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System operation and maintenance Automated Deployment Based on fabric and Hg expert

Automated deployment of fabric is a very good use of automated deployment tools, although the function than puppet, saltstack and the like to be weak, but the use of python, but also to avoid the installation server. ...

Fabric Hg Python

[programming language] Real c++ in the smart pointer unique_ptr series - std:: unique_ptr structure (as far as possible to use std: in the C++14: make_unique, rather than new) expert

The retrospection of the blog's unique PTR one of the opening, is simple to talk about why you want to use the unique PTR with the traditional pointer compared, the advantages of smart pointer. Start with construction now! Look at these construction methods: default (1) Unique_ptr noexcept () from; null pointer constexpr (2) Unique_ptr noexcept (nullptr_t) constexpr: uniqu...

Unique-ptr C++

[programming language] Leetcode notes: Colors Sort expert

Problems start when it comes to a group object that contains three red, white and blue color, and then to sort them out, plainly is of a containing only 0, 1, 2 three numbers from small to large array sort. ...

Leetcode C++ Sort sort algorithm

[comprehensive] 2015 run off the road expert

Started running in March, the beginning of the time, did not want to insist on how long to run, so run, from 2, 3 km began to run, and then is 5 km, ran for a long time to be able to run 10 kilometers, the end of the end of the year has also run two times a semi MA (Shenzhen half horse, Nanshan half horse). Records from the plump runs to see, from March to the end of the year run 605 kilometers, 143 km walk, totaling 748 km, except in August and September, because in the hands of a line of the project, the tight schedule did not run too much, several other each month to run are still relatively average, almost 70 to 80 km. With the increase in running capacity, running ability is also gradually put...

[database] REGEXP_REPLACE Oracle function simple usage expert

REGEXP_REPLACE allows you to search the string of the regular expression pattern REPLACE function. By default, This function returns source_char and replace_string to replace each instance of the regular expression pattern. The returned string is source_char in the same set of characters. grammar The syntax of the REGEXP_REPLACE function in the Oracle database is: REGEXP_REPLACE (source_char, pa...

Oracle function

[programming language] Java java-14.4 provides an understanding of the practical function of the array (2) expert

And then the last chapter, we continue to introduce the Java provides an array of useful functions. 3 elements of the contrast com.ray.ch14 Comparatorpackage; Java.util.Arrays import; Java.util.Comparator import; Class Test public { Static void main public (args String[]) { MyC MyClass[]...


[programming language] Suixianglu (about SMP load balancing) expert

Copyright, welcome to reprint, please do not use for commercial purposes. Contact e-mail: feixiaoxing] for the SOC, SMP is one of the basic functions. This year, if who said their home SOC not SMP, seems like nabuchushou. Fortunately, arm for everyone to prepare a lot of programs, from the early dual core, to now the quad core, eight core, and so on, a small chip performance is more and more high. Of course, since it is a multi core, then how do the load balancing, so that each core is not idle, this is the software engineering...

[mobile development] IOS development - implementation and use of a single case expert

One case in our development is the most commonly used design patterns in the iOS is also the case. One case can ensure that an instance of a class is unique in the program, facilitating the sharing of resources and data. The use of design principles is a single responsibility principle. We take a look at the iOS itself comes with the class or method which uses a single example of the model: (1) UIAccelerometer class and sharedAccelerometer method, generally, if the method has shared such a word, it can be considered that this is a real example of the entire application can be shared variables, generally used...

IOS Single case design pattern

[programming language] Real c++ in the smart pointer unique_ptr series - the use of std:: unique_ptr instead of operator new (error: 'unique_ptr' is not a member of 'STD') expert

Wrote a lot of articles on the vector blog, in fact, vector is very convenient, but also very simple. But a lot of error prone problems are the elements in the vector is caused by the smart pointer. So I decided to start writing a story about smart pointers, especially the unique_ptr pointer. This is the beginning, let us use std:: unique_ptr instead of operator new bar! Still use the program to speak: #include Main int () { While (true...

Unique-ptr C++

[programming language] Actual combat vector in the c++ series -- talk about the insert vector () method (all make_move_iterator blame) expert

Prior to the insert on the vector () method, the B vector elements into the A vector, A vector in the results we can imagine, but B vector in the elements will be how? Take a look at the previously written procedures: #include Int main #include () { Std:: MyVector vector (3100); Std:: vector...

Vector C++

[comprehensive] Popularizing knowledge (50): Christmas wayward criticism

Popularizing knowledge (50): Christmas wayward criticism Remember, in the morning of Christmas 1992, I was at the Peking University third teaching building 503 classrooms, about the non additive measure (reliability theory). According to the usual class habit. At 7 o'clock in the morning is, I from China Renmin University dormitory cycling of, after the Zhongguancun Street, ten minutes ahead of time, (7 20 points) arrived in North door on the third floor of the teaching, on 5 buildings, entered the classroom, you clean the blackboard and get ready for class. Beijing University don't want teachers and classmates in the morning to sleep late, purposely left the first class in the morning an auction starts at 7:30, than Tsinghua...

[Web front end Webpack installation and configuration expert

Installation we routinely used directly form of NPM to install: $NPM install webpack - certainly if conventional project or to rely on written package.json package to more humane: $NPM init$NPM install webpack --save-dev / / webpack.config.js Module.exports = { ./entry.js "entry", Output...

[architecture design] Redis integration Spring combined with the use of cache instance expert

This article describes how to configure Spring in redis, and through the AOP Spring in the idea, the method will be cached in the need to enter the cache of the class or method in front of. ...

Redis Spring

[architecture design] Echache integration Spring cache examples to explain expert

EhCache is a pure Java in the process of the cache framework, with fast, lean and other features, is the default CacheProvider Hibernate. Ehcache is a widely used open source Java distributed cache. Mainly for general purpose caching, EE Java and lightweight containers. It has a memory and disk storage, cache loader, extended buffer cache exception handlers, a gzip caching servlet filter, support rest and soap API, etc. characteristics. ...

Echache Spring

[programming language] Conditional compilation symbols and publishing expert

The function of conditional compilation is to set up some usage scenarios in the code. The most common is that if it is DEBUG, how about how; otherwise how. If you want to add some scenes, such as TRACE, DEBUG, conditions, you can define their own. The definition of the method is: right click on the item, attribute, in the generated page, enter a custom conditional compilation symbol. For example, now we do the project early on the login module to put up, and get regular login, tired, waste a lot of time. Well, I can set a conditional compilation symbol, say, NoLogi...

Conditional compiler