Anakia convert XML documents to other formats

1. Introduction Anakia uses JDOM and Velocity to convert the XML document to a specific format of the document two. Parsing the XML document method JDK xml-api.jar, 1.DOMjava Need to load the entire XML document to construct the hierarchical structure 2.SAX (simple API for XML) based on the event model, do not need to read the entire XML document 3.JDOM (a Java based document object model itself does not contain the parser, usually use Sax.
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Of velocity introduction

Of velocity introduction a.Velocity profile based on the Java template engine, Apache's open source software projects. The purpose is to isolate the presentation layer and business logic layer, of course, now do more than just these. Two. Application scenarios Web application: create a HTML page, the page's dynamic information has velocity framework to deal with Which means that dynamic languages such as JSP can not be used. Source code generation: Based on the template generated SQL, java source code Email generation: the mail module...
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MVC struts1.x simple routine

Because the project needs, need to use struts1.x. So learning under the struts framework. Routine from struts to achieve MVC framework to complete a request request. One. Front desk Two JSP files Index.jsp: Only a button button, send request request <%@ page language= "Java" contentType= "text/html; charset=UTF-8" PageEnco...
read(38) comment(0) opens the child window and closes all the child windows.

Requirements: through the method to open the child window, when the main window is closed, the child window should also be closed. Realization thought: 1 open child window function (URL, winName) of the second parameters winName can only identify the open window. So closing the child window only needs to use the winName.close () function. 2 a page may have more than one child window. Therefore, an array is required to store all child window objects. When you close the array, you can traverse the array. 3 child window can also open the child...
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JqGrid display table

JqGrid is a table display library, it is very convenient to use. Here to share the problems encountered in the use of the process and Solutions * * * a.RowNum property * * 1 if not set, the default display number is 20, that is to say more than 20 after the data. No longer appear. The initial use of JqGrid often ignore this property, resulting in late display problems 2.-1 RowNum=-1 when the maximum value is ignored. Put things right once and for all How the data can be displayed. But I found in the use of the process set rowNum...
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ErMaster plug-in

Demand: When doing open source projects, to understand the basic business. Trying to design from the database table to analyze the project. Through the Visio drawing operation is complicated, and also not linked database. So looking for a quick draw Er graph, and can link the database and software tools. Eclipse plug-in: Eclipse has a lot of good and practical open source plug-ins. Search to find the erMaster plug-in, download the latest plugin, features on the forge source website. Use 1 "File- new" option...
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Article title Oracle database dual table use

Business scenario Business processes need to be written and updated for comparison, so have the original table and the history table. Requirements table in the ID only, and the two table of the ID Association, in addition to the subsequent follow-up may be migrated to the database two. Option scheme: ID set to int type of self growth. This approach is simple programming, without taking into account the uniqueness of the ID, by the database to help maintain. But there are shortcomings in this business scenario 1 there are two table associations. ID since growth can not ensure the uniqueness of the data, it can not guarantee the original table and history table data mapping. For example, now...
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Post Ajax request request.getParameter ("") is null

Write a simple ajax request, found through the request.getParamter ("") to the value of null Foreground code: $(document).Ready (function) { $("#ajax").Click (function) { Depart= depart "var"; $.ajax ({ URL: /AjaxR "path+...
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Summary of CSS control table sliding and adjust the column width problem

This paper describes the table to control the x y, css+js direction of the rolling. Then the detailed analysis of the use of table, the width width may appear inconsistent with the expectations of the situation, and finally gives the solution...
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Java read properties file

1.jsp page display code {CSDN:CODE:594235} 2 code structure diagram Among them, common is to read the properties file 3 code implementation A first edition. {CSDN:CODE:594247} Through the above method can realize read out the contents of the properties file. But there are two defects 1 class.gerResourceAsStream () method...
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Crystal report printing

Crystal report printing problem: AReportDocument ReportDocument = ReportDocument new (); Loading / Report AReportDocument.Load (@Application.StartupPath + Properties.Settings.Default.MainReportPath); / / sub report data source AReportDocument.Subr...
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C# run time sequence

1. The role of serialization and reverse sequence Er...
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C#attribute----------- primary

Preface Attribute is the technology proposed by FrameWork.Net, you can add comments to your code, so as to achieve some special functions. One. Attribute function Attribute is translated as characteristics, since it is not the general characteristics, inevitable function. 1 Microsoft claims MSDN gives the attribute function: Attribute class will be predefined system information or user defined custom information associated with the target elements. The information of the predefined system is also the system a given by.Net...
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C# unit test project how to get the current project path

Preface C# project in some of the configuration files, data files, etc. is not a C# engineering documents, but the program needs to visit, if written in absolute path is not conducive to the migration of the program, it must be written in relative path. A lot of methods to obtain the relative path, examples of the Internet a lot, basically is seven, here no longer, Please look at this link: click on the open link But now I use the VS2010 project to create a unit test function to test my project. Test works using the above method is not feasible. The test project is dependent on the original project. In bin/...
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C# field, attribute, member variable

The basic concepts of C# and C++, Java are slightly different. Because it is easy to confuse, so here to sum up the difference between. Hope to be helpful for beginners! ...
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