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Why do you want to learn PowerShell?

Windows users are accustomed to using the graphical interface to complete the work, because GUI can easily achieve a lot of functions, and do not need to remember a lot of commands. Makes the short time to learn a tool to become possible.
But unfortunately, GUI and can not bring to enhance the efficiency of the report, if you spend five minutes in the active directory to create a new user (generally need to fill out a lot of information), then create a new user, usually not be faster, then the new 100 new users will spend 500 minutes, usually without any way allows us to input information and click faster, so as to speed up the process.
Microsoft has always been a CMD command to carry out the operation of the Windows, but unfortunately, CMD commands in this ten years and there is no improvement, has been unable to meet the growing needs of the growing demand. At this point PowerShell Windows came into being. But PowerShell is not a simple upgrade of CMD, it is from the bottom of the operating system management architecture. To make it more powerful, more scalable, so as to meet the vast majority of users demand.

How to learn?

No matter you are why learn PowerShell, a quick start and a practical guide for is undoubtedly the essentials of the modern era of information explosion. Instead of holding a brick thick mumbo-jumbo or money as lectures, read a master write operation guide. Through the book to learn at the readers to master the knowledge more firmly, learning more fun.
Book of philosophy is a day to complete a chapter of learning, we don't need during the meal time reading this book, because we only need to nearly 40 minutes to complete the reading of the chapter, then spend 20 minutes to want to use the remaining sandwiches and corresponding practice.

A group of DBA why want to translate this book?

From the sample chapter, we can know that this book with 4 Server DBA SQL translation, the reader may wonder why a group of DBA to translate this book? If engaged in relevant professional people should have the experience deeply, simple T-SQL, XP cmdshell cannot easily cope with modern database operation and maintenance work, library is more and more big, more and more server, operating system is the foundation, the database is architecture on top of the operating system. So the DBA can't completely out of the operating system is used for database management, optimization, so they caught the opportunity,
Translation of a book on their own, the peer are helpful. But need to explain is that, PowerShell is not only DBA SQL, Windows administrators, and even the vast majority of Windows users and users of the above applications can benefit from.

Activity time: 2016.1.20-2016.2.20

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Activity rule:

1, in this paper: with the theme related books, or in CSDN blog: review articles, and the article title and link back to the.
2, the article must be original content, each ID only one chance.
3, the final winners of this event statistics in this article in reply to the title and link.
4, CSDN web site to provide part of the online reading.

- awarding rules:

The event will have 4 translators together to elect 4 winners, three of which will be signed by the translator himself to the winners.

Note: this activity is a private activity, so it can be sent to a limited number, and because the translator is distributed in Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu, the signature of each book can not be unified.

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