Linux disk quota control quota

PAAS platform for users provide a variety of services, for all services need to develop a variety of packages to meet user needs, one is the amount of available disk space control, is introduced in this paper how to use quota limits the user can use the space size. Quota restrictions must be a separate file system, can not be arbitrarily specified directory, so the best new a disk mounted in the specified storage path, or only from the directory with control, a search on the net, the result is directly on the root directory of the control is not recommended, because it is not clear. 1, add a disk to the system (to /de...
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The basic application of ruby regular expression

The pattern of ruby regular expressions is included in the two "/", such as: using a regular expression to get the file name File = "a/b/c/d/e.txt" Reg=/\// File[file.rindex (reg) +1, file.size] Then return to "e.txt". File.index (reg) / / the first positive match File.rindex (reg) / reverse match first...
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Ruby file operation

1, according to the path to get the file name (including the extension) File.basename (file_path) 2, access to the file path File.dirname (file_path) 3, open the file and write (the file does not exist, the new file) File = (file_name, "w+") File.puts ("aaaaaaaaa") File.close 4, open the file and read F...
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Some knowledge points of foundry warden cloud module

In the cloud foundry. The practical application is running in the container, the container understanding for a virtual operating system, which contains the basic resources needed to run the application, including CPU, disk, memory, network and application runtime, every application runs in its own container, in order to achieve the isolation of physical resources. Warden itself can be run separately, the project source code:
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Installation and configuration of glusterfs under Ubuntu

1, Download: fuse...
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Use uaac to manage users in cloudfoudry

Reference document: V2 cli cf...
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PSQL encountered two problems read termcap database Cannot and free (): next size invalid

Yesterday, the use of PSQL is also good, and this morning to visit...
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Ubuntu under the use of springmvc development eclipse project - to achieve controller interface mode

1, springmvc2.5 before the version is to use the controller interface to achieve fan...
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Ubuntu commonly used under the command and configuration MySQL

1, the configuration file /etc/myql/my.cnf...
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Nise_bosh deployment foundry V2 cloud script analysis

Before the use of cloud to complete the foundry V2 nise_bosh stand-alone version of the deployment...
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Shell parameters

Shell itself provides some of the parameters used to debug the script Such as:...
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Using bosh nise to deploy a single V2 cloudfoundry

In the company practice to deploy cloudfoundry, deployment process...
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Installation and configuration of JDK under Ubuntu

1, to the Oracle official website to download the need for the JDK version, jie...
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Installation of memcached under Ubuntu

Libevent is an event triggered by the network library, running memcached Yi Http://
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Ubuntu system basic configuration information view,

Hardware: generally only care about CPU and memory CPU...
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