Even if you are not the electricity supplier, you should take a good look at this article for your business friends

[]: how to enhance the electricity supplier sales depth...
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3 hours to finish 3 days of work, she is to use what method to do?

All said that the sales department is the most difficult statistical data...... But it's not a problem for her! ...
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[Ocean University] course, the new mode of educational administration management

Super form into the field of education, academic management and curriculum management new model! ...
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[micro channel + Super Table] new table sharing a fool mode!

Super Table + micro channel sweep new fool data sharing mode...
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Wenchuan earthquake survivors: only experienced panic missteps, they are not "turn pale"

Wenchuan earthquake witness restatement in seven years after injury, with you to relive the past, the sun in the face of the future! ...
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2015, my entrepreneurial memory segment

Xiamen, a girl in the street lane cafe, chatting and playing cards, I write in the super form, is next to 12 yuan a cup of latte. At this moment in Beijing, haze. That was the start of the week I had just left. ... 2016, you come, whether it is the capital of winter or the loss of talent, I am not afraid. ...
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[comment] China Wu integrity of enterprise SaaS application a few well versed in future will exacerbate the polarization

A few years ago, when the application of foreign enterprises in full swing, the country is a blank. Now the enterprise SaaS application market, including Neusoft, UF, Kingdee, three giants, are as many as ten. Compared the big three US $300 billion in enterprise application, the top three enterprise application in China (Kingdee, UF, Neusoft) the total size of only $5 billion, a huge gap. At present, the profitability of China's application market has gradually begun to show. Surrounded by some of the top investment, enterprise SaaS application is no longer the expertise of foreign R & D, Chinese enterprises also appear gradually differentiated competition. Have the Internet back...
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To be cut off, how is she for him to turn the tide?

In the career field, mutual support is particularly important. He was almost cut off, she is how to turn the tide in his Yunbo treacherous society. ...
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How do you achieve speed and passion?

Executive director is less than: I am engaged in administrative work, I use a super form has more than half a year, super form has become an integral part of our company's office software. ...
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Super form a small feature on the rejection of the national university management platform N street!

In Colleges and universities, there is a lot of opportunities and dreams. Run, programmer! ...
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From ordinary programmers to the valuation of the million of the company's boss, he only used 1 years!

He used a year from the general technical staff to the valuation of the company's executives, how far away from you? ...
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SaaS application "super form" for millions of angel financing

In the winter of capital, how to finance?! ...
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Steady salary vs pursuit of dreams, when you hesitate when others have to give up the Singapore green card!

Recall the entire business trip, mingtu helpless. When he bid farewell to the homeland, to flee Singapore, he jokes that "he is family was kicked out of the country". Along the way, he is not alone, because he also carry millions of debt to resolve a lonely road. ...
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France, Paris anti-terrorism mechanism has been a number of shocking, inventory of these years, the occurrence of the ten terrorist attacks!

Phoenix commented: first of all, the accident in Paris on behalf of the French as the representative of the European anti-terrorism mechanism does not have enough lessons learned from the previous attacks. For any country's intelligence and security departments, in such a short period of time, suffered so many major attacks, are not understandable, and can not be forgiven, unthinkable. ...
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The road of entrepreneurship, women does not allow a man!

Throughout the summer of 2015, the city of Beijing was bathed in the luxury of blue sky and white clouds. Every morning waking up from a dream makes a person feel good and warm. Is located in Zhongguancun, the main street of the super form studio also follow up, like jumping melody, running through the keyboard of each person beat, drawing the drawing room...... ...
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