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Chen Yufeng pay close attention to
Zhejiang University software engineering graduate student, the main research direction for the mobile Internet, currently developed over a number of iOS and Android projects, there is a iOS project on-line, has been on the line 3 Android Project. Currently working in Baidu, as iOS development engineer.
Li Puzhi pay close attention to
Beijing Institute of Technology software engineering master, 5 years of iOS mobile terminal development experience, working in the design and development of a number of iOS projects involved in the work, wrote the iOS development tutorial iOS application Sequential development methods and practices "and published by the people's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House in June 2012.

RBAC Azure (Based Access Control Roles) formally launched expert

The long-awaited RBAC Azure (Based Access Control Roles) formally launched. In many cases, the customer needs to distinguish between different types of users in order to make the appropriate authorization decision. Role based access control (RBAC) is a way of assigning permissions to a user's role, thereby defining a boundary to define a class of users that can perform and perform an action that is not executable. Suppose to develop an application for the use of the sales team. To access the application, the user must not only be a member of the company directory, but also to be...

Explore the technology infrastructure of large web sites (three)

The article said that, the database of separate read and write, read and write separation scheme is the main site of application to read and write the proportion imbalance, and the Internet most of the website are read operation the proportion is far greater than the write operation, this is the website of the mainstream. If a web site to read and write more balanced, then the site is generally provide professional services website, this site is a tool for users to provide convenient life, similar to the enterprise application software. A lot of attention to the focus of large web site architecture technology should be the kind of Web site for the proportion of reading and writing, because they are more challenging to do. OK, long winded so...

technology architecture database Internet Framework

Redis integration Spring combined with the use of cache instance expert

This article describes how to configure Spring in redis, and through the AOP Spring in the idea, the method will be cached in the need to enter the cache of the class or method in front of. ...

Redis Spring

Echache integration Spring cache examples to explain expert

EhCache is a pure Java in the process of the cache framework, with fast, lean and other features, is the default CacheProvider Hibernate. Ehcache is a widely used open source Java distributed cache. Mainly for general purpose caching, EE Java and lightweight containers. It has a memory and disk storage, cache loader, extended buffer cache exception handlers, a gzip caching servlet filter, support rest and soap API, etc. characteristics. ...

Echache Spring

Explore the technology infrastructure of large web sites (two)

OK, went on to say that the above mentioned, through load balancing increased web node to improve website concurrent performance, in fact, in a large site, under the high concurrency, first reached the bottleneck of should is a database. So, if the whole system analogy into a wooden bucket, then the database is the shortest piece of wood on the wooden bucket, so to improve the concurrency performance of the site, the first to improve the ability of the database, that is, when the system to achieve a certain degree of concurrency, the database will be the first to achieve the bottleneck, the database is not a procedural logic errors, data...

technology architecture database load balancing concurrency performance

Dubbo cannot access the remote Zookeeper registered service problem expert

Background when using Dubbo, found that when Zookeeper, Dubbo-admin, producers and consumers are in the Within the network, the production and consumption of the producer is no problem, but when it Zookeeper, producer on the remote server, and then consumers will be unable to find the consumer in the access to find a service problem. The network environment using the above map is in the same network, the use of the code as follows: 1, the producer configuration <be...

Dubbo Zookeeper Unable to connect service firewall

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Do you have to use Docker for delay sensitive applications? expert

Keep hearing I about [Docker] as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread but heard I've anecdotal evidence that **low latency apps take a hit...

Docker Scalability

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Conventional function and module custom system (cfcmms) - 026 development log (column ManyToMany)

Conventional function and module custom system (cfcmms) - 026 development log (column ManyToMany) This section begins with a new column. This column function can be used to operate on the relationship between ManyToMany. For example, the system now has a user module and user role module, in the user module has a function can be set to this user has the right, "user - user rights" of the corresponding information is stored in another table. The relationship of this kind of ManyToMany is now in the system...

Cfcmms Extjs6 Conventional function and module definition system Development experience

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Ls Hadoop command to add a number of restrictions on the number of parameters expert

Preface in the FsShell Hadoop command, estimated that many people are more commonly used FS -ls -lsr, -cat, Hadoop and so on and Linux system in almost the same file system related to the command. But think about it, there are some different. First, the single version of the file system, file number, content is not much, and HDFS is a distributed system, which can accommodate a huge number of file directory...

Hadoop LS FsShell

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Overview of distributed storage expert

Distributed storage is relative to the single storage, the reason to distribute the natural because of the Internet era of information explosion, a single machine has been difficult to meet the needs of large-scale application of data storage. Storage system concerns about the storage system, in general, we focus on the following aspects: Data distribution and load balancing Reliability and consistency of data storage Data access performance System fault tolerance System expansion capability There is an independent disk redundancy array (redundant, array of independent RAID...

Distributed storage Distributed

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Redis's fantasy and reality of performance expert

In 2011, the first choice of Redis as the main memory data storage, the main attraction is that it provides a variety of basic data structure can be very convenient to achieve business needs. On the other hand, it is more worried about its performance is enough to support, after all, at the time of the Redis is also a relatively new open source products. But Redis's official website claims that it is a high performance storage with multiple data structures. Fantasy to understand the performance of Redis, we first look at the official benchmark performance test data, there is a bottom of the heart. Test premise Versio Redis...

Redis performance

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Streams Reactive introduction expert

This article from the InfoQ Chinese translation of the Chinese translation of the article, the original address is: modern software on the demand for processing data in real time is more and more strong. The immediate response to changing information implies a huge commercial value, and this speed is comparable to that of the traditional batch based architecture. Stream processing is a fast way to convert data into knowledge, Webber intr in Kevin...

asynchronous Framework

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Spirng+SpringMVC+Maven+Mybatis+MySQL project to build Recommend

This article mainly to explain the use of Spirng+SpringMVC+Maven+Mybatis+MySQL on the eclipse project to build the process, including the inside of the steps and how to configure the configuration file, etc. will be detailed. If you have not set up a good environment (mainly Maven+MySQL configuration) ape friends can refer to the previous article Bo lord: Http:// to enter the project immediately...

Mysql MVC spring Mybatis Maven Spring

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The subtle differences in the order of Maven plug-ins expert

See such a very interesting question: a project needs to do this package operation: Through the maven-jar-plugin to get the project's jar package, the reason for the explicit configuration of the jar plug-in is because it is necessary to exclude some unnecessary documents Then, using maven-shade-plugin, the project's jar package and its dependent jar into a large jar package all-in-one. This is not an elegant way to deal with it, but for some special circumstances, you may have to do so. Finally, use ma...

Maven Jar Shade Assembly Package

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Introduction of the operating system page segmentation

When directly to the process of using direct physical memory, when the physical memory operation will be chaos. For example, the process of A installed in the physical layer of the 0-30, the 29 is a ADD instruction. And the process of B installed in the 30-40 at the first instruction for the JMP 29 without the use of virtual memory, the process B will jump directly to the process A so that both procedures are destroyed. ...

operating system paging segmentation Page setting

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[SSH] - Hibernate quickly advanced many to one mapping and one to many mapping Recommend

The last two articles said one to one mapping, here to say a little more to one and one to many mapping. Multi to one and one to many mapping comparison: The same point: the mapping principle is basically the same table, are in the "many" end point "a" add foreign key end. Difference: maintenance of the relationship is different Many of the relationship between a maintenance: multi point to a relationship, load "more" when you can put the "one" is also loaded out; A pair of multi maintenance relationship: a point of multiple relationships, load a "one" can be "more" is also loaded out;...

Hibernate several-for-one one-to-many SSH mapping

Automatic construction of Jenkins configuration using Git+Maven expert

Background recently installed Jenkins, with reference to a variety of online information to try, toss for a long time, but find so much information, the similarity in more than 90%!!! , the same installation process, testing a few machines, have not been successful, had to feel their ability is limited, and eventually slowly groping, forming ideas, is now to share with you, hope that we are in the installation of less detours. PS: I hate the kind of paste copy, without thinking of the blogger, thinking of taking the mentality to solve the problem, but the results are the same, not only a waste of everyone's time, but also a waste of everyone's feelings, so I put the problem I encountered...

Jenkins Git Maven Automation Construction Deploy remote Tomcat

How to make your transmission more secure - NIO mode and BIO mode to achieve SSL protocol communication expert

For SSL/TLS protocol, if each developer to achieve their own will obviously bring unnecessary trouble, it is to solve this problem for the majority of developers to provide Java security socket extension - JSSE, which contains a series of Internet secure communications package collection, SSL and TLS pure Java implementation, while it is an open standard, each company can achieve its own JSSE through it can transparently provide data encryption, server authentication, information integrity and other functions, just as the use of ordinary sockets, like the use of secure sockets...

Java NiO Bio SSL Secure transmission

To become an excellent Developer list expert

This is a report on how the Re-Practise technical books recommended reading list. Always draw / write a recommendation for your reference, but can not find a suitable form. One day, thought of the technology tree, then began to fall. I am well aware of their own knowledge is limited, so write this to learn to communicate with everyone. You are welcome to share your experience with Issues GitHub or direct Requests Pull. Look forward to your feedback. Basic reading...

experience technology GitHub Read

Several ways to prevent browser cache

Cache-Control/Pragma this Head HTTP field is used to specify all the caching mechanisms in the request / response chain must obey the instructions, if you know that the page is cached, not only can control the browser, but also control and HTTP protocol related cache or proxy server. Cache-Control request field is supported by each browser better, and its priority is relatively high, it and other request fields (such as Expires) at the same time, Cache-Control will cover other fields. Pra...

browser cache Cache mechanism

A request for a general process

When a user in the browser to enter the this URL, there will be a lot of operation. First it will request the DNS to the domain name into the corresponding IP address, and then according to the IP address on the Internet to find the corresponding server, to the server to initiate a get request, the server decided to return the default data resources to the user access. In the server side there is actually a very complex business logic: the server may have a lot of units, in the end to specify which server to handle the request, which requires a load balancing device to the average distribution of all user requests; and...

Http The server browser load balancing

Thread safety issues for concurrent access to Spring expert

First IOC for Spring, the object is to help us to manage the Spring, that is, at the start of the Spring, in the Spring container, created by Spring to us, Spring will help us maintain, is generally a single case, that is, an object. Spring generates an object by default. Through the scope attribute can be changed to a number of cases. Here we have an example of the internet: Test package; Java.util.Date import; Impor...

Java common testing framework expert

1 commonly used unit test framework TestNG, @Before can be used to annotate @After @BeforeClass @AfterClass junit4 method and class of the initialization and the end of the action. TestNG example: class TestngAnnotation public { Test / case 1 @Test Void testCase1 public () { System...

Java test frame

Tomcat production deployment key parameter settings expert

JVM set l generally use HotSpot JVM. L plus -server. L -Xms/-Xmx: set the Java heap initialization and maximum. The default is 1 / 64 of physical memory and 1 / 4 of physical memory, there is generally no more than 80% of the physical memory, and the two should be set as, good enough, too high will result in waste of memory and GC cycle long. L: -XX:NewSize/-XX:NewRatio is set to 25%-33%java the total heap, too high and too low will lead to invalid GC. L -XX:Perm...

Single case model and thread safety problem expert

Recently saw the comparison of Struts1 and Struts2, said Struts1 controller is one case, the thread is not safe; Struts2 of many cases, there is no problem of thread unsafe. And then came up with their own used before HttpHandler... These classes, as in the case of a single thread safety problem is indeed everywhere. But just know that this is not safe, and did not seriously analyze. Next on the careful analysis. A modified single mode code I first write a singleton class code: / * * *...

Thread safe Struts2.0 Struts MVC

Architecture design: communication system (17) - Service Management (analysis) and Dubbo's

The retrospection of the article (the architecture design: inter system communication (15) service governance and Dubbo preceding "), we by way of example explained Ali Dubbo service governance framework using basic. Starting from this section, we will explain the design principles of the main modules of the DUBBO, which will help readers understand how DUBBO works. Because of the content of this chapter is more, including the knowledge preparation, DUBBO framework overview, DUBBO each module analysis, so I will cut the content into a number of articles...

Dubbo architecture design system communication

Struts1 overview and comparison with Struts2 expert

Struts2 overview 1, is still a request response based on the MVC framework 2, Struts2 is not a Struts1 upgrade 3, Struts2 and Struts1 architecture gap is very large 4, Struts2 uses another MVC framework WebWork core design 5, Struts2 more excellent: loose coupling design.. Struts1 with Struts2 in contrast to 1, the action of Struts2 action must inherit; struts1 is singleton, thread safety issues; control...

Struts Struts2.0 MVC frame Java

Services Web Guide: Services Web security expert

Safety is very important for Services Web. However, whether it is XML-RPC or SOAP specifications are not doing any clear security or certification requirements. There are three specific domain Services Web related security issues: security authentication network security confidentiality if a client sends a XML request to a server, we can guarantee the confidentiality of the communication process? Here's the answer: XML-RPC and SOAP are mainly running on the HTTP HTTP support SSL communication can be passed...

Services Web firewall security Services Web Security Service web certification

The nginx_upstream_jvm_route module is used to solve the problem of inconsistency of Tomcat multi node session.

This approach does not need to modify the web project only need to download the nginx_upstream_jvm_route nginx plug-in, modify the Tomcat and nginx configuration, you can solve the session problem. Because in such a way so as not to store the session, so when a Tomcat node crashing after will result in users need to log in again. Idea: through the nginx inside each participating server are labeled with different tag values, this value and jvmRoute value of the same tomcat. ...

Nginx_upstream_jvm_r Upstream Session consensus problem

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