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Design patternThe design pattern is a skill that a programmer must master sooner or later. This column will be used in the design of the program design patterns for a detailed interpretation.
Practice of ArchitectsWhat is a J2EE architect, he should have what kind of professional skills and the quality of the? This series by 365 days time concentrated the nearly 10 years of work experience to guide you through the actual example to solve the problem, comprehensive coverage of the basic knowledge of Java, J2EE, popular framework, database, performance, safety, workflow and SOA related fields.
RabbitMQ from entry to masterRabbitMQ is a complete, reusable enterprise messaging system based on AMQP. It can be used for efficient communication between the various modules of a large software system, to support high concurrency, to support scalable.
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Bean summary of some special DispatcherServlet

In the MVC Spring document, there is a summary of Bean in DispatcherServlet, make a note. I personally have a habit, I feel that I can not remember the things written down to look at the heart, left an impression. So it is necessary to note that these things do not need to force memory... Understand the needs of the actual project, the reasonable use of it. Text: DispatcherServlet uses WebApplicationContext as the default context. In this context there are some Bean worth the total...
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Lighttpd1.4.20 source analysis of the error handling of the state machine and the connection is closed

There are two kinds of mistakes: 1.http protocol specified error, such as 404 error; 2 server running process errors, such as write error. For the HTTP protocol, the error, the "error" is for the client. Lighttpd returns the corresponding error after the file, the equivalent of a successful completion of a request, but the result is not the same as the client. For the server running the error, the state machine into the CON_STATE_ERROR state. Common causes of error: the client is disconnected from the client in advance. For example, you don't stop brush...

Lighttpd1.4.20 source code analysis of the state machine response

In the CON_STATE_RESPONSE_START state, the server starts to prepare the client's case CON_STATE_RESPONSE_START: response: * * decision is done the * the HTTP-Response-Header create...

Spring configuration <bean> plus prototype "scope=" reasons

The reason for joining scope= "prototype" when configuring Spring, Check.   Example
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Lighttpd1.4.20 source analysis of the status of the state machine of the request processing

Lighttpd request processing process: 1 server and client to establish a connection, the connection into the CON_STATE_REQUEST_START state, the server to do some tags, such as the time of the start of the connection. 2 connection into the CON_STATE_READ state, the server from the connection to read the HTTP header and stored in the con->requeset.request. If a call is not able to read all the data, the status of the connection will continue to be READ, continue to wait for the rest of the data can be read. When dealing with joblist...
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Spring annotation transaction management

Annotation is very common in the Spring framework, the blog post on the Annotation transaction management, the purpose is to provide a reference for programming learners blog. @Transactional placed in a class in front of only the public type method useful If some of the classes do not require transaction management, @Transaction (Propagation.Not_SUPPORTED = propagation) notes that the transaction management does not adapt to this method...
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Programmers work a year wise remark of an experienced person

Put this article into the column Java background frame series which is also very helpless, just to be able to share to more friends of the apes, hope understanding. Tonight was supposed to write a blog post in technology, because the source material was not ready, and had just finished company year-end summary, blogger is 15 session of the graduates, combined with my internship is a year the, just some summary can share to everyone, for some just graduated from New should have some help, write not good not to blame. Share this article, and not feel that they have more powerful, although the lack of experience of working in an Andy pigeon, but even this paper of an ape friends have a little bit of help I will satisfy the. One, do...
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Introduction to design patterns

Design patterns are important in the process of software development. The purpose is to facilitate code reuse. Now to its classification, learning design patterns to master the 23 design patterns. Structural type Behavioral type Recommended books Personally think good books "Big design mode" "Head First" design pattern "design patterns: elements of reusable object oriented software"...
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Tools VMware (Ubuntu system) to install the detailed process and use

Some time ago, Bo main in the VMware virtual machine installed Ubuntu system, if it is not installed students can be reference Bo Lord an article: VMware Ubuntu installation process in detail. Friends of the apes are aware that Linux is not easy to use, and if you want to put files on your host Windows or install packages on a virtual machine, Tools VMware is an essential tool. Welcome attention, mutual learning and discussion, the follow-up will be more java to build the Linux development environment and framework related blog. The Andy pigeon attached to VMware Tools...
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Lighttpd1.4.20 source code analysis of the state machine and plug-in

Lighttpd starts with a series of initial operations, and then enters a finite state machine with 11 states. Each connection is an instance of connection (CON), the state of the switch depends on the con->state. Lighttpd after initial treatment will con basic information to initialize, and plugins for handling of the event is to con, it received con according to business needs for appropriate treatment, and then returned to the lighttpd, lighttpd according to the information in the con complete response. Status is defined as follows...
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MVC Spring commonly used notes finishing

@ControllerController controller is a behavior that provides access to an application defined by a service interface, which interprets the user's input and converts it into a model and then tries to present it to the user. MVC @Controller uses Spring to define the controller, it also allows automatic detection of components defined in the class path and automatically register. If you want to automatically detect the entry into force, need to be introduced in the XML header file spring-context: <? Version= encoding= "1" U "xml...
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AES encryption algorithm

AES encryption algorithm is a common algorithm for Android development. This is a detailed analysis of my self CSDN blog: General encryption is usually block encryption, if you want to encrypt data over the size of the block, you need to involve the filling and chain encryption mode, the text mentioned in the CBC and ECB, and so is the chain encryption mode. This document compares the image of the AES encryption algorithm introduced in some of the patterns reproduced. Attention, but also the lack of a CTR model. At the same time at the end of the article, posted by several of the use of ECB and CBC model standard algorithm on stream. Symmetry...
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MVC design pattern

MVC design pattern Write the code for a few days and then to previously learned knowledge, reflection, write out on the QQ space or blog, the purpose is to learn from each other, and hope can be complemented by a programming expert! This is I reproduced and modified blog. This is what I have done 2, 3 days or so of the JavaWeb management system, package bean put JavaBean class, package DAO database operation method of the interface class. Daoimpl is the class to implement the Dao interface. Pack factory...
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