Sogou ASP.NET resources

ASP.NET resources...
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Sogou CRM Dynamics 2016 API Web message list

CRM Dynamics 2016 API Web message list...
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Sogou Python resources

Basic grammar of Python (a) Python basic grammar (two)...
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Sogou CRM Dynamics resource

Custom workflow to send email with PDF formatted report as attachment ad FS 2.0 deployment GuideWorking with activity feed using Microsoft CRM SDKCreating and publishing of a web portal to an azure clo...
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Sogou CRM Global Optionset Values Dynamics

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Sogou Microsoft CRM exchange annual meeting [CRM China]

To tell the truth, they seldom participate in the exchange of experience will, most of the time is own at home bulkhead technology research, occasionally in online hair own programming experience what. To tell you the truth, invited become guests for I do have a little accident, here thank Weifeng students provide such a communication platform. Sun a few pieces of images for everyone to onlookers, ha ha: Huang Chunbo Lin Songtao Ji hung Liou this is my friends ` (* U-shaped U-shaped *) 'Sun Tonghai Jiang Weifeng students after the meeting of the party.
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Sogou CRM Dynamics message class list

Tr {background-color:#666 #xrmmessage;} Tr:hover {background-color:#F60 #xrmmessage;} Tr {background-color:#666 #crmmessage;} Tr:hover {background-color:#F60 #crmmessage;} {color:yellow.Highlight;...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: new data query method

Today we are going to see web API function of data query, although before the introduction of crud in the article mentioned how to read data, but did not with to delve into the details, today we have to look at the specific. Actually, web API data query interface is OData protocol based, so the OData URL query construction rules no great changes. For example: $top, $select, $filter, $expand, $order function or in the, but also added some new things, such as $count - the total number of records returned Mechanism Paging (paging mechanism) - to things, now...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API:Unbound Custom Action Dynamics and Custom Action Bound

Today we come back to see the Custom Action Bound/Unbound, what is the Action Custom? Do not know the small partners on the out, CRM Dynamics 2013 on the function of it. And WhoAmI like this message, we can call them through the code, but it, today I want to tell you how to use API Web way to call them. Action Custom is also divided into two types of Bound and Unbound, and their specific meaning and before talking about the Function and Action no difference, the only difference is that the Action Custom here is our own...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API:Unbound Action Bound and Action Dynamics

The retrospection of the article introduces the Bound/Unbound function. Today we are going to see action, as I said before: function and action before the difference can be simple to understand, function does not modify the data, but action is to modify the data. Today, we also look at bound action and unbound action, in fact, they call mode and function is the same, only here the request submitted more is the post, we start with two examples:...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API:Unbound Function Bound and Function Dynamics

Today we take a look at the dynamics CRM web API function, which is a new concept, just contact when I is more confused, so named is indeed before and the soap protocol based API completely can not contact. Well, don't talk about it. Here Function it, I see, it is more like some of the original function of the package is packaged and the old Request API almost the same meaning, but the API architecture has changed, so the name has changed. Before we have to view the current user login information, you need to...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: registered APP (call Online Web API CRM)

In the previous three articles, bloggers mentioned API Dynamics will become the mainstream CRM Web programming interface, so its importance is self-evident. That today, we have to look at the call Online Web API CRM before you need to do some preparation work, before the blog did not introduce this step, today to make up. During the follow-up period of time, I will write an article on how to call the CRM On Premise Web version of the API Dynamics. In calling CRM Onl Dynamics...
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CRM Dynamics 2016 Overview Series:

Small partners, Microsoft has finally launched the dynamics CRM op (On-Premise) version of 2016 installation package, which for the majority of OP version of the students is in use is definitely a good news, at least we need not everyday face dull UI. Of course, CRM Dynamics 2016 in addition to UI has changed, a lot of API has changed, for example, I mentioned before the API Organization Web will be replaced by API, as well as a more powerful Client Mobile and some new feat...
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JavaScript programming essays

Although with JS for many years, but has been stuck in the shallow stage, the mechanism principle of JS is still a smattering of knowledge, such as closure, although can say 12, but can't say three or four, really ashamed. Recently catching a comparison and will share with you, we want some help. Closure of the old concept, in JS programming, we may be inadvertently used it, but we do not know it. First, closure and not a function or type, but always language mechanism, if you insist on doing an analogy, I think it should belong to "inherit" this type of language mechanisms. In the JS inside, outside the function...
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Join Microsoft's official forum DTCC bar, small partners!!!

Good news, Microsoft Dynamics product group partners launched its own forum - DTCC, for China's employees is a huge good news, we have more of a channel to make our voice. The dynamics of the product design concept almost all came from and overseas and domestic voice is difficult to spread to the product group, hope, we can inside the DTCC multiple voice, vomit vomit tank, let products group is aware of our Chinese user needs and user experience, such dynamics products in China to be more competitive. After joining the DTCC, can get the most...
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23 commonly used design patterns - Summary

23 design patterns of Gof...
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Good news! Microsoft will start the official CRM Dynamics community in china!!!

Three times, great news!!! Microsoft in China founded official dynamics community to support the rapid development of dynamics CRM & ERP software, is now open recruitment of members to join, the guy interested partners quickly fill out the form below to concurrent my mailbox ghost register bar, the successful application of small partners will be to get the dynamics software technical information in the first time, the online training course, act quickly: D...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: heavy client CRUD operation

CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: heavy client CRUD operation...
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CRM 2015/2016 Web API Dynamics: authentication and authorization

Dynamics CRM 2015 / 2016 Web API:验证和授权…
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Dynamics CRM 2015 / 2016 Web API:简介

动态客户关系管理2015 / 2016…
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微软Dynamics CRM编程之单元测试技术:假框架

对于基于复杂的框架进行编程,最难的地方并不是编写代码,而是怎么快速有效的去调试出错的代码,怎么高效精准的完成代码的单元测试。就拿Dynamics CRM插件的编写来看,编写一个上千行代码的插件不是一件很难的事情,但是,如果把这上千行代码调试完成并让它行之有效的按我们的目的精准的进行呢?这也是初级技术员和高级技术员的核心差距。今天给大家带来一篇关于插件的单元测试文章,博主2年前撰写…
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Dynamics CRM 2015中的SSRS报告集成配置

大家应该都知道,Dynamics CRM能集成SSRS报告,并且我也在之前的博文中讨论过如何制作一个简单的SSRS报告并部署到Dynamics CRM中。今天我们来看看一些比较实用的功能,比如:如何让报表显示在形式层面下的运行在当前记录选择中,以及如何支持运行选定的记录功能。 如果我们想制作支持如下功能的报…
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Dynamics CRM 2015更新1系列(7):消息事务- executetransactionrequest

Dynamics CRM 2015年底现在能将多个消息放在同一个事务管道里面执行了。这确实是个极好的特征呀,这样我们可以灵活的组合不同的消息来实现复杂的业务需求而不用担心处理失败后的回滚细节。 使用方法也是非常的简单,调用executetransactionrequest消息,并将想要放入事务的消息放入该事务中,并提交至服务器,统一执行。我们看看下面的代码片段:…
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Dynamics CRM 2015更新1系列(6):并发执行优化乐观并发

在使用企业级软件的时候,我们最怕碰到的就是数据的脏读和脏写了,但是这似乎是永远无法避免的痛,随着并发访问的提示,数据的出错率往往是直线攀升。 对于某些对数据完整性要求严格的场景,我们往往需要花大量的时间来实现事务的分隔以及数据的锁定。比如:订票模块,我们并不希望出现实际订阅数大于实际票数,这样尴尬的场景吧。 在Dynamics CRM 2015年底中,我们可以轻松使用OC功能来控制…
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