Sogou Why is a good blog less and less?

In recent days I put space, I pay attention to clean up and found many years before the God had to stop to update the blog, think of the mood some lost, feel like what has been lost. In more than a year ago, and these people because they are met, with our growth. Because of their selfless spirit of sharing, we have today's progress. Can be described as predecessors trees, descendants cool. The technology pioneers for our future generations to open up, so we walked in the sun on the road. ...
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Use AndroidStudio one minute to achieve Drawer Navigation navigation drawer effect

Drawer Navigation navigation drawer this effect in the current APP in a relatively wide range, today to see how to use the AndroidStudio to generate this effect, it is very convenient, completely fool operation, quickly moving hands! ...
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Some read "Android heroes biography" thoughts

Friend, you may also have such problems, Android development for two years and found that many basic things while we all know, but can not digest the use of flexible. Can be independent of the development of APP, but most of the use of the third party open source framework or in the online search to achieve the code, that is, we often say that the forum programmers. "Android heroes biography" advanced books...
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Android log LogUtils print category, can locate the class name, method and error number of rows and save the log file

In the development, we often use the way of printing log to debug our application. In Java we often use the method System.out.println () to print the log in the console so that we can debug. Android in a special class of Log to achieve in the Android system under the log print, more convenient for us to locate the problem where the program. ...
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Android fast development necessary - dependency injection (DI) library of the choice of ButterKnife, AndroidAnnotations, RoboGuice

Now do the developer of mobile terminal development, whether it is Android and IOS, the company is generally like the kind of people with independent development capabilities, because the APP project is relatively small, sometimes a person can be a single project. So if we want to be able to have the ability to develop independently, rapid and agile development is what we have to think about, after all, a person doing APP to do things or very much, in order to project on schedule, we need to use a variety of third party library and framework, so you can make a beautiful UI interface, so that the code becomes clean, improve the efficiency of our development and so on. ...
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When the Android login interface account password input box is selected, the implementation method of the background transformation is selected.

Often in the online login to see such an effect, when we choose the account or password input box, it will become a background of the selected state, that is, the input box will be around a gradient effect of the selected color. So in many cases, we also hope that their APP can have such an effect, when the click account and password input box is displayed into the selected state, so the effect of how to achieve it? In fact, to achieve this effect, the idea is very simple, only need to build a background selector selector, respectively, in different states to configure different backgrounds. ...
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AndroidManifest.xml file

AndroidManifest.xml is a file that must be in every Android program. It is located in the root directory of the entire project. We use this file every day, to configure the necessary components, permissions, and some related information to the inside of the program. But for this document, we really know how much, or just stay in a simple configuration, and do not understand the specific meaning, and why do you want to set up? Today let us to learn more about the specific meaning of the parameters in this document, because it is the entrance to the whole application, so it helps us to understand more deeply Android...
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APP common up and down circular scrolling notification of the simple implementation, click to enter the details

For the message can scroll up and down, we are not unfamiliar, often in some of the electricity suppliers on the APP to see, such as Taobao and the like. Probably the effect is a continuous cycle of rolling notice, click on the details of the notification message interface. Operating results are as follows: This effect is a lot of App in the layout of the common, the above a circular scroll of the advertisement, followed by the following is a continuous up and down the notice. About the circulation of the rolling of the advertisement, I have before the blog has been introduced, want to know can go to see, [Android circulation of the perfect realization of the rolling ads, easy to package, smooth transition from the network to load pictures, click on the ads into the corresponding web site...
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Imitation mobile phone QQ chat list slide menu to delete and gesture to return in two ways

Mobile QQ and micro channel is super APP, the user experience is the best to do a good, and many developers to imitate the object, today to imitate the phone QQ chat list slide menu to delete and analyze Tencent many APP, such as QQ mailbox, QQ space, etc.. ...
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Imitation mobile phone QQ network status of the display and disappear, no network, when the network is automatically disappear, click on the network settings network

We all know that there was such a function is when we disconnect from the Internet, no network, chat the top of the list will be a warning bar, top write "the world's most remote distance is no network, check the settings in the mobile phone QQ and click on the bar will jump to set up a network interface, we get the network set up after, the warning bar also automatically disappeared. Today we come to imitate the following function is how to achieve, then not much, there is a picture of the truth, please see:...
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Imitation Android contacts SideBar sort, according to the phonetic alphabet A-Z quick navigation contact name, as well as input search condition filter, display the name of the text.

Focus on finddreams, share and progress together! Http:// said, directly on the dry cargo, pictures are as follows: Imitation Android contacts SideBar sort, according to the phonetic alphabet A-Z quick search, as well as input search condition filter, display the name of the text. This effect is not strange, we are not unfamiliar, we are commonplace in the APP, such as in the choice of the address, the choice of the country, the province...
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Android circulation of the perfect implementation of the scroll bar, easy to package, smooth transition from the network to load pictures, click on the ad to enter the corresponding URL

Today we bring you a little dry cargo, is a lateral rolling cycle of advertising. Taobao banner is a bit similar to the ad bit, you can gesture sliding, will also be based on a fixed time interval automatically scroll, slide to the end of the cycle will always be. The transition is very smooth. Get pictures from the network, and cache to SD card which, when there is no network can be displayed to improve the user experience, click on each ad will enter the corresponding URL interface, the package is good, it is very convenient to use. Let us look at the operation of the effect of the map to see if you are looking for:...
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Android development interview Classics -- 6 common interviewers ask questions Android (update...)

What are their respective advantages and disadvantages of 1.HttpURLConnection and HttpClient? HttpUrlConnection in the previous version of the 2.3 is bug, so the previous version is recommended to use the HttpClient, but Google is now no maintenance HttpClient, 5.1 inside the HttpClient standard has expired. In addition, HttpURLConnection supports gzip compression, recommended the first choice for it. ...
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Android development interview by -- 5 common interview questions Android

The general interview process is written after the interview, the technical manager will ask you some of the problems you encountered in the work of Android, talk about the project you do, and the role of the project. Today, I will give you some of the interview, the interviewer to ask some questions? 1 to make a smooth ListView as much as possible, how do you usually optimize? ...
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The development of Android after the interview: 4 common Android advanced pen questions (updated...)

As an experienced developer, just know the basic problem is not enough, your resume says more than two years of work experience, then the interviewer will certainly ask some in-depth questions, see if you can answer. So in order to get a better job, we need to look at the Android advanced written questions:...
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