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"You are my eye", the song is very good

In fact, there are a lot of people in the world can not enjoy the most simple happiness. The Internet makes the world smaller, at the same time the temptation, impetuous also brought us. We should look for something more simple and honest, let us get the peace of mind. Mobile phones or, the Internet is also good, not all of life, put down these, You will find more happiness, in fact, happiness is in the side, ordinary can no longer ordinary. Is not the pursuit of material. Life is very beautiful, there is nothing to complain about, enjoy a better life, enjoy the right now you have. ...
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Android phone restore factory settings, to restore youthful vitality

1, on the androidandroid mobile phone is not too many problems, the software is not installed. But recently the phone began to frequent crashes, connecting WiFi is also a crash. Switch to the 3G network, the basic connection is not on the network, it must be reset before entry into force. Have even the most basic function is to pick up the phone, sometimes black. Think about it, and reset it. 2, backup and reset before you have to back up well!!! Must be backed up before reset!!! Must be backed up before reset!!! Important thing to say 3 times, the address book can use QQ synchronization assistant. ...
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Analysis of fire trojan virus

1, recently caught a Trojan analysis server, windows. Found a Trojan analysis of cloud software Can analyze do not know is not a Trojan virus. Kingsoft produced, very interesting. It is estimated that a virtual machine is on the server, and then monitor the virtual machine, and then analyze the. Analysis of the implementation of the windows file report, very detailed and intuitive. 2, you can analyze the APK file is more interesting, can be analyzed under the APK file is safe. Operation effect of apk software: This is better, and now the mobile phone APK software so much,...
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Nginx 1.9 install ngx_pagespeed module

1, about Pagespeedngx_pagespeed pagespeed is a nginx extension module can accelerate your site, reducing the page load time, it will automatically some improve web performance practice is applied to the web and related resources (CSS, JS, and pictures), without you modify the content and process flow. Functions include: Image optimization: meta-data dynamic, resizing stripping, recompression CSS & JavaScript compression, co...
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Nginx 1.9 supports http2 protocol

1, on HTTP2 recently upgraded under the nginx, found that the original spdy support was removed, and support the http2. This is very good news. So directly compiled and installed under the. Compilation parameters: the --with-http_v2_module and http2 modules./configure and realip modules are added to the --with-http_stub_status_module --with-http_realip_module Gmake I gmake...
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Linux synchronization time

Recently found that the server time and the time of their computers for 2 minutes. So check the next, found that Amazon's time server is 2 minutes worse, this pit ah. So for a change. Crontab -e / / # every hour update time * */1 * * * ntpdate crontab if ntpdate does not take effect, it is the way to use the absolute path * */1 * * * pool.ntp /usr/sbin/ntpdate...
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Linux Installation and configuration of Rsync services

Rsync is a kind of UNIX system under the data mirror backup tool, from the name of the software can be seen on the - sync remote. Its characteristics are as follows: 1, can mirror to save the entire directory tree and file system. 2, can be very easy to do to keep the original file permissions, time, hard links, and so on. 3, do not need special permission to install. 4, optimization of the process, the high efficiency of the file transfer. 5, you can use SSH, RCP and other means to transfer files, of course, can also be directly connected through the socket. ...
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Robot arm (3): mechanical arm base

Added to the module and split the file after the design is very convenient, just like building blocks, one by one to join together, will be more than one part of the assembly. Code is very convenient to write. Are very simple commands to combine. Very suitable for developers to use, the design of a simple model is very convenient. ...
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Robot arm (2): mechanical arm joint research

1, the design of the arm first version of the robot arm: arm_base arm base Arm_1 joint 1 Hand manipulator to achieve one of the most simple, mechanical arm, the need for 4 steering gear, in order to facilitate my purchase of the steering gear is the same as the MG955. 2, the joint design is very easy to find a mg955 steering gear from the Internet engineering. Know the details of the parameters. Printed joint Add a hole in the flange plate on the steering gear support and put in the disc. On the other end and the steering gear above the metal copper teeth fixed. A screw hole is provided in the middle of the metal copper tooth...
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Robot arm (1): Research on the steering gear fixed support

It is very convenient to use openscad to design. Can make a steering gear support, screw holes, position, can design their own. It only takes 20 minutes to print such a small part, and the parts are very strong. The efficiency is very high, can be very good use of the advantages of 3D printing, but because of their assembled printer error, so it needs to be adjusted to make the appropriate parts. Openscad is very suitable for programmers to program, as the code to design 3D parts. ...
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2015 world robotics Conference - knowledge

Domestic, foreign robot exhibition. China has a lot of enterprises is also very good. Now China wants to develop the robot. By the Chinese people's wisdom and diligence into the world's advanced level must be no problem. China dream come on. ...
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Security spring security framework me demo, remember learning

Security Spring, formerly known as Security Spring, is a framework for providing secure authentication services in the Acegi project group. The most used in the security framework is security spring. Forum information is more substantial. ...
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3D printing (5): OpenSCAD software learning

OpenSCAD is a very good CAD software, in accordance with the developer to use. There is a command line, very simple, you can write programs like drawing 3D image. Compared to AutoCAD to be more simple, it is very convenient to do some small parts. Just like with the python program development, but this is the output of the 3D image. ...
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3D print steering gear parts

Although the printed parts and steering gear did not match. But a little bit further forward. Continue research robot. Start their own design parts. The biggest advantage is that it can be adjusted, can be customized, you can do according to their own imagination. About precision is a little bit worse. How much is how much can not be a little bit worse. First bought a steering gear. The parameters above are: 40.7*19.7*42.9 then find a model of the machine, print the next. ...
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Using wxPython to develop windows interface

1, needs to develop a desktop client program for running shoes. Do not want to use the java development, start slow, the client program. Development is difficult, the people will be less SWING. So the use of wxPython development, development and debugging development speed is very fast. But in Windows packaged into a pile of encoding exe problems encountered. I have nausea (,,) want to use java to rewrite. ...
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Kaptcha authentication code usage

Verification code is done on the Internet must do. Are currently used in the third party library. Kaptcha has migrated to the GitHub project. Reference blog: p=15? Http:// Relatively simple verification code. ...
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3D printing (4): to solve the problem of printing one side of the good side of the print

1, the problems encountered My wind turbine outlet is broken, the buyer wants a model file to start printing. It's because this part is too close to the spray head. But also printed on the side of the two are good, while dislocation, began to think that the X axis, the side of the tight side of the. But shut down the move, found no problem. 2, to solve the problem for a long time to understand that the original is caused by uneven platform. It will be much easier to solve. First boot set home auto, and then shut down. Because this time stepping motor in order to maintain stability will lock, do not move at this time...
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Invoicing System (1): open source ECP compiler installation

1, on the ECPECP is based on jfinal, Avalon, bootstrap, jqGrid, Snaker workflow development of customer relations and Invoicing financial system. Project address: Http:// Code Http:// Chinese open source Invoicing system, must give a praise. Last year, the development of some places there is a small problem. But it was pretty good. There are a lot of new techniques in it...
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DIY master in folk

1, play high voltage power The son of the god. Http://, make the engraving machine. Ability is very strong. Mod=viewthread&tid=287413? Http://, summed up the ability of people really much, he also began to be interested in this diy. Can learn a lot of useful things, from which to obtain happiness. It is worth the time and effort...
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3D printing (3): buy 3D printers, assembly printing

###1, about 3D printer At home and abroad are very popular at home and abroad. Direct drop 3D design print into model. A guest weapon. As an engineer must have a research. Direct online shopping materials, began to assemble. Work during the day and study with colleagues at night. Spent 2 nights at last. ###2, the process is very hard The first assembly of such a complex printer. Experience is not rich. Basically a part to be installed more than two times. As a whole does not understand, often affect the line, or the installation of anti. There is only one correct way to install, so you must remove it, and then install it again. Take a lot of detours. It's all right...
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