Blog expert application rules

"Blog expert" is the CSDN to give high quality, the influence of the larger IT class blog honorary title, on behalf of the official CSDN on its blog, while the blog experts also need to assume a certain community responsibility.

Blog expert application rules are as follows:

Apply for CSDN blog experts should have the conditions:
1 the total number of original technical articles more than 20, and in the last month released a new original technical articles.
2 blog posts a total of more than 50 thousand times the amount of browsing.
3 the quality of the content of the article is very high.
4. Enterprise, team and other non personal opened blog, need original technical articles, a total of more than 40 articles and last month released new original technical articles, blog posts total browses a quantity more than 10 million times to apply expert blog.
. if has greater influence in the field of it, but has not yet reached the application conditions of the users can be recommended by the existing blog experts recommended, or CSDN editorial department, temporarily become "special expert", to be reached in the above conditions, then turned into a formal expert bloggers. The user application to become the "special expert" within six months if not yet reached CSDN blog specialist should have the conditions, "special expert" identity to cancel.
Matters needing attention:
1.CSDN blog experts such as a violation of the rules of the CSDN website, such as a large number of advertising or soft, the CSDN web site caused adverse effects, etc., will permanently cancel its CSDN blog expert identity.
2.CSDN expert blog within six months if not released any original or bowwin translation, the blog expert status will automatically be canceled, turn for the blog channel honorary professors, enter the blog channel honor list of experts, can not continue to enjoy the benefits of expert blog. Hope to restore the identity of the blog experts can contact the administrator to re apply.
3.CSDN blog expert is CSDN to give the quality of the higher technical blog an honorary title, on behalf of the official content of the blog. But CSDN blog expert is not a full-time or part-time management of CSDN blog, do not have the power of management of the CSDN blog, its views and acts only on behalf of the individual, does not represent the official position of CSDN.
4 blog experts in the industry masters is a cooperative relationship with the CSDN website blog expert users.
5 all blog experts (including honorary experts) are real name system.
Blog expert welfare:
1 blog expert user avatar display expert medal.
2 blog experts publish blog can directly refer to the CSDN station outside the picture.
3 blog experts to provide a personal blog quantum statistical monitoring, can be viewed at any time the personal blog data statistics.
4 articles to get more recommendations. Expert blog articles will enter the preselected library, we have special editor responsible for the screening of high quality content, and recommend to CSDN home or other content channels; at the same time expert blog daily published to blog home page Bowen from the number of restrictions.
5 blog experts have the opportunity to participate in a variety of free to participate in the CSDN conference. Organized by the CSDN Mobile Developer Conference, cloud computing technology conference, SD2 assembly and all kinds of CSDN held salon, some complimentary tickets to our users, blogs which experts have a priority right to choose, even have the opportunity to reimbursement of the cost of air tickets and hotel accommodation.
6 blog experts have the opportunity to become a college lecturer, CSDN CSDN, CSDN ink, Bole quiz tutor writers etc..
7 we will provide more opportunities for the blog experts, recommended to manufacturers or a variety of IT technology conference as a guest speaker.
8 other non timed benefits. CSDN not regularly will have a number of prizes issued, blog experts enjoy priority access.