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Reproduced please indicate the source:Wang Jiji, the great bull Road

Because close to the new year, each group work is not too strong (not all year is blowing B or vent).
Before the Design Material content almost almost said (at least some of the main controls are introduced).
Then think of turning point on git awesome things to recommend to the audience (to the audience to master, master what to write, and work on the hand is not empty. After all, still have to adhere to Oh, ha ha ha)

Nonsense not say, first posted to achieve results:

Write the picture here.

I mainly talk about how to use as well as the author is generally how to achieve (AS fortunately, to help the Eclipse's small partners to dismantle the package)

AS use:


If you want specific code to modify the code can only come in copy, like this

Write the picture here.

What? Too much? Just want some effect? Also OK, that's it!

Write the picture here.

Take the AVLoadingIndicatorView (this is called a variety of implementation of the drawing class)

Then copy go attires you need some kind of realization

<? Version= XML "1" encoding= "UTF-8"?

    <Declare-styleable Name="AVLoadingIndicatorView">
        <Attr Name="Indicator">
            <Flag Name="BallPulse" Value="0">
            <Flag Name="BallGridPulse" Value="1">
            <Flag Name="BallClipRotate" Value="2">
            <Flag Name="BallClipRotatePulse" Value="3">
            <Flag Name="SquareSpin" Value="4">
            <Flag Name="BallClipRotateMultiple" Value="5">
            <Flag Name="BallPulseRise" Value="6">
            <Flag Name="BallRotate" Value="7">
            <Flag Name="CubeTransition" Value="8">
            <Flag Name="BallZigZag" Value="9">
            <Flag Name="BallZigZagDeflect" Value="10">
            <Flag Name="BallTrianglePath" Value="11">
            <Flag Name="BallScale" Value="12">
            <Flag Name="LineScale" Value="13">
            <Flag Name="LineScaleParty" Value="14">
            <Flag Name="BallScaleMultiple" Value="15">
            <Flag Name="BallPulseSync" Value="16">
            <Flag Name="BallBeat" Value="17">
            <Flag Name="LineScalePulseOut" Value="18">
            <Flag Name="LineScalePulseOutRapid" Value="19">
            <Flag Name="BallScaleRipple" Value="20">
            <Flag Name="BallScaleRippleMultiple" Value="21">
            <Flag Name="BallSpinFadeLoader" Value="22">
            <Flag Name="LineSpinFadeLoader" Value="23">
            <Flag Name="TriangleSkewSpin" Value="24">
            <Flag Name="Pacman" Value="25">
            <Flag Name="BallGridBeat" Value="26">
            <Flag Name="SemiCircleSpin" Value="27">
        < /Attr>
        <Attr Name="Indicator_color" Format="Color">
    < /Declare-styleable>

< /Resources>

0 to 27 inside a there is just indiactor inside a kind of you want to achieve on the line is not too complex easy so

So Eclipse small partners how to operate it?

The front of the Copy, and thenHttps://github.com/ddwhan0123/BlogSample/blob/master/JAR/nineoldandroids-2.4.0.jarThe jar package page copy go in it

So how to quote, set it?

Android:layout_width="Wrap_content"/ /OrCustom size your
Android:layout_height="Wrap_content"/ /OrCustom size your

Code to open and close on the.SetVisibility (View.VISIBLE); or.SetVisibility (View.GONE); on the line.

The original author did not write any StopAnim operation is not necessary.

The original author or the Chinese people, en to Daniel learning, microblogging:Http://weibo.com/601265161? Is_hot=1#_rnd1454309343921?

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