/XSL变换/……
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[置顶] 易飞二进制排序规则下-汉字字典排序[ ]

易飞的数据库是采取二进制排序规则,在统计小计和总计过程,位置出现偏差。 小X,Z应该会在相对后面才ok的.参照百度做法总 处理方法: 一、首先准备一个拼音表 aword(创建表 PY VARCHAR(10) FV nvarchar(10) 在[初级]) CRP ——插入数据 插入aword 选择“A”,“N”骜 u…
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[置顶] 易飞自定义开窗[ ]

之前有修改过系统的标准开窗,但没有自定义开窗。 上午测试过是无法自己建表然后开窗这个表的内容的 ,那就开始做吧。 第一步: 两个表是f2link和admmi: 文档代码:f2link 文件名:档案开窗检核档 类   型:7(1.主档单头2.主档单身3.交易单头4.交易单身5.交易记录6.月档/统计7.系统档8.其它) 转档完成:n 初级:lktype…
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[置顶] 水晶报表服务器后台自动生成pdf等档案[ ]

记得以前用jde erp的时候,通过过设置参数自动跑报表。 我现在两个设想:第一,邮件预警也可以采取附件形式,有些情况配合附件第二,单据审批完后自动保存当时的一份pdf文档。 方法:搭载水晶报表实现 void print(pricingcode私人字符串) { [使用]使用[ 1 ] =新征;……
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[置顶] 易飞八、邮件提醒-质量部集合[ ]

1.客户品号检查 选择mg001客户编码,mg002品号,mg003客户品号,mb002品名,mb003规格(左,ze.dbo.date10(copmg.create _约会日期,8)从ze.dbo.copmg ze.dbo.invmb mg002 = mb001在左连接 2.超期两天未建立进货检验单 选择“状未建立检验单”……
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[置顶] [easy to fly] six, e-mail reminders - purchase reminder set

1. Extended (14 days) non delivery of the goods procurement single select K.TD001+'-'+rtrim K.TD002 +'-'+K.TD003 document number, K.TD004 numbers, name of K.TD005 and specifications of the K.TD006, convert (decimal 15,2, K.TD008) purchase quantity, convert (decimal 15,2, K.TD015) is given the number, ZE.dbo.Date10 K.TD012.
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Sogou [easy to fly] five, e-mail warning - there is no inventory of inventory (including customer name orders <90 delivery >100 days) - Management

stored procedure ANSI_NULLS ON set QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON set Go * * use: the order has been completed and shipped to remind * Author: Gong Dehui 2010-09-19 * / Procedure [dbo].[UP_QtyForDeliverForMgr] ALTER (as nvarchar @0 (15) =null) As Begin D...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.CompositeField Ext.Net integrated layout

Data from the official website: Void LoadData protected (sender object, e DirectEventArgs) { FormPanel1.SetValues (New { Email = "", Title = "mr",...
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Sogou Column layout for 1.x_Ext.Net.Panel Ext.Net

I often use the HTML in the form, if the EXT.NET has just started, I really do not know how to do? Group of CAI APP taught me to use PANEL to express gratitude! ID= Window1 "<ext:Window" runat= "server" Collapsible= "true" Height= "Icon=" 300 "ApplicationEdit"" Title= "input quote basic information" Width= "600" C...
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Sogou [interview] hongxingerke interview - lock mechanism / database log compression

The title is a bit forgotten, usually very little attention to this. Network to find a point of information and hope that their own more research, a warning to their own Research on the lock mechanism should have two conditions: 1 large data More than 2 users simultaneously If these two conditions are missing, the database is not prone to deadlock. It may be less effective. If these two conditions are, but you still set the default database to process data, it will bring a lot of problems, such as: 1) lost update A, B two users to read the same data and to modify, one of the user's changes to the results of the broken...
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Sogou [interview] hongxingerke interview multiplication table

Do when using SQL to write a custom function to write a multiplication table to interview this weekend At that time, there was no time to eat, and that question is not how to write, mainly for the moment did not think of a simple method, using the program language two FOR cycle on the OK, SQL really do not know how to do? In fact, it is very easy to analyze A circulation within an outer loop If it is 1 that is 1*1 If it is 2 that is the 1*2 second column is 2*2 Select Max (when a case < 1 then '''1 else...
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Sogou In the mail: please see the attachment. Please be aware of. To be more formal.

Please see attachment: refer to the attachment. Please refer to the Please attached. Please note: be notified. Please or be Please kindly notified...
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Sogou Nested 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel COMBOX Ext.Net

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Sogou Nested 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel checkbox Ext.Net

Pictured above Foreground code:...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net line selection

Above image: Foreground code:...
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Sogou 1.x_Ext.Net.GridPanel Ext.Net delete line prompt

GridCommand var = function (command, record) { If (command = = Users) { ID var =; Set the edit window / value
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Sogou Print bar code for [crystal reports]

The new version of the crystal report is very convenient support bar code printing. Need to know to look at the example of website: See such an introduction: 在水晶报表打印条码容易使用条码字体 UFL。我们的条码软件与所有版本的哭泣…
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protected void page_load(object sender,EventArgs e) { VaR数据=新system.collections.generic.list { 新的{ firstName=“账单”,lastName =“脚”}, 新{杉木…
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[置顶] [使用技巧DotNetBar ]

DotNetBar的使用技巧 本帖最后由158210867于2010-7-29 07:29编辑 = 32 DotNetBar的几个使用技巧 DotNetBar这个VS上的美化控件之后的一些使用心得和使用技巧,我现在几乎每次用到这个控件的时候,都会按照下面的技巧,来安排我的这些控件…
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[置顶] 【DotNetBar ](二)-消息

devcomponents.dotnetbar.messageboxex = = MessageBox 十一种提示消息: 常用的两种: 1。提示警告   DevComponents公司。DotNetBar。messageboxex显示(“”);  messageboxex。显示(“请输入要查询的内容”、“系统提示”,messageboxbuttons.ok,messagebo…
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[置顶] [易飞]客户端登录出现系统控制员链接失败

前天在给一用户安装易飞客户端的时候,发现无法登录系统。 提示:系统管理员连接失败   解决方案:第一能否平通服务器第二 检查易飞的配置文件是否正确 conductors.ini conductorc.ini 检查完毕执行yifeiconfig.exe 执行成功重新登录系统OK! 铁观音-厂家直销…
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[置顶] [易飞]关于工单未发料状态码为已发料异常

造成的原因是该工单曾经发生过领料的行为,但对应子档未删除(领料子档有一选项)自动更新工单状态信息如确定需要删除领料单,请务必删除领料单子档也一并删除 查看领料单 处理方法如果领料可以撤审-直接删除 如果不行只能从后来数据库处理了…
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[置顶] [易飞] ERP的展BOM程序

展BOM程序一直以来都是ERP二次开发人员非常迫切的任务 易飞7.05的系统,经过在网上一段时间的查找资料,结合现有的报表需求。写了一个存储过程。 创建程序[dbo]。[ sp_bom_expand ](@ itemno varchar(80)) 作为   开始    展阶BOM  --“itemno:查询品号  --返回:元件品号v1001…
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[置顶] [净]与IIS ASP。NET框架的安装顺序问题

IIS与。NET框架的安装顺序问题 (一) 如果是先安装IIS,再安装。NET框架,系统应该可以正常解析.aspx页面; 但是,如果是先安装了。NET框架,再安装IIS,则会由于相关的IIS组件没有得到。净的更新,而导致无法正常解析.aspx页面。 解决方法:    在C:/窗口/微软.NET框架…
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[置顶] [易飞]如何制作自定义报表

如何制作自定义报表   要做好报表首先需要掌握以下的技能 1、能够准确的找到信息所在的数据表,以及要显示的字段编号是多少。 2、掌握一定的SQL语言的编写基础 3、具备一定的细心和耐心,仔细测试所作报表的数据,通过不断的调整,最终达到所要的效果。 制作自定义报表的方法 通过不断的使用,我总结了4种方法 一、按照自定义报表正常的流程建立报表 这种…
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[置顶] [下]报表打印时多出空白页问题

RDLC report design, in the ReportViewer report preview pages are normal; but in switching to full page mode, a lot of blank pages. The first time feel incredible, in ReportViewer seems normal, how can the whole page preview, the format will run away? If you run away in a full page preview, it must be the case at the time of printing. RDLC will be designed by the ReportViewer report file display, but and the actual paper print, and not the case, so when you want to check the size of the RDLC report itself. ...
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Sogou Crystal report creation and call method

ASP.NET2.0/3.5/4.0 crystal report creation and call method 1 create CrystalReport (add a new item in the site CrystalReport, or separate development of Crystal Reports) into the specified directory 2, using the wizard to create a report (how to create a reference to other information) Suppliers.rpt 3, VS.NET2005/2008/2010 layout report, add delete field. 4, back to the page, select the control CrystalReportViewer will be placed on the page...
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Sogou Dynamic loading image (signature)

Crystal Reports dynamic control picture shows pictures dynamically in Crystal Report Changing Items need to dynamically display different signatures based on the conditions in the report. Find a lot of solutions, a relatively simple program: Http:// I test can be used, but as the author said, based on XI CR...
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Sogou [Asp.Net] to obtain the current URL and IP address

Introduce ASP.NET to get the current page of the complete URL of the square, ICECH made a function, direct use of it! String GetPath private () { StrPath string = "http://" + HTTP_HOST "Request.ServerVariables[" + PATH_INFO "Request.ServerVariables[" + "?"...
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Sogou [Asp.Net]aspx page to HTML

On the basis of the last, I think of a problem, it has been completed to read out the page into a html. I found the information on the Internet: 1 program: X / / / incoming URL web pages returned by HTML code   X / / / URL X Public static string getUrltoHtml (str...
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Sogou ListBox basic function (ListBox1---ListBox)

Although there have been similar functions before: but some problems, this time to rewrite it. ListBox basic function is the first to add a list of items, the client implementation code to add in the middle of the listbox code, for example: Text If the server is implemented, the code is included in the following code to avoid adding a list entry for each load: If (! IsPostBack) { } On the WebForm page to add 2 listbox (listbox1 and lixtbox2) and 2 command buttons, lis...
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Sogou Expired. The timeout Timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This Ma

Connection pool burst... At the time of running the program: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in use and max pool size w...
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Sogou RMB capital conversion function

When you need to make a statement, such as a single warehouse, the total amount of the RMB will often use the aggregate, and want to print out when there is capital, so you need to insert a sum function to total, then the total number of Arabia RMB converted into Chinese capital? The following code will help you complete the conversion of the RMB capital, you must add a string type of the UN bound field to your crystal report, and then you have sum good Arabia number as a parameter passed to the following code in the function. That is to get the capital. Functio...
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Sogou [crystal report] function - summary function

Aggregate function condition The following is a list of conditions for each summary function: Boolean condition Any change to "yes" to "yes" to "no" to "yes" to each "yes" to each "no" to the next "yes" to the next "yes" to the next "no"" date terms Every week every two weeks every half month quarterly every half a year Time condition Per minute per second per second per hour   Sum Basic syntax and Crystal...
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Sogou Citrix - Common Problems

2007-09-01 in Xinkai first contact with the software Citrix. Later, combined with their actual problems and online to find some of the information is as follows: Catalog A, installation problems 1 1, in the installation of Presentation Server Citrix 4 when prompted Error 10001 1 2, in the installation of interface web, prompted "error 1609 "1 3, in the add delete program...
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Sogou Crystal report] call Crystal Report

1 if it is the processing of a single table ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Using System; System.Data using; System.Configuration using; System.Collections using; Us...
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Inventory statistics of [easy to fly]

- ============================================= - Author: - date: Create - @SQJ: start period @EQJ: the end of the period @PH: product number @CK: warehouse @F: number of 0 does not show, 1: do not show - Description: -...
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Package material Forcast around the rolling demand

[background] reorganize, warehouse maximum storage capacity occupied in packaging materials, especially the carton, tray, foam sheet, tube packaging, value is not high, but occupied area is relatively large. [solution] 1 of these materials, do not follow the LRP that is not in the contract review the purchase requisition. 2 according to the inventory replenishment replenishment replenishment, inventory replenishment, initially set for 3 days on average with weight. Control of one, three, five regular run replenishment report. 3 procurement according to the number of replenishment requisition purchase notice. Our purchase order is the supplier...
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The use of shadow copies of shared files

Usually a company will set up a backup file server or a shared file, but it is easy to do not delete files. Server Windiws provides a shadow copy function. Detailed knowledge of the point is not done, the field shows how to use. Open the right click on the shared and stored - property to create and set up a plan to test: to create a shadow copy immediately. Delete new document restore...
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Network management server backup]windows

ERP server daily backup with 1 numbers per month. Back up to this machine. This is far from enough for a backup security mechanism. So can you regularly back up your data files to another server? (remote backup) Server server provides the function of backup windows, then come to try it! First, the installation of server backup windows Two, to set up a backup or make a backup plan Input wbadmin.msc A server data...
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[MSSQL] server side pressure is too large to cause SSMS exception

Landing SSMS: Edit table: View events without significant exception, view memory close to 360, 98% prompt process 97%. Would not think that the server is too much pressure? To be MSSQL free period, restart the test. Results after the restart normal. ...
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[] total amount = Yifei composition composition (base amount / * standard dosage)

BOM staff report system to build a problem with the system, there are plans to have evidence. BOM is not accurate and can be a big problem? The first reaction, but why other product development BOM does not exist such a problem? Selection of the most simple product order is purchased parts and the dosage and the base is 1, the cumulative quantities of all calculate not is 0. 997009! No matter how to update the program is a mistake. Whether the difference is a multiple, 1/0.99009=1.003 View entry BOM * * standard batch **1.003: total see light suddenly made...
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The difference between full duplex and half duplex

Colleagues said the new office network has been unstable, often dropping delay. Check the import lines and replace the switching network. Can not solve the problem. Estimated that the import is not a network cable or 2 short circuit, then modify the network card properties. The adaptive change to the full duplex 10M mode, test OK. full-duplex transmission English writing is FullDuplex transmissions refers to switch to send data at the same time also can receive data, both simultaneously and it seems like we usually call the same, speaking also can hear each other's voices. ...
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[MSSQL] to access the remote database (openrowset/opendatasource/openquery) in the T-SQL statement

1, enable Hoc Distributed Queries openrowset/opendatasource before using the Ad search to enable Hoc Distributed Queries Ad service, because the service is not safe so SqlServer default is to close the Hoc Distributed Queries Ad SQL Server Ad Queries ST Hoc Distributed...
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Solution to read - only when the Server2008 [MSSQL]SQL attached database is displayed

Verbose words do not say, straight into the theme! Scheme one: encounter this situation is generally used to use the SA account login, as long as the Windows authentication, and then add the database can be done. Program two: the use of SQL Server2008 SA attached to the database, the database is read-only, and then click the database - > properties - > "options" - > "status", found that "the database is read-only" this one is True, changed to false, if able to modify, then congratulations, you good character oh! I made a mistake again when I was revising:...
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The difference between full duplex and half duplex

Full duplex transmission in English writing is: FullDuplex transmissions refers to switch to send data at the same time also can receive data, both simultaneously and it seems like we usually call the same, speaking also can hear each other's voices. Current switches support full duplex. The advantage of full duplex is that the delay is small and the speed is fast. And the corresponding is the concept of semi duplex: refers to a period of time is only one action occurs, cite a simple example, a narrow road, also can only have a car through. When there are two car to open, this case only.
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