Linux under the diff directory of the script

# /bin/bash! EOF "lists=`cat" Include/xxxx Include/yyyy App/xxxx App/yyyy EOF ` /tmp/online/trunk "dir1=" /home/rd/trunk "dir2=" D in $lists for Do If [${d:0:1}] = "#" Then Continue Fi Dif echo...
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Notebook sharing WiFi

Notebook how to share WiFi...
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3.2.14 searchd GDB breakpoints Coreseek

3.2.14 searchd GDB breakpoints Coreseek...
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Function domain of use (variable) in PHP closure

Function domain of use (variable) in PHP closure...
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PHP Hui lettering

'value', ); $arr[name] "{$arr['name']}\n, echo"; After the object / / string concatenation operator Class1 class { Function testmethod public () { Cal "echo...
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JS get page URL parameters

JS get page URL parameters...
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JS settings page cookie

JS settings page cookie...
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[jQuery] can use the browser cache jsonp call mode

/ * * * you can use the jsonp to call the page cache * flynetcn @author * / GetCacheJson function (URL, jsonpParamName, jsonpFunName, cacheSecs, data, callback,) { If (cacheSecs > 0) { Url = >-1 (url.indexOf ("?") url+? "&": "?"...
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International telephone number and country code

International standard telephone number format...
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Header for the PHP server [thrift] series of functions

"PHP? / * * * header series functions for RPC server * flynetcn @author * / Utils_Header class { Static $headers private = array (); Static $cookies private = array (); Static $sessionOpened private = false; S public...
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Use cookie to count the number of times that the user submits in a certain time range.

"PHP? / * * * use cookie to count the number of times a user submits a certain period of time * flynetcn @author * / Submit_counter function ($counterKey, $intervalSec=300) { If (! Isset ($_COOKIE[$counterKey])) { $_COOKIE[$counterKey] = array ('count'=...
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Session PHP trap

1, two processes can not open a session storage handle, for example, two processes can not be on a ID session_start session (), otherwise there will be the risk of deadlock. 2, regardless of whether there is no data inside the session, call session_start () will open a storage handle, such as opening the file or the establishment of a connection. So don't have to call session_start (). 3, for the memcached and redis storage type, no connection between the request pool...
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PHP object factory class

"PHP? / * * * object factory * flynetcn @author * / ObjectFactory class { Static $objSet private = array (); / * * * empty the objects in the factory * / Function clear public () { Self:: $objSet = array (); } / * * * create object and...
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[thrift]PHP version of the multi process server

"PHP? / * * * flynetcn @author * / Thrift\Server namespace; Thrift\Server\TServer use; Thrift\Transport\TTransport use; Thrift\Exception\TException use; Thrift\Exception\TTransportException use; / * *...
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PHP to check whether the port can be bound

"PHP? / * * * check port to be bound * flynetcn @author * / CheckPortBindable function ($host, $port) { $socket = stream_socket_server ("tcp://$host:$port", $errno, $errstr); If (! $socket) { False return; }...
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Check the server's PID file, if the file does not exist or PID corresponding to the process is dead to restart the server

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*- # @author flynetcn Sys OS, import, re, datetime; LOG_FILE ='/var/log/www/serverMonitor.log'; SERVER_PID_FILE ='/var/log/www/'; SERVER_NAME ='myserver'; START_SERV...
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Python check directory file permissions and modify directory file permissions

# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*- # @author flynetcn Sys OS, import, PWD, stat, datetime; LOG_FILE ='/var/log/nginx/checkDirPermission.log'; NginxWritableDirs = [ '/var/log/nginx', '/usr/local/www/var', ];...
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GDB breakpoints php5.3.3

Zend_execute_scripts break Compile_file break Pass_two break Execute break # (watch * compiler_globals.function_table) # (watch * executor_globals.function_table)...
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3.2.14 indexer GDB breakpoints Coreseek

CSphIndex_VLN: break: Build CSphSource_Document: break: BuildHits CSphSource_Document: break: IterateDocument CSphSource_Document: break: IterateHitsNext (CSphString&) CSphSource_SQLNextDocument break (CSph...
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Python access to the local network card IP

GetLocalIp def ('eth0'= ifname): Socket fcntl, import, struct; S = socket.socket (socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM); INET = fcntl.ioctl (s.fileno (), 0x8915, struct.pack ('256s', ifname[: 15]); IP =...
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