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Plan, Go

On December 17, 2015, I made a titled "do you want to do" open class, a friend with a problem, effect is that he wants to learn programming, feel like, ready to learn, but every time, he would rather back words for a while, don't bother started to learn programming.

Have a friend made a resolution to lose weight, every day to eat a few, even at night fasting, adhere to the two weeks to see results, lost nearly 10 pounds, I boast he determined execution, and after a week, goodbye to him, and bounce back.

We often want their changes, to a better direction to their hopes of a target, so will have their own formulation plan, proudly ready to perform. The second day morning can often give up, or the implementation of ten and a half months could not insist on settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

Have you ever thought about why your plan doesn't work? How can we make a plan to be completed successfully?

I have also made a lot of plans, in 2014, most of the plans have died in the middle of the way, after 2014, some of my plans to implement it.

December 21, 2015, I did a share in the company, referred to my micro channel subscription number program horizon weekly published three articles, most of them are my original. Some of my colleagues asked me how I did it, and I thought about it again after the end of the share.

Is the goal what you really want

Plan must point to a goal, or to have a goal, to have a plan. That's what you really want, and that's what you really want. If you desire the reached a similar "liberty or death" eagerly degree, then I reckon you plan nine times out of ten, to fulfill the completion of the execution. If one day you walk in the street suddenly saw a mature woman footed particularly elegant, give yourself set a goal to become so elegant woman, the next day returned to computer hair messy writing code, in the afternoon the oily face suddenly remembered not elegant, then I reckon nine times out of ten you elegant woman dream is just a dream.

A goal, is what you want from the heart, it is easy to implement the corresponding plan to action. If this goal is not essential to you, then it's easy to give up the plan.

I am doing "Howdy, programmer, this book, the initiation of the cartoon ideas, think if I can write and draw, you can bring out the expression of the image of the programmer's life more, more attractive, feel an upsurge of emotion, uncontrollably, immediately bought a forest Akira" comic techniques the ultimate guide ", a wacom painted panels, also bought a tracing paper and special pencil, prepare to work energetically, study every day for twenty minutes. As a result, you know, or in my daughter's drive (she likes my book and the description of the drawings, a few days fresh) painted a few days, this few months did not move again...... The root cause is that it's not what I really want to do.

Target is suitable for you

Sometimes we do one thing just because we want to. For example, some people want to start a business, it is a failure.

Want something, want to achieve a goal, is a very good thing. But depends on whether the goal for you, only your goals for your personality, talents, interests, you will be full of enthusiasm, will self investment, will not care about the return on investment, will be more likely to succeed.

Lang Lang was born in a rich family atmosphere of music, is the mother and father erhu actor. In the influence of family environment, Lang Lang small to have a keen interest in music. At the age of seven when admitted to the primary school attached to the Central Conservatory of music target, 9 years old from more than 3000 people to enter oneself for an examination the army to come to the fore, enrolled in the central music college Fuxiao Piano Department. Now is the international famous pianist Lang Lang.

If a headache for the programmer to see the book, for their own set a year to see 50 books of the target, it is difficult to achieve, it is not suitable for him.

Effectiveness of targets

In"SMART principles for setting effective goals"In the article, I have introduced what is an effective goal and how to set an effective goal.

Effective objectives should be specific and clear, to be able to measure, to achieve the possibility of a time period, but also have a certain relevance and other objectives.

Such as a software development engineer to set up the target -- I want to be a xxx xxx company R & D department manager within 5 years is effective, both time period, and is a natural development direction of the professional channel, it also can measure.

And can not carry out the plan, often because the goal is invalid, unrealistic. For example, in May 9, 2015 I opened a micro channel subscription number program horizon, has released a QQ talk, set a target of 10000 of the development of the attention within a month. At that time I do not know how to operate a subscription number, but I think I write a lot of people, the blog also has a lot of people concerned, should soon be able to have a lot of friends with the attention.

The result, is the face of nature......

Now, I have to adjust the target for the development of the 10000 attention in May 9, 2016. I think this goal is more realistic.

The key first step should be to have the ability to perform

As the pond and the netting. When your goal is both what you want and what you want, then it's effective.

The target can be high, but the plan must be down to earth, especially the first step how important. Many people have good vision, can not achieve the ultimate, is because the thought, indecisive, begin. The first step is not out, there are 90% probability that the plan would give up halfway.

Unit will be a physical examination every year, 13 years I have a high triglyceride, a few points higher than the normal range. There are family genetic factors (parents with high blood lipids), but I think there is a very important reason is the diet and weight. As a nine to five programmers, imprisoned for most of the time, morning and noon meal is careless at night often eat a big meal. Eat a big meal in the evening, the very terrible, because a small amount of activity in the evening, eat more unable to digest, will accumulate transformation, weight will increase, people will get fat, poor physical foundation three it is easy to come to visit. I found a law on my body, as long as I weigh over 140, the physical examination results in a high blood fat". So I decided to keep my weight under 130 or less. This is my goal.

My plan is very simple, is not to eat every meal too full, 80%. The most important thing is to cut the intake of starch at night. The first time I eat 1.5 steamed bread in the evening, I will start from here, first half a month to one, and then a month to half a month. Now I don't eat Steamed Buns at night, drink a bowl of Rice porridge, eat. For more than a year, my weight sometimes Yibaiershiqiba, sometimes one hundred and thirty, basically in my expectations.

Big target and small target

We want to achieve the goal, generally are relatively large, need a longer period of time and need to spend more energy to achieve. Those 10 minutes a day, usually do not need to make a plan.

Lofty goals must to demolition, can use tools such as XMind. Using a top-down approach to the decomposition result is a series of easy implementation of the small target. My personal experience, the general can do a small target on a Monday. Some expert every day, every day, new Gou, and new, every three days you do not know him. I think most of the people can not do, can do a weekly to complete a small goal is good.

For example, when you set a goal to read 50 books a year, read a book a week. Read a book a week is relatively easy, in my case, up to six in the morning, at half past seven, more than an hour in the middle can be used for reading; noon meal, until the afternoon before work, there are about half an hour's time to read; I don't watch TV in the evening, removed to accompany the child with the family time can also have an hour or so; I am the morning drive to send their children to school, will be waiting on the sidewalk for ten minutes, generally read; in so doing, one day can have 2 to 3 hours to spend and working days 10 to 15 hours, plus on the weekend, if half a day reading, a total available reading time is 20 hours or so, read a book, not a problem.

Every week to see a book, that year, 50 of the natural is not a problem.

Maintain constant positive incentives.

Children to encourage, he put the candy peel thrown the garbage can, you praise him no littering; he took the mop mopping the floor, you would praise through his efforts to drag very clean; you agreed with him every day watching television for 20 minutes, when he had at the time when you turn off the TV, you will boast he abide by the contract. By encouraging positive behavior, you can make a child feel that their behavior is recognized, he will continue to strengthen this behavior, it will form a good habit.

In fact, more than a child, adults are also the case. When we execute the plan, on the one hand, we should follow the above mentioned big goals into small goals, on the other hand, every small target should have something to measure. Just like we did for the software, when you put the whole software is split into a a small, two or three days to complete the sub module, if every two days the results can be seen, can be integrated to test, it will greatly enhance the probability of success; and if you want to dry for 30 days, you split out the result is 28 days before are not showing up something tangible and measurable, that must do more and more not spectrum.

Each small goal can be measured, when the results achieved, you will form a positive feedback, it will make you feel some achievements, so you want to continue to move forward. This constant positive incentives will lead you to the ultimate goal.

I am back at the end of 2013 blog update, the amount of access is rising, the ranking will change every day, sometimes more than 200 a day, sometimes dozens of, such a direct stimulus is one of the reasons I can stick to it.

Goal needs to be constantly adjusted, so that it can always be attractive to you, bring forward momentum. Otherwise, once a target is realized, it may fall into the void of doing nothing.

Now my blog ranking into 200, and then every day or every few days there is a ranking of the upgrade has been more difficult, my goal has also been adjusted: adhere to update, pay attention to when the amount of access to break through 2 million. If the break 200W, I will once again adjust.

Self doubt, lack of confidence

I have a friend, very dissatisfied with the existing work, one to leave the current tar pit, want to change the environment to do their favorite occupation. To this end he was full of enthusiasm to explore their interests, to understand the career planning, in a long period of time that he will soon have a breakthrough. But a few days ago to see him again, he suddenly told me that he was very disappointed with himself, he felt that the work of the ideal existence, but it is impossible to come to him.

We have to believe that each person has a unique gift from birth, which will lead you to achieve your goals. The difference is that some people can quickly find their talent and talent, to be able to carry out the plan with confidence to the goal. While some people may need to continue to find and practice to find their own characteristics, to find their own things to do. A kind of circumstance it is common for these people is because of self doubt or lack of confidence and give up you want, before the program starts executing on the retreat. These people, in particular, need to experience the accomplishment of a certain project, and in particular, they need to be encouraged by the experience of success and confidence. In front of the goal we mentioned split, take the first step, to maintain a constant positive incentives, we can see the hope of success, to help us build self-confidence.

Using visualization technology

Many successful people take a few minutes to look at the project they are working on before they go to sleep. Imagine a positive outcome. Oprah Winfery is one of the world's top highly effective people, he uses the visualization technology to outline tomorrow's success, clear about the challenges and obstacles to face. So, take a few minutes every night to imagine the success of the second days, when the goal of the realization of the image is not the same. This will help motivate you to make it a reality, because you have already seen it in your mind.

If you're worried about numerous work would drown your personal plans and unfinished goals, will target, action plan, every stage of small target are written on a pad of paper, affixed to the all you can see the place, such as refrigerators, the head of a bed, desk baffle. Anywhere you can see, you can constantly remind yourself to inspire.

Keep pace

We are born in a world full of rhythm. A year has four seasons, a week seven days of rotation, every day the sun rises and fall, the moon on a monthly basis will from lack to profit from surplus to lack, the rhythm of the nature and the universe support our lives. We spring harvest; we work from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday rest; we, when the sun rises up in the sun after sleep. Our life has been steady because of the rhythm, we have to do things to meet a certain rhythm to be successful, our plan is the same. When you every week to complete a small target, set up the rhythm before, for a few weeks, it will form a habit, the habit will merged with you, and bring you new strength, let the rhythm is more stable operation, let the program more secure.

Keep the rhythm is a special benefits, it makes your attention in the present in doing things, not because the target is too lofty and anxiety. You run a marathon, a hundred meters sprint on the total thinking about when to end, always think there is still a long time, but may slowly lose confidence, and ultimately is likely to end. You adjust the breath and pace, neither fast nor slow, keep the rhythm, but easy to insist on. Rhythm, let you know, and habits, everything has its own process, to enjoy the rhythm, to experience the process, the results will come naturally.

Resist temptation

People are born with the desire to relax and enjoy, most of the time than the "end" is more easy.

For example, you plan to read a book every week, but every time you go home, the wife is watching TV, children play games, which will relax your nerves, increase the possibility of giving up your plan. For example, you want to lose weight, but a friend pulls you to eat Haagen Dazs ice cream, you go or not? For example, if you want to in five years accumulate 100 million to pay house down payment, each time through the mall, see beautiful clothes will want a piece to buy a home unable to control herself not to look at.

When we execute their plans, always facing all kinds of temptation, "this time, the precedent", "people like that, why should I so hard", "even if I insist so does not necessarily have the idea is likely to within one second captured us, we have to think of ways to resist the temptation.

God show Jackson had conversation with the sixth patriarch Huineng, he said, the body is the bodhi tree, the heart such as Der Spiegel Taiwan. Often wipe, don't let the dust alight "and sixth patriarch said," there is no bodhi tree, nor stand mirror, had no one, where can the dust alight ". Sixth patriarch realm than God show, and this is the sixth patriarch reason inheritance Wuzu mantle's sake. However, ordinary people how can like the sixth patriarch that mentality and natural enlightenment?

For ordinary people, the idea of God show Jackson more enforceable. When we face all kinds of temptations, to remember their own goals, retrieving convergence, power of goal oriented, and fell to the execution plan.

There are some simple ways to help us. One is far away from temptation, for example, you always want to watch TV, then the radio and television service back, the TV closed up; for example, a friend of the old pull you buy ice cream, you do not accompany her to a cold store or simply away from her. Another is to imagine the consequences of giving up the plan, when you imagine to reach the goal of picture and image, you become the future, do you think I got something, and as soon as you feel that to give up the plan will lose that have been and will instinctively want to keep the existing achievements. This is the nature of the loss of people in the play. In my case, I now buy Jeans, 32 yards, waist just, the length of just, out of the store with the can wear, it makes me feel super good, once I want to eat more, think of buy pants to take 33 and 34 of the 35 and will lose perfect just the kind of good feeling, I can insist on proper diet.

Get rid of other people's expectations

Usually we are not alone a person's life, have a family, work, family, colleagues, and friends, everyone around us all of our expectations, they will feel that you are such and such a person, should do such a thing, we should do that. As soon as your plans and goals are not in conformity with their expectations, they will be in a tangible or intangible way to put pressure on you, and their expectations will be your resistance.

As you like on the engraved chapter, bought a pile of stone, carving knife, ready to within 3 months to master carved, incised, can skilled use of Zhuanwen engraved, engraved chapter of your husband didn't support you, think you buy the Shoushan stone is to spend money wasted, but also said that also cannot eat when the meal. What do you do?

Chinese American Wu Qishi has a popular novel, called "silent". It's on the cover, so a word printed on it:We end this life, is to get rid of the expectations of others, to find the true self.

Everyone is unique, and everyone should be himself. If your plan is not in conformity with the expectations of others, let others be disappointed. If he really cares about you, he should be happy to see you as your own.

Find your community

No one in the world will be the same as you, and no one will live the same life as you. However, many people will be in contact with you because of the common interests, hobbies, goals.

When you and with you has a similar to the target of a group of people together, will be able to affirm each other grow together, groups of others will guide you, to let you see your direction, you can continue from the others see want to be inspired, another very important point is you may also work together to support each other and let their creativity and passion burst.

You love iOS development, it is to find iOS's small partners, such as QQ group, micro channel group, community, web site, the line organization, especially to join the community to have a master, so as to better growth.

You want to quit drinking, you can join the American Association of alcoholics. Oh, we are not American, it is difficult to add, the country should also have a similar organization, your city there is likely to be.

Creasing my full-time participated in the training of a professional planner, nine days, teachers from all over the country poly together, learn together, research, practice, scene atmosphere that gave me a great touch. Those nine days is the first time I participated in the work for more than ten years and a group of people learning is a good thing, I have a lot of feelings, there are a lot of expectations, but I do not want to end the arrival of the moment. After the training, I realized the importance of Chinese community. If I want to insist on doing this thing, I would like to keep close contact with the teachers, support each other and move forward together. As such, it can withstand time in a market is being cultivated in the test, in order to ultimately achieve.

So if you have a goal you made a plan, if you can find a like-minded community, your plan released into the community, released to doing something similar partners, each other certainly, guidance, support, encouragement and cooperation, let your plans are more likely to succeed.

More exciting articles, see"A programmer"Column.

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