Sogou A true portrayal of Chinese engineers! Bayre

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Start netconsole to send the kernel message to the remote syslog server

Start netconsole to send the kernel message to the remote syslog server Netconsole could kernel printk messages sent via UDP to a remote host, but also to send a message to the remote host syslogd in. Kernel configuration General system kernel compiled netconsole module, can be used directly. The custom kernel only needs to open the following kernel options (for the module). CONFIG_NETCON...
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RHEL6/7 under the installation of devtoolset-3/4 provides third party building devtoolset-3/4 warehouse, can be added directly to the yum source repo after devtoolset-3 (gcc-4.9.2) devtoolset-4 (gcc-5.2.1), () removed from their own to build the compiler GCC trouble:) Devtoolset-3 CentOS 6 Https://
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Method for starting physical disk and U disk by Fusion VMware

VMware under fusion windows with VMware Workstation OSX almost, are using the VM tool to generate a physical hard disk vmdk /USB mapping file, and then load the vmdk boot can be. First view disk Diskutil list bash-3.2$ /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SI...
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Funsion vmnet1/vmnet8 modify VMware default network address and DHCP address

VMnet1 & VMnet8 configuration file is located in the " /Applications/Vmware", you can modify the default address, VMnet8 can also add the mapping port. Funsion VMware version is 8...
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Fusion VMware uses shared mode to solve the virtual machine broken network

VMware fusion of virtual machine using NAT sharing network often is not absolutely network every time you need to turn off the virtual organs, re start the VMware Funsion can open the network. Research, and found that the actual can also be done through the command line to restart the NAT, no need to exit Funsion. VMware NAT start command /Applications/VMware\ sudo...
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PatchELF to modify the ELF file under the library Linux search path

Http:// Http:// WGet -zxf patchelf-0.8.tar.bz2 tar Patchelf-0.8 CD --prefix=/usr./configure Make & & make install...
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Compile for GCC 4.8.5 cloog problem

--with-isl=system --with-isl-prefix=/opt/gcc-4.8.5/builddir/isl-install --prefix=/opt/gcc-4.8.5/builddir/cloog-install./configure Compile cloog encountered a link error Make[1]: directory `/mnt/gcc/cloog-0.18.0 Entering...
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GB2312 BIG5 & putty Chinese character set patch

In putty, if you do not support the Chinese character set monospace font, the general selection can not enter the chinese. UTF8 encoding is the configuration character set, but GB2312's ANSI & BIG5 character set has not been supported, unless you choose to support the font GB2312&BIG5 character set, such as "Fixedsys" "NSimSun" and other Chinese fonts. The following patch is added to the GB2312 putty & BIG5 character set support, with the VC compiler to select the desired word...
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Build ConnectX-3 EN 10/40 Gbps Mellanox DPDK running environment

Build ConnectX-3 EN 10/40 Gbps Mellanox DPDK running environment...
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Upgrade ConnectX-3 EN 10/40 Gbps Mellanox card firmware

Upgrade ConnectX-3 EN 10/40 Gbps Mellanox card firmware...
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TCP/IP ask

From a few of them in the journal magazine "TCP/IP" quiz, feeling summary is better here to do a merge. Q: in syn-received In the state and then received SYN How to deal with the message? A: in order to ensure that customers may occur SYN Retransmission, a variety of implementation and the experimental environment processing mechanisms are different, the basic process ideas are as follows: 1 syn-received Status of the server in SYN+ACK Retransmission timer does not have a timeout did not receive the client ACK, and then...
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Research and implementation of incremental modification test and (IP, TCP, UDP) algorithm

* * Godbach Author: * * this article can be freely reproduced, but please indicate the source, and to ensure the integrity of this paper. * / For the test and calculation of the data package, a lot of books about the TCP/IP agreement have been said, RFC1071 is to discuss the calculation of the test and documentation. The traditional calculation method is the whole packet data (IP packet is calculated IP header data) of a two's complement sum.   But in practical applications, the existence of the...
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To mount HDFS using FUSE How

How Mount HDFS using FUSE to Posted on June 3, 2012 by Dan Nanni Six Comments Distributed File System is (HDFS) a distributed scalable, filesystem developed Hadoop as the back-end stor...
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A CentOS docker base image building

Http:// There 's been a lot of buzz lately around the go programming language. A lot of cool tools have been written using it. One in part...
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"Design philosophy of the Internet architecture"

"Design philosophy of the Internet architecture"...
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