Sogou The evolution of large scale web site architecture

There are a lot of Internet on the website structure of various sharing, some of which are mainly from the operation and maintenance and infrastructure perspective to analyze the (heap machines, to do the cluster), too concerned about the technical details of the implementation, the general development of the basic. The first part of this thesis will mainly introduce the expansion of large-scale web infrastructure, Xiapian focus from the point of view of the application to introduce the expansion and evolution of the web architecture. ...
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Sogou The evolution of large scale web structure system (on)

There are a lot of Internet on the website structure of various sharing, some of which are mainly from the operation and maintenance and infrastructure perspective to analyze the (heap machines, to do the cluster), too concerned about the technical details of the implementation, the general development of the basic. The first part of this thesis will mainly introduce the expansion of large-scale web infrastructure, Xiapian focus from the point of view of the application to introduce the expansion and evolution of the web architecture. ...
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Sogou SOA based service bus design

In the above, the main introduction of the concept of SOA, what is called "service", "service" should have what characteristics. In this article, I will introduce a very common design practice of SOA - based on the design of service bus. Based on the design of the service bus, the design of the bus is used for reference. In distributed systems, the communication between different subsystems is a direct way, but it is a very obvious problem: the system is closely coupled, configuration and reference...
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Sogou SOA analysis

Once today's SOA concept as today's cloud computing, big data as well, being fired hot, many companies will have to respond, and claims to embrace and implement SOA. And in fact, the industry appeared in two extremes: one is due to various articles and books on the SOA's description is often too abstract, coupled with the appeal of the major manufacturers, making SOA tend to appear on the big, so many companies and architects are prohibitive. Second on the contrary, some people think SOA is nothing more than "old wine in new bottles". Personal understanding, SOA in the macro is too complicated, because it involves not only technology and architecture...
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Sogou Application of B-Tree index in sqlserver and MySQL

When talking about the database performance optimization, usually referred to the "index", but a lot of people do not really understand the index, and do not know why the index can speed up the search, so that in practice and can not be a good application index. In fact, the index can be said to be the cheapest and very effective means of optimization. In general, the design of a good index to query performance optimization can really play an immediate effect. ...
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Sogou Tier and Layer

The author summarizes some of the practice of understanding of the structure, hoping to add a lot of beginners to understand the structure of the deficiencies, to correct some misunderstanding of the beginners. ...
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Sogou The evolution of large web image server architecture

In the mainstream of the Web site, the picture is often an indispensable element of the page, especially in the large web site, almost all will face massive picture resources storage, access and other related technical issues. In the architecture for image server extensions, after many twists and turns, even is the lesson of blood and tears (especially early planning problem, resulting in late architecture, it is very difficult to be compatible and expansion). The development of a real vertical portal, to explain. ...
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Sogou Distributed caching of those things

In front of some articles, from practical point of view, explains the application of memcached monitoring, disaster recovery, etc.. But lack of explanation and principle of theory. This article will introduce the theory from the point of view, so that we have a macro view of the distributed cache, NoSQL and other technologies to understand, in order to further study and use. In building large-scale web applications, the cache technology can be said to be essential, the need for learning is self-evident. The distributed cache is the following characteristics: 1. High performance: when the traditional database is faced with a large scale...
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Sogou Discussion on sqlserver performance tuning

I believe a lot of friends, whether it is to do the development, architecture, or DBA, are often heard the word "tuning". Speaking of "tuning", may make a lot of technical personnel heart passion, may also make many people feel distressed. Of course, there are a lot of people disdain, because not everyone is exposed to the project is very large, and not everyone does the project is very high performance requirements. In the mainstream of the enterprise development and application of the Internet, the importance of the database is self-evident, and performance of a database for the performance of the whole system is crucial here needless to say. Sqlserve...
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Sogou Popular explanation of "cluster and load balance"

In the "high concurrency, massive data, distributed, NoSQL Cloud Computing..." concepts have been flying in, I believe many of my friends have heard and often with people mention "cluster, load balancing", but not all people have the opportunity to really come into contact with these technologies, not all people really understand these "sounds very cow" technical terms. Here is a simple explanation. Cluster (cluster) the so-called cluster is a group of independent computer system is composed of a loosely coupled multiprocessor system between them through the network to realize inter process communication. Application can...
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Sogou On the selection and use of NoSQL

NoSQL, refers to the non relational database. With the rise of the Internet Web 2, the traditional relational database in the Web 2 to meet the, especially large scale and high concurrency Web type SNS 2 pure dynamic web site has been unable to overcome the problem, and the non relational database is due to its own characteristics has been very rapid development. Like AK47 is an African identity card, NoSQL skills are now becoming one of the essential skills of Web development software engineers. [using NoSQL...
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Sogou Application of RAID in enterprise servers (RAID)

Enterprise class database applications are mostly deployed in RAID disk array server. Only in this way can improve disk access performance, and can realize the fault tolerance / disaster recovery. RAID (redundant disk array), a simple understanding, is to get some cheap hard drive to make array. Its purpose is to expand storage capacity, enhance the read and write performance, data redundancy (backup). Like a long time ago, there was a foreigner to get N PC, made a powerful server cluster". RAID technology was born in 1987, by the United States of America, University of California at Berkeley. The mainstream is probably divided into several levels: RAID...
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Sogou Programmer, do you really know how to send and receive e-mail?

Introduction in a few years ago, I believe many of my friends have heard that, when Comrade Ma Yun founded Alibaba, it will not send e-mail. Also do not know after the listing of Alibaba, he learned to send and receive e-mail! Ha-ha I was once "down" from the heart, at least think at this point I am much stronger than he. Later I found that I do not know how to send and receive e-mail. In addition to me, there are a lot of code farmers do not know how to send and receive e-mail, but do not know how to work inside the principle of Email. Take this, to introduce and Email related technology. To be honest, I had my own YAHOO mail seven or eight years ago, has been...
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Sogou Several authentication methods used in

In the development of B/S system, it is often required to use the "identity verification". Because the web application is very special, and different from the traditional C/S program, the default is not to use any authentication and access control means, when your program on the Internet / LAN, anyone can access your web application's resources, so it is difficult to ensure the security of application. Popular point: for most of the internal system, business support platform, users must log in, or else can not access and operation of any page. And for the Internet (website), and some differences, because of communication...
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Sogou .NET good book inventory (two)

In the first to recommend some good books, but most of them is the basis of comparison, suitable for entry or reference. In this paper, I will recommend some advanced technology books, of course, including software engineering, database and other fields. 1 database: SQL [pocke (Third Edition)] the book ranked first, not because it is the best. Personally, I think, take this book started learning SQL statement is also good, such as write join query, grouping, sorting... [SQL Server programming must know will] this is book "upgraded version", is mainly to explain T-SQL.
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Sogou .NET good book inventory (a)

I am a typical technology house, usually read some technical books. Is not ", but also dabbled in many be learned in books". Time to come out to sort out, the personal recommendation to everyone, I hope to help colleagues. Note: the title of this paper is ".NET...", but it is not confined to the field of.NET, and it also covers some web development, database related, etc.. I am not a master or a big bull, so it can be completely ruled out the suspect, the book. (ranking part successively, according to memory. Basic is in accordance with the general order of learning. If you have different opinions or...
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Sogou A friend who works for a database.

Frequently asked me, the relevant questions about the position, the career plan, the transformation and so on. For the "DBA (database administrator), database development engineer, data mining engineer, database architect..." these posts, I also confused, and even do not know the specific tasks and responsibilities of these positions, not to mention any job planning. Later asked a number of specialized in the database to work with friends, also checked some information, to join their own a little bit of insight. Take time to sort out, write this article, hoping to help you want to go this way. By...
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Sogou HTTP protocol and web essence

When you in the browser address bar typed "", then fierce press enter, presented in front of you, will be PROG3 home page (which is really nonsense, you will think that this is a matter of course). As a developer, especially web developers, I think it's necessary for you to understand the process of this series, in which the browser and server in the end is how to deal with? Server and how to deal with? Browser and how the web page is displayed to the user? ... it's too much to be confused and in detail. Frankly speaking, it is clear that you should be thorough...
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Sogou Solve the problem of cross domain AJAX

Since the birth of AJAX, the problem of the XMLHttprequest object cannot be a cross domain request. It seems to be a very classic problem. Is due to the JavaScript's homology strategy (here is not a thorough discussion) caused by. Solutions, probably as follows: 1 the use of intermediate layer transition mode (can be understood as "agent"): intermediate transition, it is clear that in the AJAX and different domains of the server to communicate with a layer of transition, the transition can be JSP, c++, PHP, etc....
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Sogou Summary of large application solution of SQLSERVER database

With the wide application of Internet, the storage and access of massive data becomes the bottleneck of system design. For a large Internet application, every day millions or even hundreds of billions of PV will undoubtedly have a very high load on the database. The stability and scalability of the system have caused a great problem. A load balancing technology load balancing cluster is composed of a set of mutually independent computer systems. It is connected by a regular network or a private network, which is connected with each other by the router...
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Sogou Memcached single point of failure and load balancing

In the above, mainly to teach you how to build in Windows IIS 7.5 to build PHP environment, the use of common two memcached performance monitoring tools. Through their own hands-on practice, observation and monitoring tools on the data, I believe we have a lot of knowledge about the memcached. But there are also some doubts. This article will use the way to continue to explain the use of memcached in the cluster environment. Has ever seen such a text (probably translated, it is more authoritative) memcached how to deal with fault tolerance? No place...
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Sogou Memcached performance monitoring

In the.NET Windows platform, we introduce how to deploy Memecached server on Windows platform, how to use.NET in the Memcached platform, two kinds of popular client component configuration, use (storage, value, replace, delete, cache time setting), etc.. In our test project, the application scene is mainly for the single server. In fact, in our actual development, we often need multiple servers. So as to form a real...
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Sogou Thinking (Continued) by IsPostBack

The article talked about the related knowledge about the IsPostBack property of the Page class, and thinking. In this paper, the use of examples, to help you better understand the knowledge of WebForm, I believe that readers will have an unexpected harvest. WebForm technology, looks simple, it seems to be very simple to do, but you really go to think, to explore, will find its very very complicated. Well, first of all, with the help of an example, to explore the "cross page posting" when this situation occurs, the current response page's ispostback and "the requested page"...
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Sogou Thinking by IsPostBack

I have seen countless articles on the webform related technology, many of which are excellent. But as far as I see it, most of it is only "knowing it is not so". Mainly teach you how to do, and very few people will explain the principles behind it. This is probably related to the whole technical system of Microsoft. Ha-ha Of course, this is not the focus of this chapter. In this chapter, I will use a common IsPostBack attribute, from the nature of web to explain, hoping to lead the reader to think. About IsPostBack, online search, real overwhelming. But I think,...
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Sogou How to convert DataTable to List<T>?

At work yesterday, encounter a problem: the need to query the DataTable data source, converted into a generic collection of List (known T type). First response, I want to use the "generic" (this is not nonsense? Both said to be converted into a generic collection of List, but also to use the "reflection" related. Ha-ha Very soon, I made a small example of the test. Below I put the code posted, to share with you. Code has detailed notes, readers can be very clear understanding of my ideas. First of all, this is a general conversion class I write to complete this kind of operation...
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Sogou .NET Windows platform using Memcached

Online articles on the Memcached a lot, but according to my observation, most of which are reproduced or copied, the same. Some of them are a direct link to some of the hyperlinks and then post them. Those super links I probably go in to see, in fact, on the Memcached of the Chinese technical article, but also so a few, excellent also less. May be the author understanding, learning ability is too bad. Recently in. Net projects may have to use memcached this excellent distributed cache system, so the author clumsy birds have to start flying, first study. Below I will sum up myself...
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Sogou From the XML file code, to explore the underlying principle

In the daily development work, we often use to XML, has become a standard. Its use is very extensive, but these are not the focus of this article. We believe that in the beginning do often encountered "garbled" problem, this is a very troublesome problem Chinese programmer. I've been thinking a lot about in-depth study on "coding" principle, the limited level of frustration, those boring theory (binary and ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, GB2312, ISO... The light let me blacking out the), really could not stand, it is difficult to really get to know and understand. ...
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Sogou Server SQL 2008 easy debugging T-SQL statements and stored procedures

Today, suddenly colleagues asked, how to debug stored procedures in the sqlserver (our company is using sqlserver 2008 R2), a look, and the use of sqlserver 2000 is really a big difference, I really dizzy. So I figured it out. I do not know why SQLSERVER 2005 removed the very important DEBUGGE...
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Sogou Discussion on the framework of large web system

Dynamic application is relative to the static content of the site, is the c/c++, Java, Perl,.Net, PHP and other server-side language development of network applications, such as forums, web albums, dating, BLOG and other common applications. Dynamic application system is closely related to database system, cache system and distributed memory system. The platform of large scale dynamic application system is mainly aimed at the system architecture of the large flow and high concurrency. The operation of large web site needs a reliable, safe, scalable and easy to maintain application system platform as support, in order to ensure the smooth application of the site...
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The performance tuning method of sqlserver theory and tools

Early in the article, mentioned DETECT performance tuning in theory, here to briefly review the DETECT methodology. Discover the problem: explore the conditions: explore reasons track down possible approaches: provides a solving way to execute the most likely approach: perform the best possible solution check of success...
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The browser cache: expires, cache-control, last-modified detailed, detailed description of Etag

Recently in the CDN optimization, the browser cache depth study of the record, the easy to draw a sketch: each state is as follows: 1, Last-Modified in the browser for the first time a URL, the server side of the return status will be 200, the content is the resource you request, and a Last-Modified attribute tag (Header HttpReponse) this file in the service period of the last modified time, format similar to this: Last-Modified:Tue, 24...
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The principle of cache (304, 200 return codes).

What is cache? Definition: Caching Browser is to speed up the browsing, the browser on the user's disk to store the recently requested documents, when the visitor to this page again, the browser can display the document from the local disk, so you can speed up the page. Cache's role: 1, reduce the delay, so that your site faster, improve the user experience. 2, avoid network congestion, reduce the amount of requests, reduce the output bandwidth. Page content Cache strategy: at present our business JS, CSS, static page files and pictures and other resources...
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Correct misunderstanding of viewstate

Preface Recently in the interview process, I often will ask candidates some basic problems, such as: "you talk about the viewstate of understanding". Found that few people can answer it. May be a lot of people will laugh at, this is really a stale and there is no practical significance of the problem, but I found that few people can give a satisfactory answer. For no answer, in fact, can be inferred from the answer to the character and attitude of the. Some candidates directly reply to this: "viewstate that is something of the past, now...
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90% of the programmers are unable to correctly implement the two point search algorithm?

Preface ProgrammingPearls ("programming pearls"), a book by author Jon Bentley had said similar words: "90% of the programmers can not correctly realize the binary search algorithm..." The, only 1/10 programmers can write "two search algorithm". Yesterday I suddenly saw this sentence, so you can open the eclipse to write down, fairly smooth. About two point search algorithm" "Two point search algorithm", a lot of places are also known as"...
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