Communication between Browser process and Render process in CEF

CEF provides several mechanisms for Browser and Browser process communication, I have experimented with Runtime Messages Process this way, using the CefProcessMessage and CefBrowser:: SendProcessMessage (). ...
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What do you choose when you choose programming language

My micro channel subscription number "program horizon" has a "question and answer" column, the last issued a "question and answer I am suitable for software development", this time we answer the question: what language should I learn? ...
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Interaction between JavaScript and C++ in CEF

In CEF, JS and Native (C/C++) code can be very convenient interaction, I realized a simple interaction. ...
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PPAPI in the use of ES OpenGL drawing

In PPAPI using 3D Chromium graphical interface we introduced how to use the PPB_Graphics3D interface, this time to see how to use ES Graphics and 3D OpenGL to draw. ...
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Chromium graphical interface using 3D in PPAPI

Using Graphics 3D PPAPI interface to do a small example, the mouse click on the plug-in area, drawing color, the effect is similar to ppapi_simple. ...
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PPAPI+Skia to achieve the graffiti board

PPAPI plug-in in the use of Skia graphics introduced how to use PPAPI in the Skia, the end of the text to provide a simple graffiti board plug, this time I have to honor the commitment to the. ...
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Question and answer is suitable for me to do software development?

A set of practical methods, help to confirm whether they are suitable for walking on the road of software development...... ...
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Load DLL image resources to generate the SkBitmap object in Skia

Load image resources in DLL Windows to generate the SkBitmap object needed by Skia...
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Use Skia drawing in PPAPI plugin

PPAPI Chrome plug-in can freely draw what you want, if you can combine the Skia engine, it is more handy. ...
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Windows under the compiler from the source Skia

Drawing inside the PPAPI, you can combine the third party graphics library, such as skia, Cairo, I choose skia, Chrome, Android are using it...... ...
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PPAPI plugin and browser communication

PPAPI plug-in, can not use the JS and browser, it should be through the PPB_Messaging interface to complete the interaction between Plugin and browser...... ...
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Create a local window in the PPAPI plugin

Experiment with a strange thing, in the PPAPI plug-in to create a local window, superimposed on the location of the page in the plugin. ...
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Performance / raise / end of the year award, abuse you like first love

At the end of the year, performance evaluation, salary adjustment, the end of the year award, how many have to say something? How much to say about the rest of the matter? How many more questions? Look at these 18 questions, you met a few. ...
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PPAPI plug-in drawing and input event processing

This time we transform the graphics_2d_example sample, add the logic to deal with mouse events, to demonstrate the PPAPI plugin to deal with input events when the code flow. ...
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Compile media_stream_video PPAPI example

Windows compiled under the source from the CEF compiler CEF and C++ PPAPI interface corresponding to the static library, now to compile the media_stream_video sample. ...
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Windows under the compiler from the source CEF

Windows compiled from the source CEF, successfully compiled a CEF and examples...... ...
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Interactive process between PPAPI plugin and browser

A to understand about the ppapi design, and from the angle of code to understand about the related topics, this article pay attention to the following several points: the plug-in instance object creation and use process; rendering (drawing); treatment input event...
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Understanding the design of PPAPI

Understand the design of PPAPI and look at some of the key concepts of the plugin...
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VS2013 compilation of the most simple PPAPI plug-in

I want to use PPAPI in the CEF, CEF using VS 2013 Update 4 compiler. So I tried to use VS 2013 to compile the PPAPI plugin. ...
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CEF loaded PPAPI plug-in

A simple example of CEF loading plugin PPAPI...
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