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November 25, 2015 morning, I announced the dissolution of the team, the end of my entrepreneurial journey.

All of the internal shed, tangled, sadness, guilt, sadness, let me in the chat in the process could not help but shed tears to, which is than I ever thought I could be. When I wrote here, I suddenly remembered the song of Wang Feng.When I think of you-- a word in it,"For at least ten years I never shed tears". However anyway outstretched hand to restore how with trembling fingers to grasp, everything is irreversible, that is the case can do, only is accepted.

Maybe you have a similar experience, perhaps you consider in what form and entrepreneurial companies seduce, then you can look at me in the micro channel subscription number program horizon "another piece of the:"Programmers to participate in the entrepreneurial N kind of posture.

At noon to eat disband dinner, drank 22 Xifeng Liquor, back to the office, once again sit down, I began to think about a question: what kind of programmers for start-up companies to?

In the now start-up companies have closed down the winter in discussing the problem seems to be somewhat a bit outdated. However, it because in the closures countless programmers need to adjust their mentality, once again starting to find their own position, this problem is precisely is an important. Answer it, we can avoid in the future some time to make the choice is not suitable for you.

From two aspects of Venture Company and programmers, it helps us to sort out the problem.

A, Venture Company are what the ghost

I intend to from two aspects, one is the classification of Venture Company, the risk of a Venture Company.

1 Classification of Venture Company

If you use the universal dichotomy, then this world's Venture Company are divided into two categories:

  1. Carefully polished products to do the work
  2. Telling stories to flicker investors or users of money

There are some abbreviations, such as B2B, B2C, B2B2C, O2O, C2C, business or platform business (business) model. Is this say others don't understand, said the people feel very Niubi, several years after may sounds will feel very abbreviated word of sb, now has a new interpretation, called 2VC, 2pre-A, two angels. Is used to irony those who just want to talk about the story of the Venture Company (team).

Of course, very few Venture Company will say that they are 2VC. Even if it is really, killed can not be recognized ah. To know 2013 and 2014, many people anxious roar took the money to throw the entrepreneurial team, a mouth a PPT can get millions of investment and produce (company) team 2VC 2preA also is very normal.

Anyway, this team is a lot. Such a team, take the money is not their own, burning up don't know love, and because the purpose is not pure, did not hold to do business the feelings, so, in fact, the technology, products, the R & D team, to the programmer, not how to care, did not pursue what, anxious to cash in fishing in troubled waters.

This is the second.

The first, then, is worthy of admiration. I have always believed that the product is King ah, can solve the problem of the user is King ah, salute them.

If you are a programmer, you have to choose the Venture Company, I recommend the first. But I still wait for you to read my article to decide whether to choose a Venture Company.

Another common dichotomy is based on money:

  1. Venture Company is not short of money
  2. Short of money Venture Company

A number of startups line-up of special luxury, called the MVP team, can easily get the investment, such as founder is from Ali, Tencent, Netease, Jinshan, millet, Huawei and so on, the majority of such teams are very generous, and the so-called tyrant friends, always good, if such a team for you to talk about, then go to dozen soy sauce can also be considered.

There are some teams belonging to a little idea but no money, then we have to go to another theory, need to go back to the previous dichotomy. If such a team is to do the product, and the product is quite tricky, that can be considered. If they are blind to entrepreneurial abjectively alone 2VC has yet to find a doorway, then don't waste your youth.

2 Venture Company to bring the risk of programmers

There is a TV series called "Beijingers in New York", directed by Zheng Xiaolong, Feng Xiaogang, starring Jiang Wen and Heidi, luxury lineup ah, man handsome and connotation, female and beautiful and elegant, when the fire was a mess.

In this TV series, there is a word especially popular, it is said that:If you love him, send him to New York, because there is a heaven; if you hate him, send him to New York, because there is a hell.

About Venture Company and programmers, we can apply it:"If you love him and sent him to start-up companies, because there is a heaven; if you hate him, and sent him to start-up companies, because there is a hell."

OK, is good is bad, all in personal feeling. So, here are some of the risks listed and tips for reference only.

  • Venture Company success probability is small, 1% or lower
  • Start-up companies cash cycle long, such as everyone loved the stock and options, the realizable way, can only wait until the company is listed or refinancing, listed as an example, the first video in 2005 was established in 2006 listed, that is rocket speed; air network is relatively fast, in 2002 the establishment in 2004 listed on Nasdaq, 2 years and 2 months; gather the United States 10 years established, listing of 14 years, 4 years and 2 months... This is fast, Alibaba ten years before the listing, there are a lot of companies didn't want to go public, singing is "apprenticeship is not nimble body predecease, make the hero tears full Jin" play, and most programmers if companies are behind the act in an opera of this
  • Venture Company is not everyone has shares and options...... You know, even if you have chosen the 1% of those companies to survive the realization of March may also arrive what things didn't you...
  • Irregular entrepreneurial company, OK, this is grey often common, such as a variety of overtime, overtime to get married to the wives and children of, girlfriend of overtime to single, single overtime to no friends...
  • Individual orientation is not clear, you understand, grow fast, the whole stack Mody, a person top 10 people with Mody, where the lack of people on the top where it, if you lack adaptability, may be in the wind messy or schizophrenia

There are some, no longer listed, if you have a Venture Company around, you can observe the observation of their own brain.

3 Venture Company can bring programmers what

I can not only say that the risks and risks, but also to talk about the benefits of the Venture Company can give programmers. In fact, just like the stock market, risk and income coexist. I summed it up, about the following benefits:

  • Grow quickly, this needless to say, you want to block N, 25 this year, 52 next year. Uh, wrong, in fact, I want to say, you alone block n, vision technology will be more broad, you have to solve the problem alone, technical repair may also more profound.
  • The rapid growth of the company has brought a rapid rise in staff income opportunities, think about it, in the growing period of the industry, but also in the growth period of the company, the opportunity to greatly drop
  • Sense of participation, sense of achievement, you will more easily than the big, stable companies deeply involved in product design, development, operation, sweat and tears you will every detail of the product infiltrates, imagine the user when in use from the bottom of inner joy and admiration, beauty die.
  • A complete experience of the product and the company's operational process.
  • Equities, options, and realized, which is overnight change the possibility distribution of social wealth, the listed Ali was born many millionaires.
  • ......

There are a lot of, please feel free to add.

Two, what kind of programmers to join Venture Company

From this side of the Venture Company finished, the car from the programmer to see the.

1 programmers what do you want

Before deciding to go to Venture Company, the most should want to know, what is their own. Usually a programmer in the face of the Venture Company to extend the olive branch, nothing more than consider the following demands:

  • How money view
  • Technology growth
  • Product tone is consistent with the individual tendency
  • Can become the core staff to share the company's future growth

Only you know what you are asking for, to decide whether a start-up company is suitable for their own. This is the most fundamental, must be carefully considered, but also only their own decisions. I was in the micro channel subscription number program horizon has released an article entitled"One trick to get more Offer selection problem"(number 10098) of the article, in the choice of Venture Company also has a certain reference value.

In addition to this fundamental factor, there are a number of very realistic factors, from different sides with these fundamental elements Xiang Huiying, will affect the choice of a programmer, it is necessary to look at.

2 career development theory and Venture Company

Shu Bo in 1953 proposed "career" concept, and later development of career development theory was born, will be one of the self realization process divided into five stages, in each stage have the unique roles and responsibilities, and different development tasks. See figure below:

In the five stage, each stage can be subdivided into smaller stages. For programmers, there are two stages that should be paid special attention to.

  • Exploration phase of the pilot period, 22 years old ~24 years old, individuals initially determine their own career and test its potential to become a long-term development of the field.
  • Establish a stage of stability, 31 years old ~44 years old, the individual is committed to the work of a solid, most people in the most creative period, due to the senior performance is often excellent.

Trial period

We say the trial period, it is often not long after graduating from college, looking for a suitable career period. The main task of this stage, one is to choose their own work, one is the rapid accumulation of professional skills.

A programmer at this stage, young, from the perspective of time also some capital, and not too big family economic pressure, quick trial and error is not big deal, would waste a little bit of time. Therefore, it can be bold attempt. At this stage, I think you can join the Venture Company to see. Of course, the premise is to combine their own needs, the company can provide what kind of platform you can get what kind of growth.

Burnout period

31~44 years of age is a stable period, the period of time in which there is a period of time to pay special attention to the crisis: stable work for nearly ten years (35 years old ~40 years old). 35-40 years old in this period, there are some programmers will find, no space for development, promotion of frustration, burnout, lost to, so the idea of people often consider moving, wants to come out and see, this is the so-called burnout period.

In the tired of the programmer, the economy is not too much pressure on the basic. Plus it is prime time, ability to work and performance is good and the outside world will have a lot of olive branches stretched over, oneself also the hots, Ganci Agni a with. So many people at this time will be eager to want their own businesses or to join venture company, seek the future scale of income. So, we will see that a lot of entrepreneurs on the age of the fall in this range, a lot of the technical backbone of the Venture Company is also in this range.

Marry and settle down period

In addition to the two periods mentioned above, people's life there is a crisis, is to marry and settle down period, age is 25~30 years old.

From the theory of career development stage, 25~30 years old, but also the establishment of the stage of the amendment. This period, it should be to find a stable job and gradually stable, for the stability of the subsequent preparation.

Correction and married the overlap, to bring us great pressure, I believe this age friends all know: if you don't have the other half to haven't married, it is mom and dad and laws as well as the distance small cousin bihun.

In the period married programmers, should the need for a family to prepare (I generally refers to the creature. If you are a non mainstream, please smile), at this time should be considered stable, join venture company to be careful, closer to 30 to be careful Oh. Kong Zi said, then, is very reasonable. If 30 years old, still hanging goof off, eating a meal is not under the Dayton, dry two months for a place, behind it is difficult to "stand up", also do not have what mother-in-law to the beautiful girl sent to your side.

3 programmer support system

Combined with some risks ahead of us said the start-up companies, that a programmer facing corporate entrepreneurship opportunity, otherwise to want to choose to join, in addition to the above stages of career development for reference and important is personally actual situation.

First of all, there is a restless heart, want to pursue a dream. If you want to have a stable job to get a fixed salary for a stable day type, you do not have to consider the Venture Company. If you want to three to five years to realize "the world is not so difficult to do business, at the same time also can worth double the income doubled n turn, it can run out for a stroll.

Second is to be aggressive, to corporate entrepreneurship is suffering involved fight tomorrow, you say every day to see a newspaper to drink a cup of tea but also to NASDAQ bell, I also do not believe killed.

Again is the economic pressure considerations. No matter what age, if your income is not stable, you or your family life can not be maintained, it is best not to risk. If you a person to eat the whole family not hungry or your other half have stable income to maintain life and to fulfill your fight out, even if it is no worries, let go to do.

The next step is to risk expected, because may join your company after a year or so closed, you pay to get any. And may you a pay cut to join a start-up company, when the company collapsed option yellow, you also Fukui the number of how many million, all sad reminder ah, to be able to withstand.

Finally, there should be enough flexibility and adaptability. According to the analysis of the former Venture Company, Venture Company is often a fast changing one more use, your role is not likely to be fixed, to have the preparation of bricks everywhere, but also have the ability to move around the brick. If you are the kind of thinking that they are not the development of the work of the development engineer or operation and maintenance of the work of the programmer, it is prudent to consider it.

Well, say a lot, do not know whether you have to help. Finally, to be reminded that there is a risk of entrepreneurship, Venture Company also have risks, choose to be cautious. If you see here, seriously consider business opportunities and Venture Company, please look at my micro channel subscription number "program horizon" another article -"Programmers to participate in the entrepreneurial N kind of posture".

More exciting articles, see"A programmer"Column.

Confusion, growth, development, appreciation, new knowledge, as far as possible in the micro channel subscription number program horizon":

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