Installation of memcached under Ubuntu

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1, the installation of libevent

Libevent is an event triggered network library, the memcached operation depends on the library, so you need to install the library:

VisitHttp://, access to the source code to install the package (I use libevent-2.0.13-stable.tar.gz), the decompression, CD To libevent-2.0.13-stable directory,

Executive./configure (this step should be a configuration path environment variable what, not too clear, have time to study this script), then is make, install make can be

2, the installation of memcached

Http:// download the installation package (I use the memcached-1.4.20.tar.gz), to extract, CD to memcached-1.4.20,Executive./configure, then make,

Install make is OK.

3, verify the installation is successful

Execute -d -m 256M -p memcached 12345

-d is the start of the guardian process (background operation)

-m specified memory size

-p specify the service port number

If you are using root users, plus root -u

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