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Fourteen, the bubble formation and rupture of the reasons Expert

This round of stock market bubble begins in November last year about, said the reason it as a bubble, because index rose rapidly without any basic disk support and leverage to the huge boost. Since 2007 after the crash, the stock market into a long bear market, the way down to about 2000 points down. From the end of 11 in 2014, the stock rose rapidly, to the beginning of 2015, has reached more than 3300 points. After a brief shock, from mid March 2015 onwards, the stock began to rise in a longer time, and finally reached a peak in June 12th reached 5178 points, and then began to avalanche...


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HTTP external interface, how to increase signature mechanism Expert

HTTP external interface, how to increase signature mechanism...

Introduction to Linux kernel Engineering - user space process using kernel resources Expert

Most of this paper is reproduced and assembled, just feel that these knowledge should be put together better. Most of process system resource use principle process by glibc application memory usage, but glibc is an application program library, it is ultimately to calls to the operating system memory management interface to use memory. In most cases, the glibc is transparent to the user and the operating system, so the process of observing the operating system directly is very helpful for the use of memory. However, the implementation of glibc is also a problem, so it is very special circumstances to investigate the process of memory...

Linux Kernel Kernel

Comparison between Oracle and SAP Expert

SAP and Oracle SAP, compared with Oracle and Microsoft ERP is the main supplier of nearly ten years. When you talk about the ERP system, they are the blue chip industry. They are the top three of the ERP system. That is to say, most people in the choice of ERP software, are considering and comparing their functions. In this paper, we discuss the comparison of Oracle and SAP based on Panorama. I focus on comparing supplier high-level features, detail...

SAP Oracle ERP

Detailed Linux Initrd Expert

In the Linux operating system, there is a special feature of the INITial (Ram Disk INITRD) technology, and the kernel supports compressed file system image. With these two features, we can make Linux system from the initial memory disk to start, and the memory system as a part of the root file system is mounted. Ramdisk is a part of the memory allocated to a partition and as a hard drive to use. For the system to run the program, it will be placed in the Ramdisk will speed up the operation of the computer, such as large data volume...

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Thirteen, margin with capital, speculate on the stock market, and leverage Expert

Chinese retail investors, the profit opportunity is always so: optimistic about a stock will rise, money to buy, if really guess, shares rose after a moment to sell. For example, Wang Eryou 10000 dollars, to buy the stock price of 10%, he made 1000 dollars. So what if he really is so bullish on a stock, it is very much to buy more. But he himself only 10000 dollars, how to do it? Right. And other loans, to borrow money to his institutions in the stock market is certainly two conditions, one is the interest, the two is a deposit to offset the risk. This is called a bull to borrow money in stocks. On the contrary, if Wang Er finds a...


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Maven project using java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListe spring Expert

1.Add Maven dependencies right click the web project "properties" -------> click the "deployment assembly" ---->Click add button2.Choose Java build path Entires I click Next3.Choose maven Dependen...

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Do it yourself CentOS-6.5 install R2 Oracle11g Expert

Do it yourself CentOS-6.5 install R2 Oracle11g...

Oracle CentOS Virtual machine Install

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Nginx load balancing based on session ip_hash Expert

Nginx load balancing based on the session of the ip_hash sticks, distribution configuration mode...

JAVA Nginx Linux Load balancing

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Twelve, the characteristics of the Chinese stock market Expert

Most of the above is the general rule of the stock market, and many of China's introduction of the Western invention, the stock in the current China also has obvious Chinese characteristics. The stock market of the people's Republic of China began in 1990 (when the Republic of China, Shanghai stock market), from the perspective of economic reform, the development of the stock market is to promote the market economy. But because the Chinese government's power is too strong, the lack of genuine rule of law, and planned economy of the traditional thinking, the Chinese stock market from the onset to the present has been many serious drawbacks. First of all, the stock market from the founding to the very long period of time, are for the state-owned enterprise financing services. Even later...


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Session shared configuration of distributed nginx application based on Tomcat redis Web Expert

Session shared configuration of distributed nginx application based on Tomcat redis web...

Nginx Session Redis Load balancing Distributed

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Session shared memcached and redis for multiple Tomcat services Expert

Linux multiple Tomcat Services session shared memcached and redis...

Memcached Session Nginx Linux Redis

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Redis Linux Installation Configuration and redis common commands (actual version) Expert

Downloading redis download address: in December 7, I downloaded is the latest version: redis-2.6.14.tar.gz attach CSDN on the version of the resource: using root installation [plain] view plaincopysu the...

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Redis Linux introduction and installation (simple version) Expert

Redis introduction and installation (Linux)...

Linux Ngnix

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From single machine to cluster session management of the cluster mode two (larger cluster) Expert

From single to cluster session management of the cluster mode in the whole node replication of network traffic with the node number increasing, it is because this factor can lead to a larger size of the cluster, in order to increase the number of nodes, the main solution is to increase the number of data replication. Below to see how this approach works in detail, the cluster...

Tomcat Cluster Conversation Session Cluster

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